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Hubby's debt

Jen and Sam had been together since junior high school and neither had been with anyone else when they married right out of school. That had been twenty years ago. From the very start of their relationship, they’d declared they didn’t want kids and Sam had even used condoms even though Jen was on the pill. A few years into the marriage, Sam had a vasectomy. Sam liked a gamble and Jen...Read On


Fire Station Fuck

Passion of the job, and each other.

I joined a rural volunteer fire station in NW Arkansas about a year and a half ago. I’m one of the only women on the department. My main goals were to help my community, stay fit, learn something new, and to also do what most of the men on the department did; get away from the spouse and kids for a while.  Last month Jake, a new member, joined our small volunteer department. He was a...Read On


The Hot Wife, Chapter 2

Pam's wildest fantasy was about to come true...

"Okay boys, I am your two dollar whore and you can have whatever you want out of me! The one thing I ask is that you both cum on me… on my face, in my mouth, on my tits… whatever. I want to feel your hot cum all over me. I am your cumslut, for your use and pleasure!" she said. I saw Tony's eyes get wide as she talked, but when she reached up and unhooked the front clasp of her pink and...Read On


The Cottage And The Stranger - Chapter Two

Series: The Cottage and the Stranger

Being stranded in the snow turned into something hot

Saturday  I wake early the next day and am initially confused as to whether or not I dreamt that a sexy stranger I met in the pub made love to me last night, or if that really happened. The reality is confirmed by the tingling feeling in my pussy that there has definitely been a hard cock in there recently and also, the sensation of the afore-mentioned cock pressing into my ass cheeks. ...Read On


The Pool Sitter - Part 1

Alyssa welcomes me home

It had been a long trip. I came home in the early afternoon, exhausted from book signings and readings, and thinking only of a nap, and then some sun by my pool. The house looked empty when I came in, but neat. I checked the food bowl for my cats Brutus and Bruiser and smiled. Alyssa had kept them well fed. Alyssa was the daughter of my neighbors, now twenty-one and headed for her last year...Read On


Masturbating in My Window

She never knew that being watched could be so stimulating.

While undressing in my room one day, I realized I could see straight into the neighbor's window opposite of my bedroom window. I was down to my bra and panties so I quickly drew the curtains. I don't know if anyone saw me. However, I was feeling a tad frisky and most certainly horny, so I put on the light, drew back the curtains and stood naked at the window. Most houses on the block had...Read On



Daddy/babygirl edging, orgasm control, oral and more.

Early morning, before the sun peaked above the horizon, I woke to a large, warm hand caressing my hip, leaving a trail of goosebumps on my skin. Fingers dragged slowly up my side, over the curve of my waist, and found the flesh of my left breast. "Mmm," I purred, stirring from sleep.  His mouth and nose nuzzled into my neck, and bristles on his chin and upper lip lightly scratched over my...Read On


California Lock Down, Pennsylvania-style

The business magnate's daughter needs sex away from the office...

Kimberly Lynn was in a tricky position for dating, for casual sex even. She was the daughter of a prominent local businessman and everyone knew that where she worked, in one of her dad's corporations. So immediately she felt unable to have sex in the office. She also found trust difficult in the neighbourhood because everyone knew that she now owned a ranch, settled on her when her...Read On

My Elder Assistant, Part Four

Series: My Elder Assistant

The party was nice, but we couldn't wait to be alone.

We pulled up in front of Jeanette's house to find several cars already there. As we made our way to the front door, hand in hand, I whispered, "How long before the honeymoon?" while grinning. Mary lightly swatted my chest with her free hand while saying, "You're so bad, and I love it. We have a flight out at eight tomorrow morning. I can't wait either, but you need to focus. Besides, we...Read On


An Evening Of Live Music And Raw Lust

A passionate encounter with a very sexy redhead.

My name is Michael, a fifty-eight-year-old recently divorced Londoner and I would like to share with you one of the most exciting and sexually adventurous nights I have ever experienced. After my divorce, I realised just what a toll a toxic marriage had taken on me. I was overweight, unhealthy, depressed, demotivated and quite frankly going downhill so fast that I doubted I would ever see...Read On


Supervisor And Cashier

She makes the first move and leads her supervisor back home to her bedroom.

