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La Bella and Il Mostro (part 1)

A young beauty's seduction by a beast begins

Jutta Meyer was an only child. Her mother died in childbirth and she was brought up in Amsterdam by her loving, doting father, Lukas. She was beautiful, precocious, and strong-willed from her earliest days, and Lukas indulged her in everything.  Not to say that she was spoiled, for she was hardworking, earnest, and unselfish as well.  But, where other girls of her time in Amsterdam would...Read On


A Visit to My Old College Town

Wife's first BBC

Anna loves sex. A routine trip provides her a new opportunity for excitement. I am Ric and this story is mostly about my wife Anna. My wife Anna and I visited my old college recently. It is in a small southern town. I had some alumni business and Anna was along just for fun. Let me tell you something about Anna. She is 5’4’’ tall. She weighs about 140 pounds. She is blonde now greying. She...Read On


A Family Affair - Part Three

Series: A Family Affair

"Aaand... cut!" said Justyna. "Well done, everybody, that was excellent. Let's take a break." I feel so proud and excited. I had just finished my first scene in Justyna's new movie. She's the director, by the way, and it was she who decided to film "Seduction" at our family home. There are lots of new things I need to get used to. First of all, individual scenes are not shot in sequence....Read On


I Meet Christie For The First Time

What a boring day it has been. The second day of a three-day conference – been stuck in meetings and workshops all day. Even the lunch break was a working lunch, so not even a break then. So now it is 6 pm, meetings over for the day, and a little bit of free time to relax. A few of the delegates said they would be in the hotel bar for a drink a little later, and I thought I would get a...Read On


Sara’s Surrender, Part 1

Series: Sara’s Surrender

Sara had always wanted to go hiking in the Canadian Rockies. She just didn't expect to do it naked…

I was sitting out on the Lookout Patio, overlooking one of the world’s greatest panoramas, while waiting for my lunch, when I noticed her sitting at the table next to me. She was a tiny, sexy thing, slender, long brown hair, great big eyes, with a very nice figure. And she was pouting. The waiter came over to her and asked if he could get her anything, but she declined. “I’m sorry, miss,...Read On


Open All Hours - Part 1

Liam starts his new job after redundancy

it's been six months since I was made redundant from my previous job; I had worked in expenses for a shopping company. At first, I worked from home but as my workload decreased rapidly I knew the possibility of redundancy was not far off. Without my regular income, I retreated back to my parents' for lockdown, back to my old bedroom. My girlfriend soon followed my job in disappearing as...Read On


Down On The Farm 03

Series: Down on the Farm

Nicole begins her trial weekend observing life on the farm.

Nicole arrived exactly on time at eight on Friday night... and she was already naked. Because she didn’t want to risk being late, she had left early, pulled into the small glen near the farm to strip off, and waited there until just before eight. She felt very vulnerable sitting naked in her car, but at the same time, it excited her. She really wanted to pleasure herself, but she was afraid...Read On


Old Bob - Pt 2

Misha becomes aware of her elderly neighbour, and Old Bob has her attention

Bob Kuzneski, the man next door, was the man of her dreams. Over the days that came, Misha's whole perspective of her life changed. Sure, she was still the same person, but her outlook and priorities had changed. She found herself a lot more upbeat, giggly and excitable. She again felt like the silly teenage girl living next door to the hot guy. She was spending her days laughing at his...Read On


Mum's Friend Dorothy

A thrilling way to bridge the generation gap

Twenty years had passed since that terrible evening. Twenty years in which lives had been repaired, if not healed, and had branched off in different directions from how those involved had intended. I had moved away, because I had been about to do that anyway. I wasn't running from anything, or at least I didn't think I was. I just had a life to lead. I was 20 when it happened and I...Read On


Teenage Boys' Experiences

Fulfilling a spanking dare sets two lads on a very close and personal path

I first met James when his family moved into the area, and he and his twin sister Sally joined the fifth-year class at the Secondary School. We did not hit it off straight away but slowly got to know each other through work projects at school and then began hanging out together at break times. We both liked hill walking and exploring the countryside and soon started spending weekends...Read On


Noodles - Part 9

Series: Noodles

Mark and Dani go to a club, looking for one lucky guy.

