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Hide and Seek

Crouching behind a bush, my hand covering my mouth, I listened to their voices. Two of them obviously hunting me. Why else would they be there? Besides, I could overhear a little of their conversation. What they would do to me if they caught me. That was enough to be sure that I needed to keep perfectly still until they’d passed. Hopefully they couldn’t hear my heart pounding in my chest....Read On


Mom has some explaining to do

Mom should have deleted those files

The summer I was finished with school and preparing for college, I asked my parents if I could take some of the old computer cpu's we had sitting in the garage to build a new gaming computer.  Some of those old dinosaurs were huge enough to handle today's micro systems and allow for two strong fans for cooling.  I had my choice between an old Compaq and an early behemoth from HP and all I...Read On


The Real Sub

A wild party celebrating Suzy's retirement and two birthdays

Introduction When I first started writing this episode it was a mixture of conjecture and fantasy; my ‘virtual’ Mistress Anna Dominatrix and her real sub, Dave have both confirmed that most of it actually happened over the weekend of 16-17 Feb 2019. Stockbridge, Hampshire Sunday morning, Dave collapsed into the softest armchair in his Stockbridge pub after another exhausting night...Read On


Second Thoughts

I would have never predicted this!

How in the world do I get myself in these situations? I guess I really can’t say ‘these’ situations because this certainly isn’t something that happened to me before, let alone often. I do have to wonder if it's ever happened to anyone before!  I can honestly say I made some choices that … didn’t work out the way I had thought they would. It started out simple enough, I met a girl! ...Read On


Uncle Frank

Getting used by my studly Uncle.

Since I’d been away at college, I had become quite a little slut and I had been aching to show Uncle Frank some of the things I had learned! Home on Spring Break, seeing the family was nice but deep down inside, I couldn’t wait until they were gone and I had Uncle Frank alone. I played sick when they all left for the outlets and I heard Uncle Frank was going to hang back and watch the game. ...Read On


Summer Fling Ch02

A boy has sex with his stepmother and then with his loving mother.

I fixed my shorts and went inside to change, and when I came back downstairs, I found Bethany in the living room waiting for me. "Tyler. Please, come here. I think we need to talk." "Okay," I said and sat next to her. "I think what we did was a mistake. We can't do that again even though your father has been neglecting me for some time. It was wrong for me to let us do that." "But..."...Read On


Bound to Serve

Series: Diplomacy Check

Kamarrah ties up Amelia, giving her a taste of the pleasures of magic and forcing orgams out of her.

Amelia opened her mouth to provoke Kamarrah, but soft lips pressed against hers. Warmth spread through Amelia. She kissed her partner back, sliding her hands along her smooth, curvy body. The queen caught Amelia by the wrists and lifted them up and away. A dissatisfied noise reverberated in Amelia’s throat, but Kamarrah didn’t let go. Fingers danced and twisted, and something lashed...Read On


The Last Escort Part Fifteen - Chapters 57-60

Mac and Grace take a few days off to relax

Chapter Fifty-Seven Although Mac’s head remained pain-free, Grace insisted that he keep his follow-up appointment with Dr. Herzog at Schön Clinic Munich Schwabing. His MRI scans showed no tumors, so a trapped nerve in his neck had likely caused the pain. “So, why does the pain come on stronger when he’s stressed?” Grace asked. “When people are stressed, they often clench their...Read On


Chapter VII – Mandi’s First Assignment (Part One – Arriving In Vegas)

Mandi meets and fucks three hot strangers

It was Monday, the day after the incredible sex-filled party weekend my husband Dave and I attended in San Francisco. A lot happened, including a significant change in my job status that included a nice increase in my income. Before leaving the hotel yesterday, Amy had taken me aside and said she had some news about my first assignment as the new “Executive Analyst” and wanted me to have...Read On

Comp Entry

Civil Duty

The wacky story of two men at work, doing their civil duty.

“So, how was your date last Friday?” Steve asks Jonathan. “Man, she is so sexy, I could fuck her anytime after work, regardless of how tired I am,” Jonathan replies to Steve, clearly excited by his date. Steve whistles, impressed. “That much? I couldn’t, I’m so tired after work, I don’t even want to date.” “Maybe it’s because I’m close to the end of my civil duty. Anyway, she is...Read On


Upon Reflection, Ch. 01: Through the Looking Glass

2 co-eds are led into an RA's dorm with a mirror that can change personalities.

