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New Neighbor

A nudist neighbor catches me eyeing him and awakens unknown desires...

It was early Saturday morning and there was a lot of commotion in the hallway outside my door. The unit across from me had long been for sale and no doubt, someone had bought and was moving in. I actually enjoyed the few months of privacy I had until then, but all good things come to pass, I guessed. I just hoped the buyer wouldn't be noisy. I was pretty shy and liked to keep to myself. I...Read On


The Busty Slutty Schoolgirl

A married teacher is seduced by a former student...

I am writing the tale of how I came to cheat on my wife of fifteen years with a gorgeous young former pupil of mine. I work as an English tutor at a private girl’s school, teaching sixteen to eighteen-year-old girls, and have done for the last six months. I am forty-two years old, and have always looked after myself physically, working out almost every day. I have always had young girls...Read On


Sportsman's Double

Tammy meets a guy at a bar and takes him home, where her daughter watches.

I was sitting at the bar one Friday afternoon after taking off from work early. Because it was still early there weren’t many people there. I was only on my second beer when an attractive blonde sat down beside me. It wasn’t long before she started making small talk, which turned into an hour-long conversation filled with a lot of flirting and innuendos as we enjoyed a few drinks. She told...Read On


Sucking Off A Stranger

I suck a stranger's cock in his car.

Everything changed the day I drove down I-65 for a business trip.  The roads were more or less empty, and I was cruising at about 75, passing the occasional car here and there.  As I went to pass a gray sedan, I happened to look over and saw the driver, a large black man, was signaling me with his hand to pull over.  A little confused, I wonder if he had seen that maybe I was getting a...Read On


Don't Judge A Book Part 2 Chapter 18

Jill and I talk about who and what we’ve become and a quiet week ends with a bang.

Evening of Tuesday 12th June 2018 Jill looked tired as she walked barefoot into our lounge, her slumped shoulders and low-energy face telling me she’d had a hard day. Raising my arm, I gestured for her to come and sit next to me, feeling her respond and feel just a little happier as I pulled her close and hugged her tight.   “Hi honey,” I kissed her, welcoming her back into our...Read On


Tim and Abbie 02: Saturday

Series: Tim and Abbie

Tim learns something which is difficult to accept.

The next day can’t pass quickly enough for Tim. He goes through his closet, trying to decide on what to wear. In the end, he puts on khakis and a light blue button-down shirt. He leaves a couple open at the neck. He grabs a navy-blue blazer to finish the look. Abbie spends a good deal of time preparing for their date also. Deciding on a nice flower print sleeveless dress, low-neck like all...Read On

Comp Entry

The Devil's Jungle

A stranded sex addict's saving grace.

 A work assignment had pulled Sai into going to a country that was starting to prosper but riddled with crime. The country that Sai was in led the world in murder rates and was a hotbed for all kinds of debauchery. Not trusting the drivers, Sai drove his own car which had malfunctioned in the middle of a road covered by forests. Hours had passed, the cellphone was not getting any reception,...Read On


My True Odyssey of Slavery and Submission

My true story of how my life as a slave started

    It was 2003 – with the promise of a bright new millennium- and I felt my life was going nowhere. I was 22 and although I was working in my home country, Poland was not yet in the European Union with the opportunities that this afforded. I wanted, no, I needed to escape! My job was boring, but not as mind-numbingly boring as my love life. I had a boyfriend that seemed to only care about...Read On


I Think You're Right Ch. 1

A college student learns he can control his girlfriend's mom with hypnotic triggers

Chapter 1 Shaun couldn’t help but admire the body of his girlfriend, Amanda. Her long blonde curly locks flowed down to the middle of her naked back as she buried her face in the pillows of her bed while moaning into them. Shaun kneeled behind her, grabbing her slim hips as he pushed his cock in and out of her. He loved the contrast of his black cock against her round white ass, though...Read On


After School Activities

Quick hook up by former bf and gf

It was springtime in 1995. I was sixteen years old and I had just gotten off the school bus that afternoon. I had been talking to Cassie on the ride home. Cassie was a year older than I, and an ex-girlfriend, and was also the one who punched my V-card shortly after Thanksgiving earlier that school year. We had long since broken up but still talked. I was dating a girl named Stacy who was...Read On

Recommended Read

What My Flowers Said - Ch. 6-7

Series: What My Flowers Said

A D/s romance set in Montreal

Chapter 6 I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t believe it. “Tabarnak,” Marie read my mind, “You don’t think he followed you, Penny?” I shook my head, though admittedly it was one of the first dreadful thoughts to flash through my mind. Once reason caught up, however, it occurred to me that I might’ve just stumbled unwitting into the lion’s den; that this was place where he went to mass. Is...Read On

Comp Entry

Back To Nature

Getting back to nature to Chole, was getting back to slow peaceful living.