"Oh my God, Dani!" Mark said, as Sally opened the door. "I can't believe it's you!"  Mark stepped over to me, slowly, as if he really didn't believe his eyes. "If I hadn't seen you come in wearing that dress, I swear I wouldn't...WOW!" My face hurt, from smiling so hard. I put my arms out, for Mark to come kiss me. Mark closed the distance between us and gently kissed my lips, eyes open....Read On


Lucy Hogarth Meets Hilary Matthews Again

Lucy is feeling the need for another severe caning and she gets a call from Hilary

Two months had passed since Hilary Matthews had given Lucy Hogarth the severe caning that had enabled Hilary to release most of her long-held dislike for the bent over Mrs Hogarth. Lucy had contacted Hilary and asked her to deliver the caning that also, for the moment, quenched Lucy's thirst for a sound thrashing. In the weeks that followed, Lucy had continued to have lesbian sex with...Read On


Patton's Out

Young man leaves the straight life to honor his truth.

After splitting with Tracy, Patton found a rental deal with five people he managed at the Rip’s Billiard Room & Bar in Pasadena. This rental was a mansion at the top of the hills in East Los Angeles. Two female bartenders, a waitress, a chef, and his best bouncer – shared the main house. Patton rented the basement servant’s quarters. It was a large, basic apartment with everything he...Read On


416 - Part 6

Series: 416

Donna is trained to take over club management so that Diana can devote more time to David.

It had been more than two weeks since the orgy in David’s apartment. Every day since then, he’d lost consciousness of what was around him as he reflected on that day. The mental images of those three beautiful bodies wrapped around each other still gave him chills. David had been around the sexual playground a few times in his life, but he’d had no experiences that matched that wild...Read On


Helen And Son

"Mom, we are in a parking lot."

"Come in," Ricky said, answering the gentle tapping on his bedroom door. He knew it was his mother, Helen. The door opened, and Helen came in. She sat on the side of his bed, spilling a little wine from the glass she was holding. Ricky asked what the problem was, and Helen replied, "The usual." "Dad still not home?" "No. Your father just rang and said he would be late. Something...Read On




Love has a cost...

The Present... In the mornings and evenings as I sat on the bench under my window, from time to time I'd see Danny walking on the sidewalk going to or coming from the subway. Though I'd wanted to ask him how his Finals were going and take him more food, I'd honored my promise to leave him alone. Because of my promise not to disturb Danny during his tests, I didn't know much about...Read On


Down The Rabbit Hole XI

Slave in a cell.

Fresh off a great fucking upstairs, I skipped downstairs and into the dungeon. I had my choice of cells and chose the only one with a solid iron, light-tight door. Like the rest of the dungeon, there were no windows and thus no way to tell time. I slammed the door closed behind me and attached my iron collar to an iron chain tethered to the wall. Serenity. For the first time in my life, I...Read On


A Slave To Her Work, Chapter 2

Sometimes it takes a little creativity to get the job done!

"I am very glad to hear you want to stay, Miss Moore. I was not looking forward to the alternative." He pulled out the gym bag that contained the chains and padlock. He took her over to her desk and wrapped the chain around the base of her chair, locking it securely.  "Please sit," he said and Crystal sat down in her chair. He put a leather cuff around one leg and then locked the end of...Read On


Losing Our Bearings 7: A Night At Llety-Cariad

Series: The 25 Year Itch

Maggie's boundaries move as she tries new experiences

I walked slowly downstairs, leaving Maggie in the bedroom. I waited outside the main room and couldn’t hear much from inside. I waited a moment, took a deep breath and opened the door. As I entered the main living room on my own, I was expecting everyone to be waiting impatiently for my return. However, on entering, I heard quiet chatter which sounded more like old friends talking in a...Read On


The Next One

Over two decades have passed...

How did this happen? More than twenty-five years have, seemingly, flown.  The two children of that marriage are adults themselves, both older than when I married. After I'd been single for some months - actually, nearly a year - the novelty was beginning to pall.  I had never lived completely alone before as I'd been at home with my parents, away at school amongst other children, back home...Read On


WWT: Rachel in Chains 8

Rachel finds herself at the mercy of the real monster.

