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At Last

After months online, Master and submissive finally meet.

They knew each other by sight.  But they had never seen each other before. They had been sexually intimate in ways most couples had never imagined.  But they had never touched. They had been in a deeply committed relationship for months, learning to trust and please and care for each other. And now, at last, they were going to meet.   It was something neither of them had ever...Read On


Catering At A Stag Do. Chap.10

Trish and Dave get to know Jacquelyn, and prepare for the evening ahead.

Trish was worried it was Jacques back early, but Dave climbed off the bed, and walked to the front door, knowing it would be room service.  He had ordered an assortment of things off the breakfast/brunch menu, knowing they were both going to need energy.  Especially since they had not had anything substantial the night before. But when he opened the door, he found Jacquelyn, standing...Read On


Brotherly Love Part Three

Things hot up with Amanda and Brian.

I hardly slept at all that night, visions of my wife, naked in bed with my brother kept flashing through my mind. Imagining her falling to sleep, holding his cock was so exciting to me. Knowing that he'd touched her tits and pussy, and even had his finger inside her; kept me hard all night. At five o'clock the following morning, I went up to check on my father, he was still sleeping like...Read On


Older Coworker Impregnates My Teen Wife

I read cuckold stories and become obsessed with having my hung coworker fuck my teen wife.

I was a better than average student in high school in the Houston area where I grew up but wasn’t interested in going to a four-year college. Instead, I enrolled in a community college vocational program to study to become an electrical technician. My name is Mark, and I continued dating my high school sweetheart, Megan, who is one year younger than me, while attending the community college,...Read On


Light Fingers Lead To Spankings And Sex

Mature woman steals from her employer and her subsequent spanking gives others ideas

Beryl Davin was a fifty-nine-year-old woman that had worked in the shop owned by Philip and Theresa Compton for the best part of thirty years. She and her husband John had become close friends of the Compton's over the years. The Compton's were both aged in their early sixties and were looking forward to their retirement. Beryl had started gambling and she was proving to not be very good at...Read On


Fantasy At Work

Daydreaming as I watch a hot coworker walk across the room

Do you have any idea what you do to me every time you walk across the room? Your tight jeans highlighting your shapely ass, pussy lips on either side of the crotch. A little belly flesh and your tramp stamp showing under your t-shirt hem that rides up as you sit and you don't bother to pull it down when you get up, the bounce of your luscious breasts as you walk, the nipples poking out...Read On


"Swear To God" Chapter 3

The year of Tommy Gentile

I got her call a half hour after setting up shop at the kitchen table in front of the telephone. "Cully, I'm okay, honey. It's okay. I'm fine." She sounded genuine. "Where are you?" "At his place. We walked in five minutes ago. I..." I cut her off. "Where is he?" "He just left to get some take-out for us. He thought it might be better if he wasn't here when we talked. He didn't want us...Read On


Saving Atlanta: Familiar face (Chapter 11)

A past figure comes to Kash with a surprise

Kash put on a towel and went to answer the door bell, his bedroom smelling of body odor from Ana and himself. At this point, Kash was aroused and hoping the woman would be Leah. After all, Leah had given Kash some great experiences but something about the times seemed off. Atlanta had reopened as a city after an outbreak but it seemed like the city was still not its full self. As Kash opened...Read On

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The Least She Could Do; Pt. 2

Series: The Least She Could Do

Showing their new friend their appreciation for saving their lives.

He crossed to us, his erection leading the way like the bowsprit of a ship, and distributed the mugs of steaming liquid, careful to give the unfortified, alcohol-free one to Carly. Setting his cup on the low coffee table he retrieved his red union suit and began to disentangle it, apparently planning to finally cover his nudity. I think my jaw probably dropped when my wife looked up at him...Read On


Beautiful Agony - Chapter Four

The agony begins...