"Well I hope you're happy, Darren, because we're through , you stupid-head!" Maddie yelled, slamming the door to his dorm room and walking quickly back across the quad, trying to hold back her tears. Everything had been going so well with Darren, and when she had opened the door to his room and caught him with his tongue in Amber's mouth, and his hand exploring underneath her tight tank...Read On


Our Family Camp - 4

We return home.

When the alarm went off, Beth, Jeff, and I shifted around on the bed.  It was the first morning since our enlightening trip to our family’s camp.  While at our camp, I went from an eighteen-year-old virgin to having sex with all of my family members.  I realized I was indifferent to whether I fucked my sister or mom or had oral sex with all of them, including my dad and brother. Dad came...Read On


Long Weekend Sleepover

Two high school seniors explore each other when they are thrust together for a long weekend.

Samantha, who was standing there soaking wet and naked, was drop-dead gorgeous, head cheerleader, the lead in the school musical and soon to be the Prom Queen. I hope no one saw me staring, but she took my breath away. I got under the shower so I could clean up and get to my next class. I'm Rachel, eighteen years old and sadly still a virgin. This is not by choice but more because of...Read On


Toys R Us... Or Me

Help in mild adversity.

Marie and I had been married for about eight years and, some three years before, I had an accident. We'd always enjoyed a mutually satisfying and fairly adventurous sex life. I guess we were lucky that our desires, lusts and needs seemed to match and, as we learned about ach other's body, we usually fell into the sleep, afterwards, of replete exhaustion. Mind you, we often started again the...Read On


Chris And Lucie Pt.2 – Lucie Meets Lena

Chris was driving home, followed by Lena, in her car. Chris and Lena worked at the same company...

Chris was driving home, followed by Lena in her car. Chris and Lena worked at the same company and a few weeks ago, at a company event, after some flirting and a few drinks, they ended up kissing at a parking lot, making sure that nobody saw them. Although Chris had a more senior position, they did not work in the same team, neither was Chris in any way her superior. Chris was sure that even...Read On


Glory Hole

Mother-in-law puts on a good show.

My mother-in-law surprised me with the following question, "Erik, do you know where they have a Glory Hole? Your father-in-law promised to take me to one, but with his passing, he never got to it." My wife is a young woman of twenty, and I am thirty. My mother-in-law just turned forty-five. Marie is quite a stunning woman, as is her daughter. Darla is a horny young woman, and from...Read On


Hannah And Julia's Big Mistake Pt3

Series: sisters in submission

Julia gets in over her head...

Julia leads Hannah to their bathroom, dragging her by the hand as she practically ran up the stairs. Both girls were wound up and craving release after what had just happened. But Julia was clearly a woman on a mission. "What the hell, Juli," said Hannah, rubbing her wrist as Julia shut the door, "you almost took my hand off. calm down."  "I'll explain later," said Julia, who was now looking...Read On




Love has a cost...

8 Months Past... Dawdling in the hotel's hallway I felt as nervous as I had the first time I'd been sent to meet a client. Looking at my watch I saw more seconds I was being billed for tick past. Mustering my nerve I tapped on the door. The woman who answered looked to be in her mid-twenties and was very pretty. I would have expected nothing less from one of Marla's girls. I...Read On


Kurt's Surprise For Katie

Series: The Erotic Tales Of Katie

Kurt has a little fun teasing Katie after she comes back from Jamie.

Katie walked into her condo after another amazing afternoon with Jamie. Her ass was still red and sore from the spanking Jamie had given her with a riding crop he had bought at one of the local adult stores. It had been a nice surprise to her that he had upped his game a bit. He even produced some padded Velcro restraints that he had used on her wrists as he had his way with her pussy and...Read On


The Beach at El Coto

Bukkake on the beach

Just picture the scene, me, Emm and Annie licking each other out on a sun-kissed beach. Whilst I am licking Emm's cunt, Annie's tongue is deep in my arse. Emma is loving it, moaning quietly. I notice a few guys nearby are watching us. Annie is going really deep into me, I'm really loving it. The guys are slowly stroking their cocks. Annie now turns over and lays on her back. Emma...Read On

Recommended Read

WWT: Chastity

The creature controls her climax.

