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Hypno-Submission Pt. 02

College girls stumble on an erotic hypnosis video on YouTube

Part 2: Katie   Master Boratus stood before her, although he just seemed a silhouette of a man.   Katie knelt in front of him, a few feet away, naked with a collar around her neck.   “Have you been a good girl?” he asked.   Her body shuddered at the words.   “Yes, Master,” she replied. “I haven’t cum like you ordered. I only cum when you let me.” She thought for a moment and...Read On


Naked on TV - Unexpected visitors

Surviving a few visitors

The Fiery-necked Nightjar's mournful lament, "Good Lord, Deliver Us," filled the night air as Naomi, Sam, and I, Celeste, sat around the fire. We were silent, listening to the sounds of the night. In the distance, I could hear a male lion proclaiming his territory, warning off any challengers. The fire cast flickering shadows on our naked bodies. Looking at Sam’s handsome face and into...Read On


WWT: The Agent

Two agents watch women give themselves to tentacles.

Their two naked bodies coupled together, tentacles sliding seamlessly around their intertwined bodies. The girls hugged their hips together, nipples pressed against each other as one of the creatures enjoyed the pair, inserting its cocks into both of them. They had been in the oversized aquarium for nearly an hour, splashing and fucking as Mel Mercer pored over the books, making the...Read On


Boyfriend Troubles, Chapter 2

Series: Boyfriend Troubles

Father and daughter continue bonding, but like all good things, it had to end...

Alan looked at his daughter, stunned that she could talk like that. She was talking like a common street slut! "Heather! I... I didn't know you could talk like that!" he said after a moment to compose himself again. Heather looked at him demurely and gave him a small smile. "Daddy, I know that guys like dirty talk. I've watched your movies and seen video clips on the 'Net. I know how to...Read On


My Boyfriend And His Sister

Leah is definitely onto something.

POV: Leah "Hey, Kiara," I greeted her, coming into her room with her. "Could I talk to you for a moment?" I pondered, sitting on the bed with her. "Sure, Leah." 'She's biting down on her bottom lip, but why?' I thought, sitting down. "What's on your mind, Leah?" she asked, leaning up and staying up against the wall. "Did Dale tell you something?" "Like what?" She stayed silent and...Read On


When She Buzzed

While I studied the day’s sales figures, she kept calling me. Again, and again the "buzz, buzz" call drove me half-crazy and I knew it was her. She was relentless and so needy. But I had to concentrate, I had to get through the mountain of paperwork that just seemed to get higher each day. Who would have thought that years at university would see me as a paper-pusher? Welcome to the real world!...Read On


UpCUMing Nuptials - Part Two

Katie tries to smooth things out with max, but things don't go as planned

“And now you may kiss the bride!”  I kept on my big happy smile from earlier, plastered across my face like a billboard. Now that I had taken care of myself, the guilt was setting in. What the fuck was I thinking? How could I do that to Max? To Lauren! He’s starting off his marriage with a lie and it’s my fault. Well, a little bit his but mostly mine. I just had to make it through the...Read On


My Sister And I Part 2

Anna and Jenny have been invited to please their father. Will they do it?

“I’m not sure I can do this,” I said as Anna and I made our way downstairs. We were both dressed again after our little sister on sister experience. My pussy was swollen and hurt a little from the massive cucumber and I was dead nervous. For some reason it didn’t feel wrong that our mother had said we should suck our dad. After all, we had always been an open family. Anna often had Tim...Read On

Recommended Read

Summer 3

I drove back to the house in silence. At least at first. It wasn’t awkward. In fact, it was companionable. I’d put a CD in – Crosby, Stills, and Nash. She’d probably never even heard of them. God, she was half my age. We were about halfway back when she started asking questions. Somewhat personal ones, in fact. “Do you have a girlfriend? I didn’t see any pictures around the house.” I kept...Read On


The Cheerleaders Panties Pt. 07

Sis incites an epiphany for James. He wants pussy, but who?

