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The Office Whore - Part 30

Reina has lunch with her twin sister Sydney, while Chad appears to have a secret with a "hot" blonde

With her wedding less than two months away, Reina Kelly was wondering if it might be time to mend fences with her twin sister, Sydney. Eight years they had been at odds with each other and, recently, Syd had held out an olive branch by way of sending her an email. She wanted to meet for lunch, which seemed harmless enough. Even though she had a nagging feeling that Sydney hadn’t changed a bit...Read On


University Sex Slave (Part 3)

Series: University Sex Slave

The big fat messy and chilling climax to my dirty weekend

Here was another of many things that occurred over the weekend I had never considered. To be tortured by fellow females. I was sure of one thing. If I agreed the guys would be rock hard by the end. Seeing the girl give that small half-smile gave me the confidence to play along with her. “If your man enough to try, I’m woman enough to take it!” I boasted. “Do what you will.” I had no idea...Read On


The Initiate

Her introduction to erotic bondage

It wasn’t our first date, but it was still her first “scene.” We had gone through a basic checklist over dinner and established the standard traffic light safeword system. I’d been a perfect gentleman and she’d been a perfect lady. In the car on the way to my place, she got the first taste of what was to come – I ordered her to hike up her dress and give me her panties, which I smelled...Read On

Recommended Read

What My Flowers Said - Ch. 8

Series: What My Flowers Said

A D/s romance set in Montreal

Chapter 8 Everyone was hurrying home before the storm hit. The train, always busy this time of day, was bursting at the seams now with people all bundled up in wool or vinyl, either swiping along the screens of their phones, or else gazing blankly into the abyssal blackness of the tunnel. I tried hard to avoid any eye contact. In a sea of commuters in grey wool and starched white cotton,...Read On


My Visit To Rio Carnival

I managed to dance completely naked with the samba school in full view of thousands of people.

I was just eighteen then, still at school. I had taken a drop that year. So I was visiting my aunt in Canada. Since it was my first trip to North America, I also wanted to visit the USA and some countries in South America. After visiting the USA, Jamaica and Mexico, when I arrived back in Canada, it was the first week of February. I still had a few months before school and some money remaining....Read On


Sex Boat

On this plush afternoon on the boat, we are ready for sex, but you have a story to tell....

“Do you know what I dreamt of last night?” you ask, easing yourself down upon my lap, facing me. It is so easy to simply stare at you, breathe in your familiar beauty. You squeeze in closer to my chest such that my bare cock reacts immediately, sending a jolt of pleasure through my body as it brushes against your warm, soft underbelly. You have always been wretched this way. “Another sex...Read On


New Neighbor - Chapter Three

Carl steps up his domination over me...

I wasn't comfortable with my new neighbor, Carl. He was leading me down a path I was having a hard time admitting I wanted to trek. The series of firsts, from casually chatting with a nude neighbor, all too soon developed into my accepting his cock into my mouth whenever he demanded it. I questioned my sexuality as much as my masculinity.   I never thought that I'd ever be left on my knees...Read On


Her Roomie

We'll try to be quiet...

Valerie and I had just gotten back from a night on the town and were kinda drunk from clubbing. We had started having sex with each other two weeks after we met. So, we were at our one-month point, and the sex was off the chart. We were doing it anywhere and everywhere we could, but never in front of anyone, until now. Anyways, we made our way into Val's bedroom. She was wearing a...Read On



Virgin wife cheated and kicked out, returns a slut and rekindles marriage.

Freshly out of the military and 21 I knew I had to get a good job and was looking in earnest. My finances were OK but not finite so I was in conservation mode and because I was my social life was all but non-existent. Luckily there was a cheap movie theater within walking distance. I went to a couple of times a week and after I would go to an all-night diner, sit at the counter nursing my...Read On


BJ Therapy

A BJ a day keeps the doctor away.

Jessie Newman sat at the kitchen table staring at a picture of her sixteen-year-old son Jake hanging from the kitchen wall. "I'm really worried about Jake," she said suddenly, an expression of sadness on her pretty face. "Why, what's wrong with him?" I replied, not turning my eyes from the newspaper. "He seems okay to me." "He's been so miserable of late. He's not been sleeping enough,...Read On


Chapter 30, Funeral’s Resurrection of Succubus And Last Gasps

Series: Balinese Puppet Shadows

After menopause the wife panics on thinking of herself as no longer being a woman.

