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Shopping For The Neighbour - Part 2

An error in the shopping leads to a spanking

It was now more than three weeks since sixty-five-year-old Geraldine Thomas had made a mistake in the shopping that she did for near neighbour Reginald Hudson,aged sixty-three, and after she playfully suggested that she should have her bottom smacked she was indeed spanked and then the couple had sex. They had actually rather fancied each other for quite some time but neither had made...Read On


Curiosity and Questions - A Son's Perspective, Part 2

Series: Laying Claim to My Ass

Tommy pays more attention to his mom's behaviour and begins to question some things.

Monday after school, Tommy stopped by a friends house to hang out for a little bit before heading home. He was tempted to tell someone what happened over the weekend with Susan but he knew he needed to keep it a secret. When he got home and walked in, his mom and step dad were in the kitchen. His mom had already changed from work, now wearing a curve hugging pair of black leggings and a...Read On


Memory Part 7 Final

Can adult spankings occur without sex

                                              "Hello." "Hi Frank, this is Ellie, how are you?" "Hi, Ellie, I'm fine.  That's not true, but I'll explain later.  You're early, I almost didn't answer the phone for fear that I would still be on the phone when you called at eight.  We have a lot to talk about tonight." "I know Frank, and that's why I couldn't wait to call.  Last week I all...Read On

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Mrs Vandermeer's Rules 11

I woke up several times during the night, though not for long. Once to find my Mistress slipping back into the bed with me. I assumed she’d gotten up to go pee or maybe get a drink of water. I remember smiling sleepily and maybe mumbling something out loud, but that’s about it. The next time I’d felt something soft brushing my lips and awoke to a soft kiss. Hers and the, somewhat...Read On


My Red Thong

A pretty MILF notices her son's BFF checking her out and committing thong theft auto too.

"So, how are you two boys doing?" I asked, walking into his room with a basket. "We're fine, Mom, and I can do my own laundry." "I know, Bruce, but I'm still your mom, and I'll do it if I damn-well please," I made clear, going to his hamper. "You don't mind if my unmentionables touch yours, do you?" I asked, putting his clothes on mine in the basket "Mom, seriously, you're making...Read On



Masturbation in public leads to new experiences

The sun was shining through the trees, the warm light rested upon me. I sat on a rock surrounded by wildflowers and felt the scent of summer. I've been home alone all day and no one had passed by while I was in my backyard. This was the perfect opportunity for me to try something new. My fingers slipped down from my chest to my skirt and lifted it slowly. I bit my lip, my cheeks turned red as...Read On


My Hot Little Neighbor Angie, Part 2 of 3

Angie was supposed to fix a few of my sexual hangups, but along the way, she did more than that.

After the initial hookup with Angie, our hot little neighbor who was my wife’s best friend and confidant, I was eager to see what lay ahead for all of us. Several days went by after our initial hookup, which unbelievably, was secretly blessed by my wife, Joy as a way to fix my “bedroom issues”. Of course, I was not informed about the blessing from my wife; I simply overheard the...Read On


Quarantine Madness Ch5 + 6

Heather discovers David's deception but her troubles are eased by Shane's cock and Bill's cum.

Chapter five. The more I thought about it, the more I thought William was onto something. Then I would get angry at myself for having doubts when I shouldn't. I spent hours swinging from one extreme to the next until I finally settled on one thought. I had to know. I had to do some digging. I went through all of our paperwork which David kept immaculately and there was nothing. Of...Read On

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Hot Wife Hotel - Olivia Gets Properly Spanked (Part Four)

Olivia says that spanking isn't her thing...until she meets Ian.

Olivia opened her Hot Wife Hotel account to check for emails and see how many appointments she had scheduled for this coming Wednesday. There was a message from Marilyn asking her to please reconsider and add another day to her schedule as she was quickly becoming one of the most sought-after Hot Wives. She was still leaning toward saying no when Marilyn told her she would allow her to...Read On


The Anonymous Pics (Part Two)

"I know the guy. He is a bit rough around the edges, but he is a good man. I have known him for a long time, and he is a great father. Look how great Paul has turned out to be. He is going to be a lady killer himself one day," said Stefan enthusiastically while sitting on the living room couch and drinking his whiskey.  Sandra said nothing. She looked embarrassed. She knew that I was...Read On


