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Meeting on a dating app leads to some surprises for a man and woman

“I definitely have a different opinion of you now.”   Jin’s words made me smile. It was something she had a talent for doing. Making me smile. She did that in our first messages on the dating app, and now that we had moved into the world of text messages, it was no different.   “How so?” I asked.   “That was not what I expected you to say,” she answered.   “What?” I asked. “What did...Read On


After The Meeting At A Wedding

Having met for the first time at the wedding of mutual friends middle aged couple meet again.

Linda Hart and Bill Peebles, both aged sixty, had met for the first time at the wedding of Colin and Dorothy Wedgwood with Linda being a friend of Dorothy and Bill a friend of Colin. Both Linda and Bill were unattached and ended up spending the bulk of the night in Linda's hotel bedroom before Bill eventually returned to his own room. It turned out that they both lived in different parts of...Read On


Jamie and Donna's Girls' Night Out

A wife loves her husband for taking the time to be her girlfriend

Girls’ Night Out Tonight: Getting ready  Donna was looking in the mirror, sponge in hand, ready to blend the foundation that dotted her face. She had shaved and moisturized her face; she didn’t need Jamie's help for that. Fortunately, Don’s facial hair was fine and light-colored, so Donna didn't need to cake on too much concealer. Don had tried to use stubble as an excuse to cut these...Read On


Grace the Virgin

A virgin girl gives excellent oral sex

Grace and I sat on her couch, drinking tea, which was a new experience for me. I wasn't sure if I should put my pinkie in the air or not, but I was at least smart enough to hold my cup by the handle. I was getting the feeling that Grace was expecting something, but she was an extremely difficult woman to read. I finally decided to take a step forward, but a small one. Grace had just put her...Read On


Patrice's Costume

Patrice dresses up slutty for Halloween

Patrice dressed up for our 'Halloween in March' office party as I had never seen her before. She was a cross between a sexy Hooter’s-style cheerleader and a slut. Starting from the bottom of her lovely legs, she had on a pair of white sneakers; her legs were bare with just a tan and were smooth-shaved and toned. The cheerleader skirt was Hooter’s orange and white and it was shorter than...Read On


With Rachel Again, But Not With Kelly

Our second time together was more special than the first.

It was Memorial Day weekend of 1978. Kelly and I would graduate from high school in just a few days. I was camping with my family and our family’s good friends. Their oldest daughter, Rachel, was a year younger than me. The previous summer I had popped her cherry, with Kelly encouraging Rachel to have that happen. Kelly couldn’t come with us this particular weekend because she was stuck...Read On


The Maestro

The Maestro teaches his student a lesson.

Kyle and Kristine were sitting at a table in the college music lab folding the programs for that night's Spring choral performance. The concert choir was performing Carl Orff's Carmina Burana and the music department was buzzing with excitement. Kristine was dressed in her standard performance black: a long black skirt and black top that fit her hourglass form enough to accentuate her curves,...Read On


My Beautiful Ponygirl

  It was a warm summer morning when I went down to the barn and found my graceful pony waiting anxiously in her stall on all fours. The micro bikini she had on was my preferred color, nude. It stood out against her tanned, toned skin. She was already veiled in a fine sheen of sweat from carefully sweeping out the barn and putting fresh hay in the three stalls.  The two empty...Read On


The Cheerleader's Panties Pt. 03

Days later, I was lying on my bed with a towel around me after a shower. The fresh air got to my loins, and soon my cock was rampant. I leaned down and reached down under the bed for my stash of porn magazines. Under the bed, surely no one could possibly look there in an illicit search for sexual contraband. They had belonged to my older brother who had left them to me years ago as his wife...Read On


My Little Piece Of Paradise.

I had almost given up on life having been alone for so long then an opportunity came my way.

I lived in a tiny flat above the town's bakers shop. My husband ran away with his fancy woman years ago. Needless to say when his money run out she left him. I was fifty-four years old and had just about given up on life, and I hadn't had a job for over ten years. One morning as I passed the newsagents on my way to the butchers, I saw an advert in the window, all it said was office...Read On


Best Served Warmer - Part 1

Linda and David find redemption and more in their fantasies.