The sky, of which there is rather a lot in Cambridge, was the colour of lead. From horizon to horizon an unrelenting solid coffin-lid of cloud covered my little world. No more the vivid world of Amsterdam, fizzing with light and colour. Yes, I was back at work and work is what I did, all day and often into the evening. I wanted it that way. My avoidance behaviour was good for business! My...Read On


The Maid's Morning - Part 2

So Ian sat there enjoying another cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette. He didn't do the dishes or vacuum the carpets. The minor dust on the hardwood furniture remained untouched and he intended to leave everything as it was. His mistress had threatened him with punishment and he looked forward to it. Way back when he had left home and moved into his apartment he had...Read On


A Shared Experience

If only all corporate events ended like this

It was one of those works events she was obliged to attend; subsequently, as her boyfriend, I too was obliged to attend. I didn't mind, the food and wine were always good. I'd entertain myself with those as she mingled. I watched her as she moved between different groups of the same black suits, her white summer dress a stark contrast to the dark swath of the corporate mass. I was...Read On


My Stepson's Wife

He should feel bad about this, but he wanted her.

I can't believe I have this woman up against the wall, kissing her perfect lips, her body against mine. When my night started I had no clue this is how it would end up. I had always noticed her beauty, her sexiness, but she never showed any interest. Why would she? She was married to my girlfriend's son. We'd joked about just moving in together and sending my girlfriend packing to live with...Read On


The Office Whore - Part 41

Chad grapples with just how far he can let himself go with Reina in the dungeon.

Chad woke up to a sexy redhead with her mouth on his cock and her hands on his balls. God it felt so good! He reached down and grabbed two handfuls of red hair and held her head firmly in place while he fucked her sweet mouth. He was surprised by the sound of her gagging as normally she took his shaft in her throat with no trouble. He didn’t let it stop him though, he was too close to...Read On


Daddy Said No

Daddy said no, but I'm a brat. What did he expect?

Okay. So I knew I broke the rules, but Daddy had been away for a whole week and I was bored. Daddy has always had the same rules and I usually follow them to the letter. I just couldn't resist tonight. He's home! Yay! Daddy is finally home! I hurried to the piece of carpet that had been placed in front of the door to our house. That was the rule. I had to be free from clothes and ready...Read On

Comp Entry

Alone At Last

An unexpected connection leads to a hot, passionate new romance.

James could not remember the last time he felt so simultaneously nervous and excited. Probably when he was a teenager he ruminated, an image of himself standing at a bus stop on his way to meet the girl of his dreams for the first time flooding his mind. He chuckled to himself remembering how he was going to spend the rest of his life with that girl, she was the one. She shagged his...Read On


Two Family House

The walls are very thin in some houses

 My name is Judy, and I had just graduated from nursing school and was living on the right side of a two-family house, with an elderly couple living on the other side. The layout of the houses was identical except reversed. My bedroom and bathroom shared a wall with theirs. I had lived there for a few months and had never heard a single sound from their side and so naturally assumed that...Read On


The Throne: His Birthday

Series: The Throne

For his birthday, I use my throne to surprise him and he finds a surprising use for it.

My husband made me a queening chair for my birthday. We enjoyed using it for a femdom weekend on our anniversary. An unintentional revelation gave me an opportunity to create an extra birthday surprise for him. The weekend between our anniversary and his birthday, I hosted my bridge group, eight of us who were members of the Sigma Eta Delta Gamma sorority in college. Traditionally, the...Read On


Sissyboy Learns His Lesson!

A fetish fantasy becomes reality.

It all began at a New Year's party. My wife had recently made friends with a new girl from work, a twenty-one-year-old Bulgarian girl called Alexia, who had just moved to the country. I hadn't spent much time getting to know her before we were left alone together at the party. We started making small talk about where she had moved from and how she was settling in, and then she began to catch...Read On


Rite Of Passage

Part 4 of the Amy stories.

You learn a lot about someone by the way they act after you tell them you love them, or at least tell them that you love something about them. The next day, things could have gone in a very serious direction. Amy’s twenty. I didn’t fuck around with twenty-year-old girls even when I was twenty. (There’s more to the Aunt Judy story than I told Amy. Let’s just say Judy had me over a lot...Read On

Comp Entry

Dances With Lions

Entertaining rich clients naked

“Listen,” I whisper, as I slowly drop to my knees with my two naked companions following suit. “Can you hear the tree squirrel?” James is a thirty-year-old handsome rich kid and next to him is his younger erotic goddess of a wife, Samantha, looking petrified. “The squirrel warns the other animals that lions are close by.” Sam’s eyes just got bigger. We have to move with care and a peep now...Read On


The Gift

Paul discovers the fishing trip didn't include using the fishing gear...