Meeting Jenna

First time with a cute eighteen-year-old t-girl

"Jenna," I said, with a smile on my face, "Could you move out of the way, please? I'd like to get to the kitchen." "Err, how about no!" She grinned back, her big brown eyes sparkling at me. As she stood in the hallway, her legs were stretched out, with her toes touching the skirting board on either side. Her arms were positioned likewise, her left hand on one wall, her right one on the...Read On


Gerald's Tale (Sample - Chapter 1)

One man's new life - their new prey

Hi. I'm Gerald Mills. And welcome to nowhere. There's the sound of that same damn dog barking. Occasionally, the wind picks up and shakes the neighbor's porch chimes. And then I guess we're pretty loud too, as we kick up dust, my fiancee in her knee-high pink boots and me in my demolished hiking shoes. But otherwise, this town is dead - quiet, brown and barren. I guess I shouldn't...Read On


Mary is called into Mr. Ries's office

Mary gets called into Mr. Ries's office for some discipline

It is almost 5 p.m. and about time to get off work. You are finishing up a letter you're typing and are hurrying to finish. The other employees are shutting off their computers and getting up to leave. “Are you going to stay all night?” one of them asks as they head toward the door. “I just need another ten minutes,” you reply as you type faster. The last one has gone out the door and...Read On


Arab Neighbor, Part 3

Teen is sent on an errand to a carpet shop where he meets Gorilla Man.

That evening when Abdullah had his friends over, I discreetly positioned myself at the hedge that separated his pool from ours and took a good look at his guests. There were about ten guests who ranged from about thirty to seventy years old and most of them were hairy bears with beards.     I enjoyed watching them sit, talk, and drink tea.  Besides Abdullah, there was one other good...Read On


Off-Market Listings

"Off-Market" doesn't mean "Unavailable"

He pulled out his wife's key and unlocked the front door. Stepping inside his in-laws' house, he slipped off his muddy work boots, unfastened his belt and the button of his pants, slid down the zipper, then pushed his pants to the floor. He folded his dirty clothes and put them in an empty bag, leaving them at the door as he picked up the bag with his clean dance clothes and towel, then...Read On


A Little on the Side

A naughty wife has some fun on her own. Husband pretends to sleep while he’s watching.

I was twenty-two, finishing up my last year of college, and I was pretty wild and adventurous when it came to sex. Just 5’4”, a little over a hundred pounds, I had a slender, petite figure that went with my pretty face, blonde hair, and brown eyes. Men liked me, they wanted me, and I was a hot piece of ass for those who got me.  I had fucked at least twenty different men during my last year...Read On


Agatha Allbut & The Bimbo Squad Ch. 10: Atonement

Series: Agatha Allbutt & The Bimbo Squad

Lars meets Aggies new friends.

As usual, Lars was sitting in his room, sulking about losing Aggie when his phone rang. Looking at the screen Lars saw that it was his father. "Hello?" "What the fuck happened at Club Orient?" came his father's booming voice. “What are you talking about, Dad?” Lars asked. "I mean, you know Aggie and I broke up while there. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary." "Then why am I about...Read On

Recommended Read

Alison Goes to London: chapter 7 - A Working Fuck

Series: Alison Goes to London

Professor Cuntslicker is having a bad day. And Anna has a tea party...

Professor Emma Jane Cuntslicker, PGCF , FD , FRSF (Fellow of the Royal Society of Fuckers), sat slumped at her desk, weighing up the events of the week. Had there ever been a worse one during the course of her entire twenty-year career in fucking? Perhaps when that stupid girl from Fuckham had accidentally lost a marble up her ass – oh, the hours nurse Cat had spent trying to retrieve...Read On


Dressed for the Beach

Cross-dresser wears a bikini to the beach for some hot night action.

Like many cross-dressers I’ve been sentenced to a life of secrecy.  Over the years I have accumulated a small stash of panties, bras, shorts, slacks, blouses, stockings, and shoes.  I wear them on the too little opportunities where I can sneak away without suspicion, mostly to the trusty adult bookstore.  It is such a thrill to walk around in a semi-public area dressed like a woman...Read On


Project: NERD, Chapter 2

Theo's kiss changed the dynamic of their relationship dramatically!