Growing up in a small town in upstate New York had its perks. People said ‘Good morning’ or ‘Hello’ when you were walking down the street and neighbors would check on you and visit if you were sick. They’d even bring meals, take care of your kids, and clean the house. That’s country folks for you. So, who in their right mind would want to leave all that behind? Well, me…  Least I thought ...Read On


In the Lounge 2

Series: In the Lounge

The story continues, what a overly surprise.....

I leave the lounge telling you that I’m going to grab a shower and that you should help yourself to anything that you might want out of the kitchen. I go into the bathroom, turn the light on and close the door. I slowly remove my clothes starting with my top, then my trousers and my boxers. My cock isn’t completely soft from our recent adventures in the lounge. The image of you gently...Read On


Birthday with a Twist

Sarah smiled as she held Don's present in her hands. He was going to enjoy his birthday but not in the way he was expecting. He was sitting naked in the chair as per her instructions, his cock was harder than it had been for their last six months together. Anticipation was written across his face as he watched his wife walk towards him. Sarah knelt between his open legs, her short dress...Read On


The Private Game Chapter 7

Buddy invites a friend

Early in the morning, Mike gets up as quietly as can, showers, shaves, and dresses in a suit and tie. Chuck and Lynn are intertwined on the bed. He goes downstairs to make some coffee before heading out. Waiting for his coffee to brew, he is surprised when his wife enters the kitchen wearing her short robe. It is partially open displaying the curvature of her breasts and light triangle. Fuck,...Read On


Is It Wrong To Want Your Stepdad

Atrix takes her chance

Atrix I woke up tired and so confused, then gradually I realized where I was. I am undoubtedly at my stepfather's charming house. I also began to remember why I was over here, I used to live here after my biological father had died suddenly and my mother had remarried. Tonight everything had just rushed at me. To start it off, my jerk boyfriend had broken up with me because I was ‘dubious’...Read On


The Present - Part 8

Like mother, like daughter...

Three hours of tension and unable to do anything about it, Nick kept an eye out for the motorway exit into Birmingham. Trying to blank out any images for fear of distraction, even as Jayne sat alongside him sending messages on her phone. Playfully, she sucked the tip of her finger as she caught his eye, with a slight raise of the eyebrow and upturn of her mouth. Wipers running left and right,...Read On


Chapter 28, Arch Angel Gabriel Forgives Me

Series: Balinese Puppet Shadows

At last the wife finds someone to reveal her sins to.

After the burdens of learning family heritage truths, William's abandonment and Paul's debasement, it took time to put my shattered self-image back together. Often, I would break down and cry. Instead of being gregarious, I became reclusive. Seeing me so, hubby worried I was having a midlife crisis. I was, due to knowing too much; too much about myself. With Paul’s debasement, I’d learned...Read On


Dreamscape 02: The Beginning

Series: Dreamscape

Again, Matthew and Robyn find themselves together remembering the past...

The tingling in her cunt; the shivers which ran through her body; the feeling that her nerve endings were on fire. All that from someone just fingering her pussy and clit while kissing her, was probably one of the strongest climaxes she had ever experienced. Eighty-year-old Robyn lies in bed that morning, remembering every detail of the first afternoon Matthew and she had been together. ...Read On


Piercings – Part X – Infidelity and Cuckquean Beginnings

Series: Piercings

Liz finds herself getting deeper into a cuckquean relationship with her daughter Amy

Liz intended sleeping with us that night. Ami and I went to bed soon after clearing up downstairs. We had just settled down in bed and I was about to get into conversation with her about what happened earlier when there was a knock on the door. It was Liz. She asked if she could come in and when Amy agreed she entered and asked if she could share our bed. Standing naked by the side of the...Read On


Rental Agreement, Chapter 1

Melanie was in real trouble, but the landlord had an idea how to help her!

