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True sex stories, are those which feature real stories, either experienced by the author, or those they've been party to or told about. They could be tales of one-night stands, dating site hook-ups, blind dates, house parties, first time swinging experiences, free for all hippie sex romps. Stories submitted to this category, should be inspired by actual real events, and are deemed to be true.


Getting A Good Grade, Chapter 3

For Jimmy, "homework" was never so much fun!

She came back in a couple of minutes with our teas and we sat on the sofa drinking them. She sat with her back to one of the big overstuffed arms of the sofa and her long luscious legs draped over my lap, an invitation to play with them if ever I had one! As I drank my tea I let my fingertips lazily trace a path over her soft baby-smooth skin. I could hear her purring her contentment and...Read On


The Parking Lot

A woman is drawn in to the kinky game of a handsome stranger in the grocery store parking lot.

I was on my way home from work, and as planned, stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things. Apparently, everyone else in the world decided to do the same thing because the parking lot was full so I had to park near the back of the lot. When I came out of the store and got back to my car with my cart, I started unloading and putting things in the backseat as I noticed a man sitting...Read On


Wife Helps Out a Friend (Part 2)

True story of my wife helping out a buddy of mine. (Part 2)

After their “date”, it took me a few days to come to terms with everything that happened. She had said she really only went into it to satisfy my fantasy, but she knew my fantasy was to be there, to be a part of it. In my mind, I only agreed to them meeting alone while I was working because he was a friend of mine and I wanted them to get to know each other better. We knew about his dismal...Read On


Election Night

States aren't the only thing that swing both ways...

Tuesday, November 8th, 1960 It was a happy night.  The 1960 presidential election had just reached its conclusion.  Well, for the most part. The election had pitted Senator John F. Kennedy against Vice President Richard Nixon.  What a campaign it had been. Loretta and Penny had been enthralled by every moment of it. From the party conventions, to the debates throughout the fall,...Read On


Amy's Sexting - Part I

A late night conversation with my Las Vegas suitor

Sent: 08 Aug 2018 Love the photograph of you gazing out over the Las Vegas Strip Amy.  Very sexy! Sent: 08 Aug 2018 Thank you!  Yes, that was definitely a memorable evening :) Sent: 08 Aug 2018 Had I known you were in my hometown I could have certainly added to your memories. Sent: 08 Aug 2018 I'm intrigued.  Tell me more...  What exactly might I have missed out on? Sent: 08...Read On


Wife Helps Out a Friend

True story of my wife helping out a buddy of mine. (With actual text messages)

This is my first post here. I hope you enjoy! It all started when I discovered some non-fiction stories on another website. After reading a few of them, I decided to join so that I could reply to posts or even write my own. Over the years, I'd made many online friends there, but never got as close to any as much as I did to a guy named Jim. Early on, we realized that we lived about...Read On


Getting A Good Grade, Chapter 2

The lessons continue... at school and at her place!

As I lay on the bed indulging in the feel of the cool silk sheets, I saw the door open and she stepped through it. At first, I could only make out a shadow moving slowly towards me. But when she came closer and into the light from the end table, I was awestruck. Prancing toward me like a sexy lingerie model, she walked in wearing a sheer pink babydoll nightie. She looked like a vision;...Read On


Dirty Sarah And Randy Married Man

My wife and I had very busy work schedules and had thrown everything into the bedroom when we first moved into our new flat. The room was full of furniture and cardboard boxes. We had a simple pull-out mattress that sat about an inch off the floor in the tiny front room and a two-seater sofa. The front room also housed our wardrobe that kept most of our work clothes and a few other bits. We...Read On


Halloween Fun

It was my turn to stay home and hand out the Halloween treats.

Every year, it’s the same argument with the wife. One of us has to take the kids out for trick or treating and every year we argue over who did it last year. So last year I took photos. I took the kids out trick or treating and so THIS year, it was my turn to stay home and scare people and hand out the treats. By seven o’clock, all the younger kids had already hit our house and by eight...Read On


Asian Wife Needs Sperm Donor Part Two

I turned my shy Asian wife into a nympho.