A week had passed with me worrying if I had gone too far with Sally. I felt guilty about spanking her and wondered if she would be as friendly as she used to be. She had been away most of the time practising as her cheerleader team had made it to the finals. It was the only feather in the cap for the college so far this season as even the actual football team fell well short of the...Read On



Katie finds a way to defile her favorite bookstore

There’s this one bookstore I have been going to since I was a kid. An old rambling house right on Route 1.  Room after dusty room, endless stacks of books, some probably haven’t been touched in decades. It’s easy to spend the day there, to get lost in those endless stacks, running your fingers over thick leather spines, the golden titles barely legible.  Josh and I had only been seeing...Read On


Mandi Doubles Her Pleasure - Chapter II

Series: Mandi

Mandi does two and her anal cherry is popped.

Last night, at a party at the home of our friends Gary and Sharon, we essentially experienced a sexual epiphany. For the first time since we met, about five years ago, Mandi and I each had sex with another partner. Unbeknownst to us (or at least to me), the party was not the normal cocktail party but a swingers' sex party. I was seduced by a lovely lady that went by the name Jen, and Mandi...Read On


A (Very) Personal Trainer

An affair blossoms during the lockdown

The first signs of light began to filter through the shutters of his bedroom. Iain lay still in bed intently, aware that Shilpa was sleeping beside him. In late August, the sun was not rising in London till gone 5 am. The air was fresh, with just the slightest hint of a chill. Iain pulled the duvet close over the two of them and marvelled at Shilpa’s lean, toned body. By moving the duvet,...Read On


New House: Part Three

Series: New House

Her flirting leads to more than the walls getting painted.

We returned with the supplies and prepared the walls for painting.  The removal of wallpaper was tedious but allowed for quite a bit of time to talk.   I felt myself being drawn to her in a way that was beyond the lustful thoughts and visions I experienced through the window.  She was silly and smart.  Her goofy side was displayed and she did not try to hide it from me.   “You do realize...Read On


The Babymaker: A Cuckold’s Weekend

On a weekend away, I get an abrupt signal about my wife’s new priorities.

My wife was dressed waaay too hot for just a road trip. Her shelf bra thrust her very large nipples forward underneath a black sheer sparkly blouse. Only a sweater covering her arms and shoulders, and pulled in around her waist, hid things from the kids who were riding in the back seat, watching videos and occasionally giggling to each other. Normally, she was self-conscious about the size...Read On


Client Privilege

She needed out of a marriage. She got so much more.

Jesus Christ, I should have gotten a different lawyer. Not the best time to be thinking this as I sit in the waiting room of Wagner Easton. I probably should have just canceled the appointment when I was on the website and saw her photo. And definitely should have canceled it once I sufficiently stalked her online. To distract myself, I look around the swanky office. I had a feeling it...Read On


Walking The Dog

Litte Sister Proves Her Worth

Sister. She was young. She was inexperienced. She was uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. She felt alone. She was sixteen. She was with her brother in his car but she felt alone. She was scared. She was barely dressed. They were driving. She had been challenged. She had accepted. Now what was going to happen? Brother had always hated her. He was home from college for the summer. He...Read On


WWT: The Porn Star

An adult film star signs up for a special scene.

The standard fetish contract. I blame Pornhub, but maybe there was no golden age of pornography. Maybe I was just younger then, with tits that hadn't been artificially inflated and hair that remained the same color more than a month. I had it dark red now, swept over my blindfolded eyes as I stayed strapped to a Satanic Pentagon, steeling myself for whatever weird things these guys had...Read On


Wakeup Call

Jenny must bear the consequences of oversleeping when she has morning chores to perform.

“Wake up,” whispered Claire, brushing away the golden tresses covering Jenny’s ear. The rosy light of dawn streaming from the half-open curtains cast shadows on Jenny’s face and made her look angelic. The girl was deep in slumber: her eyes firmly shut and a hint of pink tongue poking out between her lipstick-smudged lips. Claire leaned over and gently kissed the sleeping girl on the...Read On



An erotic evening on the back porch spent with a beautiful woman.