I had just walked in from settling a dispute between two high-school-age bagger gathering shopping carts outside when she flashed me her million-dollar smile. “Hello, Jack.” I was one of the front end supervisors at a local grocery store while I was in college and she was one of my cashiers. It was the summer between her sophomore and junior years at college and I was about to start my...Read On


Dark Horse 3 - Why Me?

My first task.

The resort was on a small Caribbean island called High Beacon. It was exclusive, eye-wateringly expensive and beautiful. Expense was no object to me now because I was not, at that time, the impoverished Gala but, thanks to the Trinity, I was Tanya Moreton: orphaned at the age of six and cared for by nuns in a small convent in America before being sent to a private school in England and later...Read On


The Blue Flame Of Love Chapter 4

Series: The Blue Flame of Love

Does the pain of love overcome the heat of anger?

The high school was three blocks away and the sun was close to setting when she reached it. Vince was on the far side of the track, coming around toward her. His head was down, and he was mumbling, cussing and sniffling, as he walked past, unaware of her presence. Abby slowly started walking up to him, in a couple of minutes she was close enough. “Care for some company?” Vince stopped...Read On


Taking My Best Friend's High School Aged Daughter, Part 2

"This cologne drives young ladies into a frenzy," the saleslady said. Hannah Rochelle agreed.

(THURSDAY MORNING) I wore the new cologne I purchased the evening before.  The one I hoped would arouse Hannah just the way the hot young saleswoman had promised it would.  Third period came and Hannah was in her seat before the bell rang.  I nodded my approval as our eyes met.  She stared for a moment and leaned to the side to reach in her purse.   Her left leg lifted and parted noticeably...Read On

Recommended Read

The Corruption Of Jay Melding Part 2

Series: Corrupting Jay Melding

Tanika and Sabrina share a hotel room

My name is Sabrina, Jay's daughter. I'm twenty years old, and I've always been daddy's girl. I think that's why my mother may have been jealous of me as I was growing up. My dad always had time for me, no matter what was going on. I loved sports following in his footsteps, being athletic and active. Mom, on the other hand, sort of put up with us. I didn't realize the rift between us until I...Read On


My Secret Addiction: Chapter 2

Series: My Secret Addiction

Jim and Leah make kinky plans. Will they back out or go all in?

We were consumed with our plans for Leah to have sex with a black man. Every conversation, every question and idea was about it. I couldn’t focus on anything else and neither could she. There was a nervous anxiety in the air, it was palpable but also worrying. My young wife not only wanted to fulfill my darkest fantasy, but it was now her fantasy as well. I knew she loved sex, but I never...Read On


The Stranger

A Stranger I met many years ago on an underground train in London and what ensured..

One night, many years ago, I was coming back from a club, I can't recall it's name, but it was in London. I was riding on an underground train and there weren’t too many people on the train; it was late. I was sitting minding my own business. I think it was autumn because I don’t remember it being cold as it usually was in those days on a train. I noticed a guy sitting on his own some way...Read On


How Kevin Met Vera

Age gap relationship still lasting.

I am with Kevin. You might remember his parents, Jackie. They are Ken and Clarice (last name withheld). He is a very nice young man of twenty-two but still has some maturing to do and as you know I have always dated younger men. The funny thing is that way back about six years ago, I met Kevin in this new phase for the first time when he came with his parents to our house party. We had...Read On


I Am Not a Lesbian

A whirlwind plucked at me, drawing me into a maelstrom from which there was no escape.

All afternoon the word "lesbian" jumped out unbidden to ambush my thoughts. At first, I seemed to glimpse it as if from far away and I shied from it, sick and frightened. But as the day wore on, it drew closer until I threw myself on the bed and sobbed in an agony of self-accusation. I cried until I was exhausted. In the calm that followed my shame, I thought of the kiss Sheri and I had...Read On


Losing My Panties

A girl keeps mysteriously losing her panties.

