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Wife Lovers

These are stories about wife lovers, and specifically concerned with married women. The wife in question may not actually be making love to her husband, and the stories could involve other lovers, either men or women. Akin to this category are slut wives, hot and horny wife stories, wife swapping, and cheating wives.


Two Minds: His Version

“He bought you a miniskirt?”

My heart had been racing for more than an hour. Finally, my phone promised some relief. “You’re back?” She sounded out of breath, “Yeah.” It felt like dating again; I waited, then faltered as I asked, “So, did anything happen?” “Yes. Do you want to know now or wait till I get home?” My voice cracked, “Now, of course!” “Well, it’s just that …” she paused, and then continued in a...Read On


Becoming a hotwife. Pt4

Things start to heat up as I explore being a hotwife.

Following on from my night of unbridled sex. There was so much going through my mind as I drove home. If I was being honest, I was probably too distracted to drive safely. My daze was broken by the phone ringing; it was Dave. I sheepishly answered, not really knowing what to say, or how Dave would react. My fears were immediately eased as he just asked, “How is my little hotwife?” I could...Read On


Don't Judge A Book Part 2 Chapter 1

Just over two weeks after returning from her last date with Chris, Jill brings us up to date.

19th May 2018, early morning. So many. So soft and dark. No lessening in their dense coverage despite the receding hairline from their brother follicles up top. I loved playing with the soft and curly little hairs that covered my husband’s belly, or the slightly longer and more manly matting that covered his chest. Head on chest, feeling all was well with the world as I savored his...Read On


Michelle Gets Doubled

Michelle takes two cocks in her pussy

Bill and I were at the Matrix on Saturday night and were just having a great time drinking and dancing and hanging out with friends. The Matrix was very crowded and the place was even wilder than usual. I wasn’t drinking all that much, cause I’m trying to shed a couple of extra pounds from the holiday parties. Bill was drinking more, but not going overboard. I was dancing more than...Read On


Sept 2017 - Meeting 4 Sharing Sally with Sean

Sean pushed his fingers into her mouth and was fish-hooking Sally while he pounded her pussy.

Sept 2017 We met a guy who we got chatting to on a swinging forum that we had signed up to recently. After dinner one evening, Sally got online and we introduced ourselves to Sean, who lived in Derby. We chatted for about an hour with him, Sally topless for most of the conversation, and he agreed to come to the house that Saturday afternoon. He did at first think that Sally was a whore...Read On


Night at an After-Hours Club

Michelle and Friend Meet an Play With An Older Man

It was Saturday night and summer had definitely arrived, so it was time for a day on the water. We had been invited by friends to join them on their boat on the river and had a great time. My girlfriend Jamie had tagged along with us since her hubby had been called out of town for his work. After heading back to the dock, Bill, Jamie and I decided to stop at a small after-hours club on the...Read On


An Ass-loving Affair Pt 2

My husband's friend Rob comes over to fuck me again.

After Rob left, I was on cloud nine for the rest of the day, feeling well-fucked at last. I never knew what I’d been missing out on all this time! I kept wondering if it would be a one-off or I’d get to enjoy Rob's cock again. I felt a bit guilty for cheating on Mark but mostly excited by what happened. Mark came home from work that evening and I took my butt plug out just before we ate...Read On


Wife's Experiences while hubby away!

Wife gets fucked proper while hubby is away

  I’m telling this story, as it is the start of a journey which led me to read lush sex stories, I’d never heard of the term hot wife or cuckold, but I love to read sexy stories, especially when horny. Just sometimes clicking on random reads and seeing where it led, but mostly hot wife and cuckold stories.   So this is my true story of what led me there.   A few years ago, my wife and...Read On


Julie and the Hot Tub

Julie has an unexpected encounter when housesitting for a friend

Julie’s friend Lorraine was off on vacation leaving Julie to watch over her house. This was no hardship, Lorraine has a really nice place on the lake with a big-screen TV, jacuzzi hot tub and a cat named Bill. I was away on yet another work trip so Julie stayed at Lorraine’s house full time. It was early spring and still too cold to swim in the lake but the hot tub was a nice relaxer after...Read On


An Ass-loving Affair

My husband's friend gives me what my husband won't...

