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Uniform stories are for those who get turned on by women or men dressed up in their uniform. Typically, these stories might involve people in law enforcement, firefighting, military, the medical profession, sports, but could also feature the likes of sexy maids, hot waitresses, cute cheerleaders and feisty flight attendants. Share your fantasies, or true stories about uniformed lovers.


The Confessions Of A Detective Superintendent

Series: The Confessions Of A Detective Superintendent

Part Two – The fine balance of power

As soon as she walked out the door, he went back to the bathroom. A heavy odor of sex was still present in the room, where he had recently fucked the Swedish girl. He stretched his arm and found the small hidden camera. He brought it down from the shelf and turned it off. Then he went into the living room, where the process repeated itself. Shortly afterwards, he stood with both go-pro Hero...Read On


The Confessions Of A Detective Superintendent

Series: The Confessions Of A Detective Superintendent

Part one - Under pressure

It was afternoon and the rain kept pouring down. The raindrops kept hitting him in the face and it felt like someone was constantly pinching him with small tweezers on the cheeks. He tried to cover his face with his coat, but I didn’t work. He was soaking wet! He usually loved rain, but not today. Today it irritated him like crazy. He had to get a present for Molly, but he had absolutely...Read On


The Confessions of a Detective Superintendent

Series: The Confessions Of A Detective Superintendent

An Opening - The Swedish girl

The Swedish girl, graceful and blond, stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel and began to contentedly pat her beautiful breasts dry. He noticed her golden blonde pussy hair. He passed her and took her place under the shower. She turned her head and her beautiful blue eyes looked straight at him. Their eyes met and she smiled. So far she thought, that their meeting earlier that day was...Read On

Recommended Read

Jailhouse Rock

Series: Jailhouse Rock

Don't do the crime, If you can't do the time.

    “Holy crap, the cops are on our ass. We’ve gotta throw the shit out of the window. Oh fuck, I can’t go back to jail, that place is fucking nuts. The guards are always fucking with you.”   Jimmy pounded the steering wheel and stopped yelling for a second or two. “No, we can’t toss the shit… they’ll see us throwing it out. Can’t do that. I know —“ he glanced across at me, “hide it in...Read On


Hotel Guard. Part 2

It was one of the most massive orgasms that Ben had ever experienced to date. It had started out innocently enough with a noise complaint call. He checked the floor where the complaint originated and was about to leave when the door on his right opened and there stood Janice, the stunning VIP floor hostess. They had talked for some time and recently started flirting but Ben never pushed...Read On


Hotel Guard

It wasn't a bad job as jobs go and it kept him in extra money while he was attending the police academy, plus it offered him plenty of time to study during the long nights. Ben worked as a security officer on the 10 PM to 7 AM shift at a very known luxury hotel, he was part of a two-man team of one man inside and one outside in a vehicle.  Ben had already attended the private police academy...Read On


An Officer, and a Businessman

The only thing better than a woman in uniform, is one out of uniform.

Mili-Tech Concepts’ Regional Office, London … Head researcher, Charles “Chip” Dane, looked out his office window towards the gray, depressing skies of London and sighed before rotating his office chair back towards his desk. There were several large stacks of papers on it that he still needed to look over and approve before he left for the end of the day. Almost everyone else had already...Read On


Lawmen Gangbang and Impregnate a Lactating Young Mother

Hubby and wife are caught with a large quantity of marijuana, and she fucks their way out of it.

The State of Colorado approved the commercial cultivation and sale of marijuana in the election on November 2012, to be effective on January 1,2014. Colorado’s neighboring states were, and still are, unhappy with that approval, due to the additional costs of law enforcement and the perceived degradation in morality from the easy access to weed. Since that time, drug busts are common on...Read On


In Flight Service

A stewardess helps a passenger overcome an anxious flight.

Flight Time – Cabin service with a smile. I never like to fly, even intercity Europe was too much for me, so this long-haul flight, as with every other, had me standing or walking around at every possible opportunity. It didn’t matter that everyone else was sleeping and the cabin was dark, I just couldn’t relax in my seat. “Are you ok?” was the question that brought back my attention from...Read On


Static Display, Tacoma, Washington

Changing minds to bring us closer.