The tentacle pushed up inside of me, twirling around, bringing me right unto the cusp of climax before bringing me back down, slowing and easing, all so that the pain could start again. The dull throb of denial ached, my clit sore, my cunt battered and pleading for it to stop and then for release, again and again since I’d awakened.  It had been days… Already I hated how much I wanted...Read On


JJ discovers her sexy Florida dad.

Daughter seduces more than her dad, but a hot sexy man.

Baggage claim at Southwest International was packed with spring breakers but I could see Dad's big smile above the crowd. As I wove through the crowd, I had forgotten how similar we are in build. Tall. 'Nose to nose' I'd always say to him. I hadn't seen him but more in passing a few times in the last fifteen years. I went from a Buckeye to a California girl when I married, and Dad moved...Read On


Zak Is Interrogated By Olivia Part 3

Olivia has Zak open up about his love for cousin Carlos and Margo

“Zak, I am getting a better understanding of you, and you are bisexual. In private, you are a different person with taste, including a love of wearing feminine clothing.” “I am glad that you understand how I feel. I love the feel of the silk panties against my penis, and during the day, I get so aroused that I masturbate at work. I almost got caught a couple of times, and that scared me....Read On


A Nice Day for a Hike

“So. You just want us to sit here and… watch?” I nodded, not trusting my voice. I could feel my cheeks burning as I fidgeted from foot to foot. Part of it was nervousness. Part of it was a growing need to pee. I tried my best not to think of how much water I’d downed in the last hour, thinking it might push me over the edge. Her name was Lucy and she was pretty. About my age. His name was...Read On


Dinner at Steff's

A dinner party escalates into a night of sex

As soon as my good friend Steff heard that my son Mikey was back home from university due to the lock-down in Cardiff, she pestered me to bring him over for dinner with her and her husband George. We agreed on last Wednesday, so it was up to me to get him to give his girlfriend Rachael the night off. She had not seen her parents since last week so reluctantly agreed!! We were asked to be...Read On


Sheila's Stay At The Guest House - Part Two

Sheila and Sean get some more time together and they make the most of it

They had unexpectedly had some time together for a fuck in the afternoon, and seventeen-year-old Sean Walker and sixty-one-year-old Sheila Metcalf were wanting more. Their chances would be limited by time if nothing else because Sheila would be leaving the Guest House after one more full day and two nights, and they really needed the place empty apart from themselves to be able to do what...Read On


Impure Thoughts - Chapter Two

Series: Impure Thoughts.

"Giulia, darling. Please help our guest get undressed. I need to see all of her body before we start." The voice, which echoed around the stone walls of the old chapel, belonged to Flora. "Yes, of course, Mummy," Giulia replied as she motioned for me to turn away so she could unfasten my dress. My heart was pounding. I felt as if I was in some strange erotic dream. I lifted my arms to...Read On


The Hot Wife And The Mechanic

A flat tire, a horny wife, and a lucky tow truck driver.

We hit the road early, so we could make it to the cottage before sunset. We had a way to go, so we skipped the usual stops. Lindsay was pretty hyped about this trip since we’d be meeting some of our old friends we hadn’t seen in a while. She was all ready to display herself. About an hour from the cottage, I heard a strange noise from the back of the car. It started shaking so violently I...Read On

Comp Entry

All Systems Functioning

Nothing to report on Space Station Alpha 69

  Earth date 1st April, 2121. Time 12h03m56s GMT. Space Station Alpha 69. Geostationary above Mars. Unmanned. Nothing to report. All systems functioning. *** Earth date 2nd April, 2121. Time 15h05m23s GMT. Space Station Alpha 69. Geostationary above Mars. Unmanned. Nothing to report. All systems functioning. *** Earth date 3rd April, 2121. Time 10h23m19s GMT. Space Station...Read On


Public Dares

This story is based on the true adventures of my sexy girlfriend and I.

Ann and I decide to take a day off work.  It's late October and we have let the sexual tension build to an all-time high between us.  Every chance we get at work we are grabbing, sucking, and licking on each other. We need this day trip and have been looking forward to this day for so long! It's near Halloween and we head out to our favorite dive bar.  Ann is wearing a skirt and a nice...Read On

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