It was over eight months ago since my husband Mark last fucked me. It used to be that he couldn’t get enough of me. He was never adventurous but wanted plenty of sex. These days he always makes an excuse, usually that he's tired from work or has to get up early. My body is still in good shape and I try dressing sexy for him but nothing works. I don’t think he’s having an affair because...Read On


Becoming a Hotwife. Pt3

Continuing my adventure into becoming a hotwife

When I got to my room, I sat on the bed wondering what I had got myself into. Things were moving so quickly, and into unknown territory. After going over everything in my head, again and again, I picked up my phone and called David, telling him everything. Talking to him made me realise I really wanted to see where the night went. Dave just said, “You’re in charge; do anything you want. But...Read On


The Bet, Ch 8 - Luca's Fantasy, Deep Throat

Maria satisfies Luca's fantasy, takes his cock all the way.

As we ate in the kitchen, I asked Giovanni what he planned to have me do tomorrow as the winner of the Sex Bell contest. He said he would tell me tomorrow after his fantasy was fulfilled. It was a relatively quiet meal. We all knew what I’d be doing next. It was time to satisfy Luca’s fantasy and I knew it was going to be a jawbreaker. We got up from the table, cleaned up what little needed...Read On


After the Reunion Ch 23-b

Monday evening, Dec 4, 2028 The first match of the volleyball playoffs was Monday evening. Addie went to Ontario with Sheila to help her interview for her replacement as assistant, and I didn’t see her the rest of the day until the match. They were playing the team that finished fourth during the season. The crowd was much larger than it had ever been before at the playoffs. I accredited...Read On


The Vixen Pt. 2

I reclaim my wife after her late night encounter.

“Did you enjoy the show, baby?” My wife purred into my ear as she softly stroked my dick. I let out a soft groan but pretended to be asleep. This prompted my wife to go further, nibbling on my ear and flicking the tip of her finger under the head of my dick. I started to thrust slowly into her hand, and she took full grip again. “I knew you couldn’t stay asleep for long. You’re so...Read On


Don't Judge a Book Ch 27

Things finally come to a head between Dave, Chris and Jill. With a little help from Charlotte.

Saturday 5th May 2018 What the hell were Charlotte and Jill doing sitting in Callan’s car at one a.m. in the morning? And what the hell were they talking about? As I stood staring through the misted windows of Callan’s car, it was Charlotte who spotted me first as our front door opens out onto the passenger’s side and so Jill hadn’t seen my approach. Before she’d spotted me, Charlotte...Read On


The Drive

The drive was too hard to contain....

My wife and I have been married for ten strong years. We both were each other's first and waited until we were married to do the deed. She's a beautiful 5'3" girl from Hawaii, 32b breasts 102lbs and a lovely bubble butt that stole my heart; not to mention her full lips and almond eyes, and a professional Tahitian Dancer who knows how to work her hips. You can say I'm a very, very lucky guy. ...Read On


Don't Judge A Book Ch 26

At the end of Jill’s planned last night with Chris, things move on in an unexpected way.

Saturday 5th May 2018 It was well after midnight and through super-human efforts, I’d managed to avoid contacting Jill throughout the whole day – the day of her supposed last date with Chris before he headed off to California. I say ‘supposed’ because, with every passing minute, more and more of my mind screamed at the prospect that maybe everything had changed. Maybe during an evening...Read On


Becoming a hotwife. Pt2

The continued story of my journey into the world of a hotwife.

Since our night out with Mark and Helen, I started to embrace dressing more sexy. Dave loved it. I was now wearing hold ups daily for work, nearly every morning he would sit and watch me getting ready. That I became to love, modelling my lingerie for him. I also had quite a collection of new heels as well. I was starting to embrace the hotwife idea of Dave’s, but still unsure. Could I do it? ...Read On


The Date

Husband does not approve of wife's new work activities.

“I don’t need anything; I’m eating out tonight.” “Oh? The first I’ve heard of that.” “It’s been planned for a few days now.” “You didn’t say anything. Where are you going? Who with?” “Honey, I’ve got a meeting with Mitch.” ++++++ My name is Peter, a director for a medium-sized business, in charge of the facilities for a dozen sites across the country. At forty-eight, I have been...Read On


Don't Judge a Book Ch 25

Dave picks up to describe a real humdinger of a Sunday morning ‘discussion’ with Jill.

Sunday 15th April “Jill?” I’d gone into the guest room to look for a book I’d been discussing with Gemma. And I’d been totally shocked to see my sleeping wife’s body lying there. Her face showing the evidence that she’d cried herself to sleep. In that single moment all of my anger, hurt and righteous indignation from the Saturday night melted away like late snow on a Spring morning. ...Read On


Gang Aft A-gley - Chapter 7 of 7

So sad, the plans of mice and men. But not the plans of a woman. Her plans are ever evolving.