Looking up at the sky, I’m thankful that at least it stopped raining. Not sure I really like these static displays but it gives me a chance to fly into a town and land in parking lots. These little displays are set up to give people a chance to look at the equipment, climb around on the aircraft and ask us questions. I happen to be a helicopter pilot stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington. I fly...Read On


The Joke That Backfired Part Six

I thought my adventure was over as we were almost home

My mind was still dizzy from everything that had happened in the last 24 hours as Mel and I sat silently and held hands while I drove toward her house. I was still trying to figure out how I was going to explain to Ken that I now had a bald pussy. Also, I hoped he didn’t ask where my red nightie was that he so meanly sneaked into my travel bag. Losing that thing to grabby hands, one of which...Read On


Neutral Territory

Captain Shay straightened his helmet as he pushed the door open, heaving a deep sigh. He hated interviews. He walked up to the silver figure waiting for him at the end of the room. Feeling slightly stupid, he cleared his throat loudly, sure that his loud footsteps should have announced his arrival, already. The interviewer was tiny, her back turned to him, her mane of silver hair reflecting...Read On


When In Rome

A young soldier wants to have an orgy, but first he must prove himself.

Rome, December 1944. An army truck carrying Iota platoon weaved its way through the back streets of the ancient city. Inside, fifteen men huddled against the cold. Sargeant O'Malley drove in a seemingly random direction, but lost he was not. Seated in the back the men shivered, for these were the dregs of the army, the soldiers who just didn't fit; they had been called up and sent to a war...Read On


Cooking Up Trouble

Hotwife mother goes too far and everything changes.

  Jack walked into the bedroom, surprising his wife. “Wow, you look awesome, I thought it was Caribbean Cooking Class tonight.” “It is.” “Isn’t that lace wasted under your chef uniform? A nervous giggle escaped Amy’s lips, “The class is kind of competitive, you know, all those women together. I have to be on my A game. The lace gives me a lift, even if they can’t see it.” She gave him...Read On


Private transit

I sat exhausted in the back of the bus after a long day at school. Struggling to keep from nodding off, I thought of the sight of the bus driver, who was new on that shift. Her shirt stretched tightly across breasts that seemed to defy gravity, probably due to an industrial-strength bra filled to overflowing, rising above a plump yet firm belly within a blue shirt with a navy blue neck tie....Read On

Recommended Read

Policed to meet you

“Is this your car, Madam?” She was not the nice, sexy, policewoman I had met two weeks ago.

I went shopping today with my husband. I hate shopping with him, I always feel that I have to hurry. I like to take my time, make a day of it, scour the clothes rails, look at jewellery, have a leisurely coffee. I can’t do that when I am with him because he hates ‘women’s’ shops, as he calls them, and prefers to wait outside. Today was different, though. Something unexpected happened. ...Read On



Katie thought it was going to be a quiet night on the ward.

Sometimes the job was too easy! Of course tonight’s shift was on the private ward with all mod-cons. A nurse barely had to leave the nursing station and yet she could monitor how all the patients in the private rooms were doing and if anything untoward happened they could simply press the opposite corners of the I-pad simultaneously for five seconds and a crash-team would be en...Read On


Terri's Transformation

her nice, safe, conventional life had suddenly become risky, unconventional and incredibly exciting.

The nice, young, married, nurse had never made love at work, or with a black man, or been unfaithful to her husband, but all that had changed. Terri Cummings was doing all three at once and loving every illicit, carnal first-time moment. Waves of ecstasy surged through her writhing body as the powerfully built man between her widespread legs hammered his demanding cock in and out of her...Read On


Waking Up

waking up from a coma made him feel so alive.

Vinny was young and reckless. He had gotten into fast cars as soon as he turned seventeen. All the movies about fast cars didn’t help either. By the time he turned nineteen he had totalled three cars. His family were worried about him and it wasn’t long before their fears were realized. Having a race along a deserted highway, Vinny totalled his fourth car. This time he wasn’t so lucky, he had...Read On


Private Health Care 1: Night Nurse Strip Tease

A sexy nurse entertains the bored male patients when on night-shift.