   Prologue The camera was missing. I had left the camera in the bag that I brought to the hotel during our first sperm donor attempt. My wife had unpacked the bag sometime after we got home. My first thought was oh shit! So my wife had found the camera but did she look to see what was on it? If she did, I was fucked! I had one hour before my wife got home from work to check. I quickly...Read On


A Threesome, But Only Two Knew.

A true story of my first threesome. However, not all involved knew everything that was happening.

It had been an extremely hot day. My girlfriend Emma and I had spent the day at her friend's flat. I had only just met Barbara and her boyfriend John. I was seventeen and Emma and Barbara were both nineteen. I have no idea as to John’s age, just that he was older than the girls. It was so hot that we all spent the afternoon just in our underwear. Emma was wearing plain soft pink cotton...Read On

Recommended Read

En France - Île de la Cité

Series: En France

I did not know Anne-Pierre or Elodie as well as I thought....

Lying on her bed, it was no accident, this three-quarters view.  “Balasana.” Stretching out like a tigress, arms long and forwards, knees bent, calves tucked under thighs and head down. “Chakra-vaka-sana,” as a low purr. She unfurled like petals from a budding flower.  Rising up on all fours, she looked deceptively fragile, a feint to her energy and strength.  Arms locked, back arched,...Read On


How I became a boob man ...

A recollection of memories

Have you ever sucked a woman’s boob? I mean take it in your mouth and suck on it so tightly that you cause her to wince and yelp in sweet pain. Is it not arousing to hold a woman tightly from around her waist like she is your captive and then devour her bare tits like those nipples were attached for your sadistic pleasure? To cause her to melt in your arms while you subject her tits to...Read On


Getting A Good Grade, Chapter 1

My hot high school teacher helps me with some concentration problems...

I have always had trouble in school. Held back twice in my school "career", I was now an eighteen-year-old junior at Jefferson High School. I had considered dropping out, but I know how hard my parents worked to get me this far. So when my junior year started, I sucked it up and began the drudgery once more. I figured I would give it one more chance just to please my parents. Then if it...Read On


What Do You Do When You Love Your Boss?

Unrequired love never works out as planned, sometimes it's even better.

I am in love with my boss! There I said it, even if it's only mentally. I really am in love with my boss! I know, dangerous and foolish territory -- but you should see her and get to know her. She's amazing! Her name is Deanna, and yes there is more than a little teasing about a like-named Star Trek character because there is a resemblance. I think Dea is taller than Deanna Troi, but the...Read On

Recommended Read

En France - A Tale of Two Saturdays

Series: En France

Anne-Pierre's fantasies come to life...

“What are you doing dressed?”  My tone conveyed a sense of surprise.  Painted with eyeliner, eye shadow, and scarlet lips, Anne-Pierre flounced through the lounge.  That hair, more wild than usual, it bounced with her stride.  The hem of her short dress swayed to reveal too much thigh – again. “Come, we are going to the cinema.” “The cinema?”  She gave me that look, covetous and full...Read On


The Halloween Party

Sometimes, your friends know you better than you know yourself...

Saturday, October 31st, 1998 “So, is it possible to put this stuff on without opening your mouth?” Mitch asked as he delicately attempted to apply mascara to his eyelashes for the first time. “No, it’s not,” Heather answered simply from the bathroom doorway.  “Are you about ready?” she questioned. “We’ve been ready for thirty minutes.” “I’ve never done anything like this before. ...Read On

Recommended Read

En France - The Confessions

Series: En France

I thought I had it under control until Anne-Pierre caught me unawares...

Fizzy energy rippled through my body, I wanted to leave my desk, get out, and just walk.  Staring at my screen, flashbacks of last night pestered my restless mind.  Aggravated by the industrious silence, constrained by cream walls and utilitarian furniture, I had to escape.  Anne-Pierre liked games and last night was her best one yet.  Almost two weeks, five encounters, I thought I had...Read On


Morning Blowjob

It was no surprise that I woke up ridiculously early, so I took out a book I packed and started reading. My date was still fast asleep and snoring faintly. As I turned the pages of my book, I gently touched the arm that slinged over me and pressed my lips against his skin. I rubbed my legs against his and waited for another snore. It dawned on me that his skin was  really  smooth, and it...Read On