                     * Sequel 2 to "Best Served Cold" *   A year had passed since the night I had paid for my infidelity. It was winter again, and the season resurrected ghosts from the time I sat across from Linda and Stephan in the Excelsior hotel bar. Linda and I had walked home through the city streets together in the snow. At the time, I feared it was the end of us, but we had found...Read On


Will You Smile if I Tickle Your Twiddle-Diddles?

Kentucky Kimmi is in London! Woohoo! And I know what's first on my to-do list.  When I see him, I am overwhelmed. He is bigger than life in person. Such an imposing figure. Regal. Noble. His pictures really don't capture the magnitude of his strong and proud presence. I can only stare. And stare. And stare. Hard to tell how long I stand in front of him, awe-struck by him.  First and...Read On


Size Queen Wife, Chapter 5: Vaginal Rejuvenation

Brandee is turning the football team into her own personal boy-toy, reverse sex harem.

A lot depends on where you measure it from, he thought. Measured from the side, it was five and a half inches. Measured from the bottom, it was about six. Measured from the top, it was only five inches. Craig Naylor sighed and laid the ruler on the sink next to the toilet. The last time he had measured himself was in college when, after a fight with his girlfriend, she had called...Read On


The Girl From The North Country 3: The Sting

One last time...

David wonders about the future I got home about noon and reached into the fridge for a beer. Yes, it was a bit early for alcohol, but I wanted to think about events of the last twenty-four hours and I’d always found a cold beer to be a good companion. And so, my musing began. At about this time yesterday, I’d been setting out to a shopping mall to get a couple of technical bits and...Read On



He goes to inspect a property he's interested in and finds more than an abandoned house!

The decrepit old house stood alone high on the hill outside of town. Known as the Connelly mansion, it had become the stuff of many rumors, scary tales, and legends. Some said the place was the scene of a gruesome family murder. Some said it was cursed. And many in town wouldn't set foot on the property if you paid them... At one time it had been a real showplace; a shining example of...Read On


Perfect Storm: Part Five

A man attends his wife's family reunion and gets to know her cousins better.

Despite spending the night in a sleeping bag, on the floor of his wife’s church, Cain had the best night’s sleep in recent memory. Snowed into the church with his wife’s extended family, he spent the previous night initiating his wife’s young cousin, Ellie, in the ways of sexual pleasure, then spent that afternoon in carnal delight with the girl’s mother, Sheri. When Cain had finally lain...Read On


Summer Sub

Ever regretted saying something?

Did you ever say something you regretted?  The thing I regretted saying was that I would give being a sub a try. He explained about how playful it was and about the safeword that would just stop everything if I got scared or really didn't want to do something. He suggested oxo. Of course the fact that this conversation took place when his hand was deep in my panties may have influenced...Read On


The Hotel Receptionist - Part 3 - The Bar Waitress

Susan discovers Joanne isn't the only obliging member of staff at the hotel

I head back to the hotel. As I enter the foyer, I glance at the reception desk and to my dismay see that Joanne is not there, before remembering she said she started her shift at eight pm. I realise I’m starving. The unexpected workout session in the changing room of the sex shop had certainly worked up an appetite. I head to the hotel bar and see it is nice and quiet. I choose a seat...Read On


Dark Needs Epilogue: Into the Light

Emmy and Paul learn to balance the dark and the light.

Emmy sat in the garden in the afternoon sunlight and sipped her tea. She was lost in her thoughts again and that always made Paul smile. There was a time when she was so closed in, and now he felt he could read her like an open book. “Earth to Emmy, come in Emmy,” he teased as he took a seat in the chair next to her. She looked up and smiled, “Hey, you! You’re home early!” Her face lit up...Read On


Kinky Part-Time Jobs

Peggy Moran was strapped for cash.  She did surveys online but that did not pay the bills.  She sold her blood sometimes and that paid well but still did not pay her rent. She was tired of always having sex with her landlord.  He was a horny bastard who was very slick and sneaky.  She had been having sex with him for the last year.  She loved her apartment, but it was too expensive for...Read On


Is Greg Cheating: Finding Out For Myself

After ditching her so many times, Dahlia has to find the truth.