I was staring at her again. She sat next to me on the back porch of the house we rented together. Her long midnight-colored hair cascaded over her left shoulder stark against her pale skin. Then her beautiful, hazel eyes blinked at me and her lips curled into a smile as she finished exhaling smoke. “Your hit,” she said to me as she handed me the pipe. I took the glass pipe from her along...Read On


Lost and Found

Submissive male puppy acquired by a new owner

It was a chilly morning as I was walking in the park. Aside from a few morning joggers, there weren't many people, or at least this part of the park. I passed the graffiti-covered obelisk; before heading to the park bench. As I sat down, I looked at my watch; it was precisely 7:00 AM. Nervously I rubbed my hands as I looked to the left and then to the right. "She said 7 AM. Where is she?" ...Read On


In The Beginning - Part 1

As the title suggests, this story precludes 'A Perfect Arrangement'.

My mind wondered as the bartender returned with my change and the train jerked slightly as it began to pull away from the last station before my destination. I pictured her standing there waiting for me. I had deliberately told her that my train would arrive at 8.10pm, fifteen minutes earlier than scheduled. And even though she had probably checked the train times, I knew she would be...Read On


My Wife at The Stage in Okinawa 1996

My wife got a lot more than she bargained for at a Japanese strip/sex show club.

I got married in my early twenties and that is when I started to have this fascination with watching guys ogle over my wife. I knew my wife was very attractive, sexy and pretty but I didn't realize how much I enjoyed watching other guys lust over her until I started noticing how much attention she got everywhere we went. I really started to look forward to seeing guys stare at her and...Read On


Reply On Wife Sharing Group

After years encouraging her, my wife goes for it with a grad student

Maybe your wife will be encouraged (or at least turned on) by my wife's experience, which ended up as one of the best things to ever happen to our sex lives. Like your wife, she hadn’t had much experience before we started going out right after she finished college. She was from a conservative military household and only had sex once in college. Fortunately for me, we met right after...Read On


Let There Be Light And There Was Light. Part 2.

Quite by chance Rebecca had found something which would appeal to certain ladies.

That night whilst in bed sipping her coffee, Rebecca began to make rough sketches on her note pad. She knew what she wanted to create but getting her designs exactly right was proving to be a problem. She worked through to the dawn sketching and changing her ideas. By daylight, she had completed six designs but wanted many more.  This was about the time that well off families,...Read On


The Alley

Watching a Good Girl masturbate from alley

I watched for a week. From the alley, with the broken street lamp, I had a clear view into your bedroom after dark. I do not know whether you are clinically OCD, but your bedtime routine was ritualistic. At 10:00 PM, the lights in the rest of your home would darken and your bedroom lamp would illuminate. You would go into the bathroom to disrobe, wash up, and switch into your nightgown. ...Read On


30 Minutes

A mother's shock

Paula returned home from her work travels earlier than expected.  She wanted to surprise her daughter, Lisa, on her twentieth birthday. As the Uber cab drove her home, she got emotional as she reflected on Lisa’s growing years.  “My baby is a grown woman. How time flies." It dawned on her that Lisa was now a Junior in College and would be ready for the world in two years. After Dave...Read On


Cuckolding As A Solution

After little sex for quite a while, my [then] husband and I try cuckolding as a “fix”

I was thirty and John was thirty-two and Toby was only nine. Toby was away for the weekend with a friend, so we had little to worry about with him. We had plenty to worry about with each other. I’m not going to badmouth my ex-husband, the self-righteous prick. We’d been married quite a while, ten years, but things were not going well. In fact, we’d be divorced less than two years later. It...Read On


Crimson Cheeks

Spanking leads to more decadence...

Donald Kemp was the dean of a very private college in a small Midwestern town out in the middle of nowhere. As such, he was able to keep his students in line with some good old-fashioned discipline. Not that there was much trouble to be found out there among the corn fields and a town that had exactly one grocery store, one gas station, and one drive-in movie theater. But occasionally, even...Read On



A daring news-stand story rocks the Administration and has everyone asking questions

“Yes Nina,” I nod across the multitude of voices, microphones and cameras thrust in my direction. The final question section at the end of any Oval Office briefing were always a law unto themselves. Imagine a wild pack of animals clambering for the merest scrap of food and you will have a pretty good picture as every journalist and broadcaster fought to get their question aired. “Doesn’t...Read On

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