I had planned on sleeping in until noon, but a naughty nymphomaniac changed my mind. I was sound asleep on my back, with her body snuggled in next to mine. A quiet murmur woke me up, but I tried to ignore it. A warm hand gently stroked my cock, and I couldn't ignore that. I was shocked that I was hard again after all that we had done the night before. In barely audible tones, she asked...Read On


Until Death Do Us Part

In sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part...

I watch the sun fall behind the horizon; the burning star changing its hue of orange to almost tangerine. The clouds were darkening, obliterating the sun as the day gave way to the night; as darkness claims its throne. The inevitable change in nature, yet a cosmic power to preserve the balance in the fabrics of space and time. Standing on the grey porcelain tiles of our balcony, still,...Read On


Don't Judge a Book Ch 24

Dave and then Jill share the duties of revealing how things developed in April and May

Saturday 14th April It was Saturday morning, the weekend after we’d returned from England and I was enjoying a quiet cup of coffee on our back decking. Jill was out, shopping with Gemma for food and drink for the eight-person dinner party we were hosting later that day. And I was enjoying the lull before the storm. Since we came back, the last five days had been amazing. The...Read On


Gang Aft A-Gley - Chapter 6 of 7

Maybe the plan has gone astray, but as long as she's having fun, the plan continues!

Chapter 6 I had promised Christine that she would like our friends. I forgot that there's always a jerk in every crowd. We made our way down to the basement entertainment room. There was a pretty good crowd gathered between the TV area and the fancy bar. The loud guy that was pretending to be the bartender jabbed his elbow into his friend's rib and pointed me out with his chin. "So,...Read On


An Induced Obsession Chapter 3

Paul begins to push Sarah's limits

Sarah and Paul awaken to Sarah’s cell phone ringing on the table. It’s late in the afternoon now on Saturday, and Sarah realizes she never called her friend Kelly as she had promised. Paul lets her up and watches her sexy frame move quickly across the living room. “Hey, girl! I am so sorry I didn’t call you today,” Sarah begins. As Sarah tells Kelly about the evening before, she finds Paul...Read On


Gang Aft A-gley - Chapter 5 of 7

The plan isn't forgotten, but it gets sidetracked a bit. Maybe that's part of the plan as well.

Chapter 5 I woke to the sound of Christine's moan of pleasure and the feel of her tongue drawing my cock into the back of her throat. I groaned and pushed my hand into her hair and I pushed her head down as we made her cum. She reluctantly let me pull her face up for a kiss when her orgasm ended. After the briefest of kisses, she asked, "Did you like how I begged you to fill my pussy...Read On


Don't Judge a Book Ch 23

Dave describes how things develop further on the foursome's vacation

Saturday 31st March 2018 The next morning I was awoken in the best possible manner. The aroma of fresh coffee and bacon wafted under my nose by my beautiful wife. Apparently both Gemma and Chris had awoken early and gone for a walk together. Leaving my beautiful wife to give me her undivided love and attention for the next couple of hours. Jill’s soft kiss on my lips was the perfect...Read On


Seducing Stephen - Chapter 7 - 'Cindy's double date'

It appears that I am to be Stephen's birthday present from Jim

Jim’s demeanor was noticeably different. In the weeks following watching Stephen fuck me, as Jim hid in our closet, my husband was more ‘energized’, almost slightly ‘hyper’. Before actually watching these events, Jim enjoyed my verbal retelling of my daily activities with my teenage lover; however, it seemed that his vicarious enjoyment had been somewhat ‘indistinct’, or perhaps...Read On


Gang Aft A-gley - Chapter 4 of 7

The plan is coming together. It just needs another push, and maybe a heads up to the wife.

Chapter 4 Christine napped for a while, and we had a short stop again when she woke up. As we were walking back to the car, she said, "I wish I could offer to drive for a while." She gave me an apologetic smile as she added, "I should get my license back soon, as long as I can prove I won't try to run over bailiffs serving papers again." I knew her license had been revoked, but I had...Read On


July 2017 - Meeting 3 Sally is recognised by Lee

He lifted her vest top up with one hand cupping and then mauling her right breast

I suppose it was inevitable that Sally would be recognised at some stage especially now I had her profile posted on a number of forums and dating sites. Sally was involved in the setup of each of the profiles so it really should not have come as a surprise when someone actually knew who she was. Having said that Sally could have not have predicted this to happen only a couple of months...Read On

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