Melanie Chambers was not having a good day. When she got to work, she found out that the restaurant had hired two new girls. Ordinarily, that would have been good news except that Melanie was counting on some overtime money to help her make her bills.  And as if that wasn't bad enough, Melanie as one of the senior waitresses there at Martha's Restaurant was going to be the one to get these...Read On


Debbie Caned Again

Series: Debbie gets the cane

Caned by the Headmistress

After our caning for Debbie using a crib sheet, we didn't imagine we would be back in trouble two months later.   Deb's and I played truant to watch a film, Goals at the pictures. Our exams were over and I was due to leave school for University that August if I got my expected grades, Deb's had her A level year to complete.   We wrote each other notes excusing us from school and signed...Read On

Comp Entry

The Road Trip

Jolene learns just what the girls' only trip is all about.

“Oh Jolene, pull the car over. I hear a strange noise coming from the engine.” Sarah put her hand on Jolene’s forearm gently, but firmly. She didn’t want to scare her friend off the road, but it was the perfect spot to have her stop. She needed Jolene to sense urgency, but not panic. As Jolene slowed the car and pulled off to the side of the road, Sarah smiled to herself. The initial seed...Read On


The Sheriff's Inmate

No rooms at the inn!

Amber had been driving all day on her way to the college where she'd been accepted. She wanted to arrive with plenty of time to become familiar with her new surroundings, where she was to room with her sister, a third-year student. Amber had gotten a full athletic scholarship to attend. She stood about 5' 6", weighed 120 lbs, had sandy blonde hair, green eyes, 30D breast, and a taught,...Read On


From Jeannie to Vanessa Chapter 03

A memoir of a D/s love affair

The time apart seemed like it moved like a turtle in peanut butter. Finally, however, another glorious weekend dawned where we could be together. This time, I was staying with Jack at his school. Now, a lot of schools were beginning to experiment with coed dorms. Not MY school, and not Jack’s either. But, the recognition that college-age boys and girls would be, well, you know, boys and...Read On


Foreign Exchange chapter 3

Series: Foreign Exchange

Is not telling something a lie.

  “When we get back to campus, I’d like to show you something. Come to my room and you’ll learn a little more about me.” “Couldn’t we do that in my room, though I’m pretty sure I’ve seen just about everything you’ve got.” She gave him a seductive kiss. “True but this is about what you may or may not have heard about me.” “Oh, so now you’re an international man of mystery?” Max...Read On


The Take Over

Handing over the baton.

I could feel his cock throb as he released his spunk deep into me. We both lay still for a couple of minutes as he softened and slipped out together with half his erupted load. He kissed the tip of my nose and glided to the side. We lay side by side, I felt wonderful. I held his hand between us as I felt the rest of his cum trickle out of my pussy. We both looked at each other and smiled;...Read On


Strawberry Tarts - Part 2 of 2

He always had a thing for redheads. Then he hit the jackpot...

“Check!” she called out, loud enough for all to hear. ---- Etta said that she lived nearby. Billy followed her in his van to a community that looked vaguely familiar, a cookie-cutter neighborhood where most of the houses looked the same. A garage door went up as Etta pulled into her driveway, and she drove her car into the garage. Billy parked in the driveway, locked his van and wobbled...Read On

Recommended Read

That Time I Fell In Love With Someone I Shouldn't Have Fallen In Love With.

When I kissed a married friend, I got more than I bargained for.

I still don't know what impelled me to kiss you, but the meeting of our lips negated all unfamiliarity. With your mouth's capitulation, the walls of my assumptions about you came tumbling down. Your tongue's greeting stunned me, tilted the poles of my expectation, rid me of all those certainties of who I Imagined you to be. I had six years on you. At barely eighteen, you were already...Read On


Janice S. The Next Morning

Janice sucks dick the morning after a one night stand.

I was still lying on the bed when J came back into the room from her shower. I was still naked, and my cock was still rock hard. “Goddamn, does that thing ever go limp?” she asked. “Not if there’s pussy around that I want to fuck,” I told her. “Can you wait until this afternoon?” she asked, then said, “I just got clean, plus I’m still pretty sore. I’ll take some pills and be ready for...Read On

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