I'm Going Home Early

I'm going home early today to play with my "fucktoy" wife

I'm going home early today. My wife is already home.  She will have finished her workout and be freshly showered, hair in a long, tight braid down her back, and sipping on a drink in anticipation. When I get home I'll roll a joint while she makes me a drink.  I think I'll have a margarita today, plus an extra shot of tequila. Then we will sit on the couch, put something funny and brainless...Read On


Kay and I Get Closer

Our third time is also a time to remember

Kay returned to our apartment for the Labor Day weekend, arriving on Friday and leaving to stay with her folks on Sunday afternoon. James picked her up at the airport and while he took a shower, Kay and I had some girly time together for about an hour. We had often talked about our relationship and although we often masturbated together, this time our conversation cranked up a notch. We...Read On


The Movie

The movie is not very good, but other things are

Today I was lying out in the sun, just enjoying its warmth after such a long cool spell. As I lay there, my mind was exploring the recent past, reliving the sweet memories that we have made together, and thinking about all the joy that you have brought to my life. Hopefully, that we have brought to each other. Of course you know I like to do that sometimes when I am alone, to think about...Read On


Asian wife needs sperm donor

Wife needed to get pregnant, I made it happen

    Prologue My shy Asian wife needs a sperm donor, she wants to get pregnant and have a kid. I've fucked her silly trying to get her pregnant. I guess the sperm I have pumped into her belly are not doing the job. I have to state here and now that this is a true event and also I am not a writer. Just an ordinary guy. There will be a few mistakes, I did my best. Let me describe my...Read On

Recommended Read

En France - C’est Comme Ça

Series: En France

In the aftermath of the party, some things should have stayed at home.

The colour of milk and candy canes, pale skinned with full cherry lips.  That sprinkling of taupe freckles used to accentuate her emotions.  With one simple look, bright angelica eyes conveyed a thousand words.  The lilt of her accent embellished the story further; expressive hands flexed their sinews.  Laughing, her luscious bosom quivered, squeezed tight in a summer dress.  Harlot...Read On


Ashes And Tears

True story of the best flight delay

Ashes and Tears I have been very fortunate in my life. In my profession, I have had the opportunity to work around the country and even internationally. While that’s great fun, it has occasionally created some travel problems. For example, in April of 2010, I was traveling to Italy and was flying through JFK in New York. Unfortunately, that was when an Icelandic volcano was erupting and...Read On


A Little Bit Of Romance

I had so many mixed feelings about my current date. We've only been dating for a month or so, and I was already craving for his touch with each passing day we didn't see each other. I was meeting his relatives and friends for the first time, and things were progressing faster than I anticipated. I was falling hard for him, and it was frankly, really scary. After a long day, he was driving me...Read On


The Swim Meet

Just keep swimming... just keep swimming...

February 17th and 18th, 2006 The Public school system is a curious beast. If a teacher is employed by a school district, and that district discovers that said teacher possesses some skill that can be exploited—then, exploited it will be. “You were a cheerleader your sophomore year in high school? Great! You’re our new cheerleader coach.” “You were in a play in eighth grade? Want to be...Read On


Running Naked Under the African Sky

Fucking under the stars on the African plain

After completing my Master's degree in the mid-1980s, I accepted a two-year contract to teach on the university level in the southern African country of Zambia. The adventure of travel and experiencing a new culture appealed to me as well as the opportunity to gain teaching experience before doing post-graduate study. As a twenty-something I wanted to explore the world and broaden my horizons....Read On


Sucker, Part 2 of 2

I was nervous, she knew it, and played me like the sales pro she was.

Sucker Part 2 About 45 minutes after she arrived, I walked her back to the front door. She told me I was an easy appointment. She told me that the day before she had an appointment with a weekly regular, an older man, who made her sit in a chair, clothed, and watch him while he masturbated into a Dixie Cup. She told me it was always a hard appointment, because he took so long.   After...Read On


The Professor and the Coed

A wife who wants a divorce from an honest man

"Thanks so much, Professor." The small of stature, yet delightfully curved, blond smiled a very shy and yet sexy smile at him as he brushed off his hands. "No big deal, it was just a jump." He went on to explain that she needed to get her car checked out as he put his cables away. When he straightened back up she impulsively hugged him, pressing her body tight against his for a brief...Read On

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