The thing was inside of her head. And around her legs. It never spoke. The physic commands were nothing like the movies, where an ominous voice whispers suggestively in the back of her head. Images and ideas came through the alien-like unsummoned, unwanted thoughts. It came from the same source as the sudden urge to throw yourself into traffic or onto your best friend’s husband. But it...Read On


Summer Fling Ch01

A boy has sex with his stepmother and then with his loving mother.

"Okay, Mom. I've got all my stuff packed," I said as I made my way to the steps. I could tell my mom wasn't happy about my decision to spend my summer vacation with my father and stepmom in Indiana. But I was now eighteen, and I think she was worried I would just move out there to live if she made a big fuss about it. You see, my parents divorced back when I was twelve, and from what Mom...Read On


Teen Neighbor Girl Loves Mature Cocks and Oral Sex

I become fascinated with my teenage neighbor girl and end up having sex with her an her slut mom.

My name is Ryan, and my wife, Karen, and I moved to Charleston at the age of forty-four, after having lived in Atlanta since graduating from college. I have a degree in mechanical engineering and, after a long career working as an engineer, I moved to Charleston to begin my career as a manufacturer’s representative. Karen, with her degree in education and years of experience teaching, got a...Read On

Comp Entry

Mr. Cox

The story around a runaway penis

I On April 1 of year 2019 a strange sequence of events began its course in our nation’s capital. Upon waking up in the morning, Melinda K., a professional massage therapist could not find her mobile telephone on the nightstand. Melinda searched for it in the handbag and encountered a strange object. She stopped looking for the telephone and retrieved from the bag something round, elongated...Read On


A TRANS Formation - Chapter 9 - The Day After

Series: A TRANS Formation

Her first day identifying as a girl, Jill experiences new fears and new pleasures.

"Good morning, baby." Allie says, kissing Jill's cheek, "Are you going to wake up today? I've got some nice hot coffee ready for you." Jill mumbles a few sounds, but they don't resemble anything intelligible. Allie kisses her until Jill opens her eyes halfway, revealing glassy pupils that can barely focus on anything. Jill manages to mumble out a few words, "What time is it?" "It's...Read On


The Last Lockdown Ends - Part 2

Four friends continue their sexual adventure

As London began to ease the restrictions of the third lockdown, people were once again allowed to have friends visit them in their homes. In theory, this limited contact was supposed to only take place in gardens but April was unseasonably cold and the chances of the rule being adhered to were pretty slim. People had been forced to be apart for too long.  In a tastefully furnished house...Read On


8. Mrs Wild: Anne: Hotel Meet

A busty woman enjoys her hotel meet with her lover

Anne checked into the hotel. She and Jason hadn’t stayed here for a few months now, but it was a nice hotel, cheap and in a good location. Jason couldn’t sleep over, but they would still get a few hours together. In a way Anne felt lucky, as her company was paying for this hotel. She had a training session in the morning, and the venue was deemed to be too far away. Jason had told Paula he...Read On


Heather - Part 3

Heather's teasing of her dad intensifies

My teenage daughter, who made a pornographic video for me last night, was on her way home to perform in front of the camera again tonight. She had known the webcam I installed to watch the baby had fallen, changing it's view from the crib, to directly capture the activity from her bed. Instead of being upset about it, Heather enjoyed knowing I was watching her masturbate. I hurried to...Read On


Badge Bunnies I Have Known, Episode Seven

Benefits of being a uniformed law enforcement officer not described in the Recruitment Brochure.

As a  uniformed Law Enforcement Officer, I sincerely and honestly try to give the taxpayers a full day or night's work every shift. However, I must confess, that the little head occasionally overrides the big head and has its way. Usually, this occurs on very slow and boring nights when there is a fair maiden in dire need of some special attention. I will give you a few examples.  DONNA LEE...Read On


Giving Chuck A sexy Gift

Chloe has the perfect way to make things up to Chuck

"Come live with Chuck and me, Tricia," I implored her, pulling her to me. "Why, Chloe?" she pondered, putting her clothes in a trash bag. "I'm just gonna move back in with my mom." "Well, I have an idea. I have a way to make it up to him, considering I've been cheating on him. How do you feel about having a threesome with him and me? You need a place to live, and that way, you won't have...Read On

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