My time with the Captain built more self-esteem than confessing to an angel for forgiveness. I told Gabriel there was nothing wrong with him. Now I told myself there was nothing wrong with me. The truth was different. It was a memorial that caused another. W ho am I ? The funeral was for an acquaintance, a minor ghost from the past. She attended Notre Dame with me but never rode in my...Read On


Georgina's First Steps

A boy discovers his feminine side after cross-dressing to help a girl friend.

Mary and Linda met at primary school, became best friends, and supported each other as they grew to womanhood. Both married at twenty. Mary's daughter Julie was born a year later, and I followed within a few months. For both of us, the first few years were a blissful blur of happy families.  Sadly, this idyll changed when Julie’s Dad, soon to be followed by my own, succumbed to the...Read On


The Blue Flame of Love chapter 2

Series: The Blue Flame of Love

Thanksgiving vacation for Vince and Abby

    Abby’s parents brought her home where Morgan, Vince's mother, Jenna, his sisters Maureen and Elizabeth, along with Ted’s parents, had been cleaning and making prepared meals for her and the kids. She went to her room and saw two suitcases, with a note. ‘Abby, this should be enough clothes, so Vince doesn’t have to worry about doing laundry over Thanksgiving. Jenna.’ Abby put...Read On


Diana's Perfect Day

Diana's long journey to get her man proves ecstatic

Diana’s skin tingled as she saw the lovely imposing frame of Remmy coming up to the front door. Quickly, she grabbed the picnic bag, checked her skirt, patted her curling black hair into place, and was at the front door before he reached for the bell. A wide smile creased his rugged face, and he gasped, “Wow, baby, you look so cool, and so keen. Give me the bag.” Diana returned his smile,...Read On

Comp Entry

Our Family's Camp

A visit to our family's camp opens my eyes to sexual adventure.

“Hurry up, Mark, we’re ready to go,” my mom yelled upstairs. “I’m coming,” I replied as I finished putting the last of my photographic equipment into the backpack camera bag. Our family was heading up-north to our cabin.  My grandfather purchased the two hundred fifty acres of land several years ago.  About ten years ago, my dad had a cabin built on the property.  Our entire family loved...Read On


After School Activities Pt 2

Cassie puts her plan into motion.

Cassie outlined her idea/plan Monday morning as we waited for the bus to arrive. Her dad and his girlfriend would be going out Saturday night and her brother was going to be going to his friend's house as well. So she was going to be home alone. She already called Stacy up to come over Saturday night for what Stacy was lead to believe was a sleepover. In reality, it was going to be a...Read On


Even Hotter

Bride cashes in IOU, spanks groom in front of his future mother-in-law.

I mentioned on a previous occasion that my fiancée, Mary, has a world-class, perfect, female ass.  I love to admire it, to caress it, even to kiss it, but what I love most is to spank it.  Mary has let me spank her three times, not vicious, hurtful spanks, more playful but attention-getting spanks. Each time I’ve asked her, Mary has responded, “Alright, but if you spank me, I get to spank...Read On

Comp Entry

Getting Out and About

Getting out into nature has its perks

I just got out of court. My divorce of fourteen years was over. I should have known something was up, but I worked too much to notice the small things. My son had chosen to stay with his cheating mother. I am sure he had something to do with it. He, being my neighbor. He made nearly triple what I made financially; it took both of us working to keep our house in a nice neighborhood. I worked...Read On


First time I Shared my Wife

My wife and best friend spend a night of bliss after his military year-long isolated duty

I picked up my friend, Alec, at the Kodiak, Alaska International Airport. Well, it is an airport, and it’s on Kodiak Island. Not so sure the term ‘International’ is exactly accurate, though. The ocean is on one end of the runway and a mountain on the other, not a good place to run off the end of the runway, either direction. Alec had just completed his year-long tour of Coast Guard duty...Read On

Recommended Read

Alice's Very Naughty Adventures Chapter XI: Nobody

“Didn’t I tell you I’d find us a battle?” “Contrariwise, it was me, wasn’t it, who said it.” “Ain’t true!” “Most certainly is!” Alice was still laying beneath the bishop, hoping he wasn’t too badly injured (for despite his betrayal, she didn’t wish any real harm upon him) while listening to two impressively large men armed with what appeared to be very large baby rattles argue. “Logic...Read On


University Sex Slave (Part 2)

Series: University Sex Slave

More pain and shame as the weekend continued.