“It’s such gorgeous weather out!” Jolene cheered as she twirled around a few times. She looked and giggled as she noticed both guys had stopped talking and were just watching her dance around. They both had huge smiles on their faces as they sat on the tabletop with their feet on the benches. Paul was trying to hide his blushing from the fact that during her last twirl he had seen Jolene’s...Read On



Kevin is stuck in Panama due to the COVID 19, and meets a hot blooded but married woman.

I looked down at my morning erection and felt sorry for myself. 30 days without sex was the longest I had gone since my high school days and it was driving me nuts. “Fucking Coronavirus,” I shouted at the top of my lungs before taking a long drag on my cigarette and then began to jerk off furiously. I came quickly and unloaded on the plants below the terrace, leaving strands of cum hanging...Read On

Comp Entry


A full body makeover transforms a woman's life.

"Loneliness is a bitch," I thought, sitting on my patio and watching the grass grow. My cell phone buzzed, a glance revealed it was my friend Gloria. "Hi there, bestie, how you doing?" "Gloria, life sucks." "You still trying to get over the asshole?" "No. I'm over that, but life is empty, and I am just trying to wrap my mind about what's next. The vista is gloomy. Two failed marriages...Read On


Contagion, Part 4: Scrambled

Three couples swapping turn into a full-blown orgy.

Cheryl, my beautiful, curvy, blonde wife, is being fucked on the other side of the hot tub by big Bob.  Bob's sporty wife Janet has just finished screwing good old Paul, who's taking a bathroom break.  And I have just banged Bob's wife, earthy, petite Cindy. All in front of each other.   I think being cooped up for months in this pandemic, without a social outlet, has really driven us...Read On


First College Cock With Kelly

Kelly didn't mean to show off, it just happened. But it lead to some great sex!

It was September of 1978. Kelly had been away at college in Milwaukee for a total of three weeks and she was still getting her bearings. While she had been on a sexual tear the entire summer after high school graduation, she knew that was something that she had to work out before college so she could concentrate on her classes. So far, she had been doing just that, staying focused on classes...Read On


My Journey Continues

Sharon was very attentive when we returned home from the meeting, showing how much she cared. Pastor John had already gone to bed and Sharon hugged me. I was so happy, my body still trembling from my fulfilling time with the ladies. We chatted quietly over coffee and biscuits. Sharon had made it clear that all of the women in the group loved me. The feeling of being loved was the...Read On


An Unusual Seduction IX

Soapy two way fun

The three of us were lying on our backs, all smiles and contentment.  We had just finished a very hot fucklicking session, a first for Carol and I. I said, "I could get addicted to that fucklicking." Carol mumbled, "Ummm." John said, "I loved doing it." We all drifted off to a brief night of restful sleep.  I woke up first the next morning.  Carol was sound asleep on her back and John...Read On


Teacher's Pet

Lindy finds out just how far she'll go to change her grade so she can get a college scholarship.

A C. Five pages, two thousand four hundred thirty-eight words, two weeks of my time, and I got a C. Before I could complain, the bell ran. Signaling transition to sixth period. Mr. Shapiro started as an English teacher when I was a sophomore, and now I'm a senior. He's twenty-seven, a Harvard grad, and has his own website. I'm pretty sure he gets off on thinking he's such a badass....Read On


A Surprise Guest At The Bed And Breakfast

A female guest booked in for one night turns out to be someone known to Stuart

Stuart Middleton, aged fifty-five, had now been living with Hannah Shackleton for about a month. He and his sixty-six-year-old lover had sex almost every day and sometimes a tawse was applied to bare buttock. Stuart had no regrets about leaving his sexless and loveless marriage to Eileen and he also enjoyed it when Bridget Farrow from the local village made the twosome a threesome. ...Read On

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