The one thing that Kim hadn't counted on was that Theo might have weapons of his own in his aresenal. And one of those weapons was his kiss. You see, Theodore Franklin wasn't a good kisser–he was a GREAT kisser! Although he had no experience and certainly no one had taught him how to kiss, he just seemed to inherently know how to make a girl's heart skip a beat and her pussy dampen with just...Read On


When Ladies Were Ladies. Part 2

She was no longer the sweet slightly nervous girl that she was.

I had been at the shop for just over two years when I decided to leave home and get a place of my own. I had some savings and a regular weekly wage. There was no shortage of accommodation because of high unemployment in the town. People needed money. I heard quite by chance that Sarah Steinway who owned the drapery store had recently created a room to let above her shop. That evening I...Read On


Pleasure Penthouse: Hour One

Off with a bang

The door swung open almost immediately, and an attractive half-naked guy ushered me in. He was definitely younger than me, with a barely out of high school look about him. He shut the door behind me as I stepped into an empty foyer, which seemed to double as a coat room. I started undoing the buttons on my coat, as the young man walked over to a podium and picked up a tablet.  “Your name...Read On


Wife Away Mother Will Play

Hottest Mother-in-Law East of Mississippi

So, it’s been fifteen years now we have been married, two kids, big house, great life and all the hot sex one man could ever ask for. Laura, my wife is now 47 and one of the hottest women east of Mississippi at 5’-7”, 135 pounds with legs that never end. Tight perfect ass and C tits round out a package every man I know wants a piece of. As a fitness instructor and yoga freak, she’s likely to...Read On

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Slowly Moving On: Chapter 7

Series: Slowly Moving On

Matt's dream is a flashback to a hot photoshoot with his wife and the maid of honor

“It’s expensive and I don’t think we need to spend the money, Matt,” Jenn said firmly. Wedding planning had come in spurts, but the majority was done and with only two months to go I was glad that we were in the home stretch.  Honestly, Jenn had done the lion’s share.  It was really her day after all.  The more interesting sticking point had been Jenn’s reluctance for doing a boudoir...Read On


Quarantine Madness Ch3 + 4

Shane gives Heather something to wank about while Bill gives his mother something to think about.

Chapter three.   I heard his car pull up into the driveway and I was out the front door before he had even turned the engine off. As he stood up he looked really tired and I hugged him to me. It felt so good to have him home safe. I held him for as long as he could take it only letting go when he placed his hands on my shoulders. “Are you okay, William?" "I'm fine, mum. It's just been...Read On

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Attending a class reunion, an all-star jock finds the woman that got away from him.

Chapter 1   Walking toward the reception table, Thomas Hawk was about to attend his first high school reunion since he graduated eleven years ago. In truth, he was a bit nervous, wondering if he would recognize anyone. The invitation said it was an ‘all classes’ reunion and he had decided to check it out. The reunion was held in the school cafeteria as it had been for the past five...Read On


Just Us!

Our introduction - A gently maturing swinger couple.

We are Diane and David, a gently maturing couple living just miles from each other in suburban Maryland outside Washington, D.C. We first knew each other through a banking relationship, me the commercial customer, Diane the banker. One day, our paths crossed on a personal matter and Cupid's arrows struck us both at the same moment. We were both open to a new relationship. We were both...Read On


Amanda In Love 2

  Chapter 2: Mr. Larsen   As I lay in bed on Wednesday night, I was thinking about tomorrow after school. In the last two days at school, in Mr. Larsen’s class, he kept looking at me, so I knew I wouldn’t have any problems getting him to come home with me. I have been with a lot of people over the summer, my parents are members of a couple of swingers clubs. One of them is a teachers'...Read On


My Son's Winter Fantasy Part II

A mother’s infatuation with sex draws her to incest

Nearly a month had passed since CJ and I went skiing. Our relationship as a mother and son greatly improved... there was respect and admiration for each other. I lived up to my promise that we could continue the nude lifestyle again, so we were naked alone whenever possible. It was the way the kids were raised, so it wasn't awkward at all. Since my daughter spent much of her time in school,...Read On


Prisca's And Stella's Quarantine Experience - The Second Day

Prisca and Stella try to work, but they end up working themselves...

After a late breakfast and a shower that was badly needed, Prisca and Stella turned to their laptop computers. After all, they were not on holiday, so the company might have a word to say to them. And it had. They were both given home office assignments for the day. Soon they were taken up by their work. After about an hour Prisca began to feel ticklish between her thighs. She wasn't made for...Read On

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