I guess that the shock registered on my face. I was the prize for the winner of the draw when all I wanted to do was go to bed! Someone handed an empty biscuit tin to me and asked me to pick out a piece of paper. I looked inside and saw what I guess were fifteen pieces of white paper all neatly folded. “Those contain all our names,” I was informed. “Whichever one you pick out will be...Read On


The Deal: Erin And Sherri Sweeten The Deal

Even after the official deal is done, Erin and Sherri decide to give Nina even more pleasure.

I pulled her to me and kissed her. "I love you, Sherri. Are you sure you're okay with this?" "Yes, she did give us one hell of a date night, but it feels weird to be naked out here, though." "My dad is gone, and no one else is here, woman, so don't fret." "Are you sure she's masturbating thinking about us in the shower?" "I'm positive, put your ear on the door if you don't believe me." ...Read On


Coffee, Tea Or Three? - Part 1 Of 3

Boy likes girl. And her mom. And her mom.

Bobby and Carl were old college buddies. They lived in the same dorm for three years and they partied together, played intramural sports together, and sometimes even studied together. Carl was a year ahead of Bobby but they ended up graduating at the same time. Once they graduated they worked multiple jobs for a few months to save money, and then piled into Bobby’s car and traveled the...Read On


My True Odyssey Of Slavery And Submission 2

My True of how my life as a slave started

Was It was a test? It had to be a test. Why else would he leave me here, spreadeagled and naked on the cold tiled floor? He wanted to see if I would do as I was told. My head was spinning with emotions but the rest of my body knew exactly what it thought of the situation. I was incredibly aroused. Slipping my fingers between my legs, they came up soaking wet. This only added to my...Read On


The Night Of The Prom-The Aftermath

A young woman expands her horizons.

A month had gone by since the evening of my dreams, and my life had changed dramatically. Watching mom and Mrs. Bollin eye each other when Mrs. Bollin's visits were very exciting to me. You know what was going through their heads as they tried to act normal in front of my father. Wanda and I had developed a closer relationship, but not in the way I wished it might happen. We talked on the...Read On


Kim's Affair (Chapter 1)

Mark's first marriage set the stage for his cuckold desires with his new wife.

I have no idea why I get so aroused by dangers of my wife becoming emotionally attached to another man, but I do. I know for couples who enjoy open, or cuckold relationships, it’s normally no strings sex and living out their fantasies which much of our society considers taboo. I’ve done a lot of internet research on wife sharing, cuckolding, swinging and jealousy and I’ve concluded there...Read On

Comp Entry

The Watcher in the Woods

something is watching them

They had taken advantage of a nice weekend to slip away from campus and go camping. He felt safe on his family land in East Texas.  He'd practically grown up there when his grandparents had kept the farm in production.  These days, with his grandparents gone, the family just harvested timber and had steady checks coming in from some natural gas wells. As far as he knew, he was the only one to...Read On


Bobbi Needed It

The hook up was a while in the making, but now . . .its undeniably strong

Bobbi and James were new office neighbors in our multi-tenant office. James was an affable older fellow, in his fifties and Bobbi, while equally affable, was much younger and unsettlingly cute. James was an appliance installer and Bobbi was his office help, scheduling appointments for her husband. I helped them to get settled into their new offices when they brought in their office...Read On


Fun With The New Neighbor, Part 2

Cindy introduces Daniel to her friend...

Since she moved in about a month ago, my new next-door neighbor Cindy and I have gotten together a handful of times for some mind-blowing sex. She had recently ended a bad marriage while living on Long Island and moved upstate to start a new life. Because of this, she was not looking for a relationship, and ours was merely one of convenience and attraction. For a guy not looking for...Read On


The University Sex Slave (Part 1)

Series: University Sex Slave

A true life account of a sexy weekend away with fifteen male students.

Here I was four hundred miles away from home, nineteen years old, nearly twenty and into my second year at University.  During my studies, I had become friendly with several students and a couple of my close friends (both of them girls) asked if I wanted to go away for a weekend Friday evening to Sunday night with them and three of the male students for a bit of fun. Well, I guess I had a...Read On

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