'So, here we are again, Greg, we're lying here watching a movie again on a Friday night, but every night, around this time, you seem to need to head out. The movie is almost over now, so what's gonna happen now? You're cuddling with me, and I know you love me, but you still have me wondering.' "Oh, that was some movie, Dahlia," he moaned, arching his back and stretching out. I peeked at...Read On


Carolina Reaper

One man's pain is the next man's pleasure? Sure, but what if pleasure is derived from the pain?

Tremendous fascination can be found in spices—take capsaicin. While leaving most other living species indifferent, it induces sharp, lasting pain in mammal mucus. Owing to these features, it has found widespread use in agronomy against rodent pests or as doping in equestrian sports. The reason for the pain is because it fits like a key to a lock in the active site of the pain receptors of...Read On


Becoming (C)Her

A young boy's fetish becomes a life-long career...

I remember when I first felt it - silk. It was the most luxurious fabric my hands had ever touched. My fingers handled it with care in the department store. I was a teenager shopping when I noticed the silk nightgowns donned by the mannequins, draped so elegantly over their bodies. My body responded immediately and I had to buy some. That day, I bought a long nightgown and three pairs of...Read On


Acts Of Infidelity - Libby's Lover - Part 2

Faithful husband is asked to make his old friend a cuckold...continued

“Do you feel different now?” I whispered into Libby’s strawberry-blonde hair. We were lying in each other’s arms half an hour later, cuddling close, the sweat and smell of our first ever copulation very much upon us. “Mmm?” she purred. “Now that it’s actually happened,” I smiled. “Was it… what you wanted it to be?” She snuggled closer to me. “It was lovely,” she smiled. “You didn’t cum,”...Read On


The girls have all the fun

This is a true story of our next adventure into FFM.

We had been living on the Great Barrier Reef islands for two years and decided to move back to the mainland.  After some decision making, this meant settling back to a popular resort town that wasn’t too large.  After the island life, we didn’t want to be living amongst three million people in a city.   We chose the second of our hot spots and concentrated on searching for a job.  M was...Read On


Housewarming: Me On A Plate

After a day that seems to drag on forever, Ms. E runs to her car and speeds over to MK’s as soon after quitting time as she can. She parks behind his car and empty trailer. Peering in a front window, Ms. E sees a small table, two chairs and a candle in the middle of what she assumes to be the dining room. MK enters her view from the side, arms filled with plates, silverware, napkins and...Read On


My Husband And I Want To Thank You

Husband's good work pays off.

“My husband and I want to thank you.” I politely said to Arthur Conley. Now, why would I be thanking my husband’s boss? Perhaps I should explain. It all started right after we were married. My hubby Robbie went to work for Conley and Son, a construction company in Galion, Ohio. Arthur Conley was the son part of Conley and Son. He had taken over the business after his father’s retirement...Read On


Like Father, Like Son

The son takes after his father, as I would blissfully learn…

There is a belief that if you want to know what a guy or girl will eventually look like, then you must meet their father or mother because according to the old adage, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. When my boyfriend and I started living together, I knew that this eventuality would soon arise. My boyfriend Cal, short for Calvin, as named after his father, had grown up on a farm...Read On


A Punishment For Alexa

Roman is depraved but he's about to discover that his stepdaughter may be even worse than he is.

“You want a beating? Keep staring at me like that.” Alexa casually looked back down at her plate. Her stepfather wasn’t joking around. He was already furious that he had caught her trying to sneak her boyfriend Freddy out of her room through the window the night before. That was her second strike this week and on the third, Roman never hesitated to administer physical punishment to...Read On


No Strings Attached - Mistakes Are Made.

Matt meets Chaz.

The party is pretty boring. It's full of loads of preppy guys and women just getting on each other. Justin seems to be enjoying himself, though. He and Becka had hardly kept their hands off of each other, and it makes me feel sick knowing I had fucked her the night before. I had told him about it, but he shrugged, uninterested. He just wanted to get laid. I feel like being by myself so I...Read On

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