My life was in the doldrums ever since I kicked out my boyfriend on his return home from France. The last straw was something trivial, the straw that broke the camel's back. He brought me a set of old-style French knickers from some market. "What the fuck do you think I am?" I screamed as I threw them back at him. "But Amber, they're very stylish and retro!" he tried to explain. "Yes,...Read On


A Forbidden Fuck

This was a different time - when interracial relationships were not socially acceptable. His dark-skinned hand on my pale-white tummy would make a beautiful painting - the sharp contrast in color. Stirring. Erotic. His name is Reggie. He lifts my chin so I can see the whites of his eyes - another stark contrast to his matte-black face. And lips fuller than my own, kiss me, with a...Read On


Jaq Uses Isolation To Tease

Jaq cages me and performs

Isolation only means one thing for us, a randy couple of sixty. More time to dress up and play together. Jaq called me to the bedroom; I arrived to find her smiling and with my cock cage in her hand. Jaq instructed me to undress. I complied straight away. Unfortunately, my cock began to swell and the cage would not slip over my cock. Jaq had the answer. Jaq lifted her tee-shirt and revealed...Read On


Summer Cockbuster, Part 2: Delayed Reunion

Jeff and I catch up on each other's lives, and more

Jeff and I had been friends all through high school, but after our first year away at college our friendship took a turn. We gave each other blowjobs in the back of a movie theater while catching the season's hot blockbuster.  No discussion, we just started rubbing our boners at the sight of a disrobing bombshell on the screen, then proceeded to touching and then sucking each other....Read On


Trancendent Sensuality -19

Three women distract Tom while his wife checks out Jake. Karla and Tanya chat.

“So, are we going to fuck tonight?” Taylor asked Tom as they sat around the table at the semi-family steakhouse. “Taylor!” Karla gasped. “Well,” Taylor said, sounding exasperated, “There’s Jasmine, you, me and him.  Ted’s with Kevin, double-teaming my mother.  Tanya’s auditioning Jake.  So, I thought we were going to gang up on Tom and make him forget his slut-wife riding the cock of our...Read On


A Week With Jill - Part 1

Jill is a wonderful houseguest

I found myself very nervous that Sunday afternoon as I waited for Jill to arrive. She was a college friend of my daughter Sarah, and although I knew her from a couple of vacation visits she made, now she was coming to stay alone as she had some job interviews in town. I have lived alone since I divorced Sarah’s mother, done well enough as an architect to work from the home I designed...Read On


Summer Break on the Farm - Chapter 1

Mom and Aunt Deb Pick Me up from School

I couldn’t believe freshman year was over already. It felt great to finally be done with finals, but it was going to be bittersweet leaving behind all my friends for the summer. I didn’t really fit in back in my small hometown so it was great actually being able to hang out with people just as nerdy as me. I continued thinking about how much I was going to miss my friends and school as...Read On


Tim and Abbie 06: Wednesday

Series: Tim and Abbie

What was Abbie thinking of making such a bad choice really

Abbie wakes Wednesday morning feeling so good.  She had dreamed of Tim and her together, in such erotic ways.  The dreams slip back in her head, leaving her smiling as she showers, dresses, and prepares for the day. It will be fun to be back at the London site.  Abbie will get to see the friends that helped her through her transition to what she is now.  And okay, so a few of them are also...Read On


Chapter 1: Late Night Workout

Series: Tentacled Mirror

Ashley meets a tentacled creature from beyond; will her mind and body be able to resist?

I stood in front of the large mirror in the gym admiring my reflection. This late at night I usually had the gym to myself, which I always appreciated. I had just finished my cardio on the elliptical and had worked up a nice sheen of sweat on my body. My headphones were playing a popular song that I had mostly tuned out while I worked on catching my breath from the intense cardio. I...Read On


A Pre-Dinner Taster For My Wife

A comment by my wife leads to my first experience of cuckoldry with her ex

The sun was now a big orange glowing ball, touching the Mediterranean Sea and looking as though it had set it on fire. Linda and I lay naked on the bed, a glass of Prosecco in our hands, as we marvelled at the sunset from our honeymoon suite through the full length window, which wasn't overlooked from the outside.  We'd had a glorious wedding a few days earlier and were now enjoying a week...Read On


Roping-in Nerys Part 3

Nerys, a very experienced lady, has a different romp set up by her new Master

As they drove, her captor, who was possibly going to be her Master, spoke of initial rules, “There will be more,” he told her, “but for now, you will continue to call me, ‘sir’. That may change. You will meet my, what I call ‘aide’. who is invaluable for many household duties, not least security, and you’ll see why when you meet him. His name is Cunlip.” “I’ll require my personal things from...Read On

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