"Toni, can you see what they want in room fourteen, please?" called the senior nurse. Antonia finished her coffee quickly and went along the corridor. She worked as a nurse in the recovery unit of a private medical facility, you only got in there if you had money, and plenty of it. The only patients they got were those who had been treated and were already on the way to recovery after...Read On


I Came Home

I Thought I'd Lost You

Her car was the only one in the garage when the taxi pulled up outside the house. There was no one to greet me, but my cell phone trilled as I got out of the cab. "Was that you I heard pulling up?" "It was, darling.” I grinned. "Are you still as beautiful as ever?" "That's for you to decide. I'm in the back garden." "How do I get there?" "You don’t," came a voice from behind me. I...Read On


A Very Naughty Girl – Causes a Fire!

Melissa was oblivious to the emergency as she masturbated on the bed.

“Fuck! What the hell!?” screamed Melissa, in shock. She gathered up the cotton sheets around her heaving bosom, while at the same time pulling herself upright and back into the headboard of the bed. Her orgasm, lost to the scene before her, the vibrator merrily buzzing away on the bed. Yes, she had heard the piercing siren and even noticed the blue flashing lights pulse across her...Read On


The Attendant

Allie meets a flight attendant and sparks fly.

I was getting ready to go on a week’s vacation with an old girl friend. She worked for a travel agency so had made all the arrangements for the trip, and of course we were flying First Class. We were heading down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, as I had been wanting to go see that for years. Being somewhat of an exhibitionist, the thought of getting to flash my boobs at crowds of people was...Read On


Indecent Exposure

An officer is forced to uphold the law or is he?

I first noticed how much Casey, the girl next door had changed. Her freshman year at Harvard had ended and she was home for the summer. One morning as I walked to my car, I heard, “Good morning, Officer Hunter.” I looked over, saw her standing there holding the morning paper in her hand. She was wearing a pair of very short shorts and a bikini top that revealed just enough to stir one’s...Read On

Juanita The Sexy Maid

Juanita explores her clients house.

Juanita Lopez was Ethel and Max's maid. She had worked there for the past year. She was a good maid and did excellent cleaning. Ethel Greenberg liked her to wear the traditional maid uniform. Juanita found the uniform to be matronly looking. Juanita would bring the stuffy uniform with her, but later changed in a sexy French maid uniform. She liked to clean in a sexy and hot outfit. She liked...Read On


Flying the Friendly Skies

She shows him the meaning of full-service flying!

I met the girl on a long business flight I wasn't at all looking forward to. My company had told me that I needed to go to our Tokyo field office to make sure the plans were finalized on a new hotel our company had been building. I guess the company thought I was familiar enough with the project that I was the "go-to guy" and so, lucky me - I was tasked with bringing this whole thing together!...Read On

Sandy The Cheerleader Visits

Sandy is selling candy again.

All afternoon I sold candy in my neighborhood. I had a great day and made five hundred dollars in profits. I couldn’t believe so many people bought the candy. I guess when you put a very developed eighteen-year-old in a revealing cheering uniform people get horny and want to buy candy. A few of my neighbors asked to see me cheer and then bought a whole case of candy. Some of the neighbors...Read On

Famous Story

The Night Nurse

Getting called in to work doesn't mean you can't have fun!

Heather Campbell was pissed. She had been in bed with a hunky guy between her legs, happily munching on her sweet, juicy pussy when the phone rang. It was the head nurse at County General calling to tell her to report for a special night duty shift. According to her, the nurse scheduled to pull that shift had called in and she needed Heather to cover for her. Being the "new kid on the...Read On

Having Sex With The Town Whore

An afternoon with the firemen

I’m the town whore and enjoy sex. Last week, I had the police over here and this week I wanted to have fun with the firemen. I really enjoy men in uniforms. My idea was to call the fire department and tell them I was handcuffed to my bed. I would say my boyfriend and I had a fight and he didn't use the key to release me before he left. I unfortunately couldn't reach the key and needed help. ...Read On


Do Your Duty - part three

Series: Do Your Duty

Private Lovall continues learning the basics of the Army.

What we were about to do was definitely taboo. Against all of the regulations. Shit, I was about to throw the regs out the window. I wondered how many other non-coms or officers had done the same thing over the years. When it happened it was because of sweet, tempting little tarts like Lovall.     It had started about a week ago. I was a training sergeant in my Military...Read On

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