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Caressing Cock at Carnival

The true story of how I gave a stranger a hand job in a crowd at carnival

I went to Rio for carnival the year before last, it was amazing, thousands of beautiful people partying in the streets, wearing next to nothing and all hooking up. On our first day out, I was dressed in tiny gold hot pants and a matching boob tube. Every five minutes some topless stud was coming up to me and asking if he could kiss me! That afternoon the heavens opened and absolute...Read On


Worth the Drive

Hey, stud.” The message read as it popped up on the screen. “Hey, sexy,”  I replied. We had been messaging on and off for about a year now.  Lately, we have been getting more personal. More than a casual hello or what’s up?  Let’s face it. We were getting downright dirty most of the time. We would message each other dirty pics or suggestive things we would do to each other if we ever met...Read On



Cheaters do not always prosper.

I am a tattoo artist and live in Los Angeles. To say my business sucks would be a colossal understatement. With Covid spreading like crazy, not many want a tattoo. I spend most of my days sitting in my shop playing games on my phone or texting friends. I am at the point that I may just need to close my business if things do not pick up. I even went and bought a giant neon sign out front with...Read On

A Room With A View - Melissa (Part 1)

Series: A Room With A View

I despise beautiful women. I do. I really do.

I despise beautiful women. Okay, maybe that is a teensy bit of an overstatement but I wanted to grab your attention and if I'd written 'I have problems developing and maintaining friendships with beautiful women' then, well, I can feel the collective yawn from here. So now that I do have your attention, perhaps you'd be happy enough to wander along this path a little further with me. I...Read On


Morgan's first time with her brother

A boy realizes he wants his sister.

I slammed the front door hard; I was pissed, my parents were leaving again for NYC. I knew their job was difficult and they worked for an important business firm. But I still didn't want them to leave me alone again to babysit my sister! I hated it when my parents made me babysit her. I'm eighteen and would much rather hang around my friends, staring at girls at the mall. My sister is just a...Read On


Old Girl's Fantasy

Sensual, mature lady's fantasy of enjoying a younger man.

I see you on the bus every morning, sometimes sitting, though usually standing. You are in your usual work attire, leather jacket, jeans, steel toe work boots, rugged wear for a rugged guy. If I’m sitting close enough, I’ll get a whiff of your aftershave, you smell wonderful and when you aren't too preoccupied with the problems of your world, you actually look around and smile at people,...Read On


An Evening At Crystal Lake

Married couple's "Friday the 13th" photoshoot gets a bit wilder than expected.

I was just finishing a cigarette when Jason Vorhees finally showed up.  I dropped the butt into a rusted old Folgers can beside me and leaned on the porch railing to watch as he parked beside us, killing the engine on his rumbling F150.  Late afternoon sun twinkled off of his dirty, cracked windshield so that I couldn’t get a good look at him yet; just a vague, hulking shape behind the wheel....Read On


Reagan Needs Cheering Up

Without thinking, a woman does something great for her sister-in-law.

"Oh, hey, sis," he said, coming to her. "How are you? It's been too long," he added, hugging her. "Where's Britney? I thought you would've brought her with you for the holidays." She stayed silent for a moment and slanted her head down. "Wait, Reagan, did you two break up?" "Yes, John," she muttered, peeking at him. "I don't know what happened; she just ended it not even an hour before...Read On


A Professor’s Secret (Part 2)

“But I have a class in about an hour,” I tried to reason, as I got dressed. “It wasn’t a question. Go home and rest. You’ll feel better, you won’t be sore.” “Okay,” I answered and left the room. I walked out of the office, feeling satisfied. Though as I walked, I asked myself what the hell had just happened. I was really sore, but I wanted to disobey him to see what would happen. So, I...Read On


Cuckqueen Gets a Taste

They walk home hand in hand after their romantic dinner, the start of their date night. They talk and laugh, cuddle and kiss. It's perfect. He even picks her a rose from a communal garden as they walk closer to home. When they slip down an alleyway, his kiss is passionate, tongues playing and teeth nibbling. He's pressing her body against the wall with his. Excitement builds up inside...Read On


Tina and Me - Part 2

Tina and I were all dressed up - now where would we "go"?

We kissed deeply, my tongue twining around Tina's, as our nylon-clad bodies gently rubbed against each other. My dick was rock hard, pressing thru my tight panties, dripping with pre-cum, leaving a faint trail on her nightgown. I also realized I had to pee. Badly. "Say, uh, I have to go take care of something," I said. "I gotta pee." "No fair!" she said with a playful pout. "I have to...Read On


Bonnie’s Big Gangbang, Part 4

Series: Bonnie’s Big Gangbang

Bonnie thought she had already been completely humiliated, but finds out there’s more to cum…

Five motorcycles drifted up quietly outside the house. Bonnie was on the lead cycle, naked except for the dog collar, with a strap around her tits that held her on the back of the bike. Her hands were cuffed behind her, her mouth was clamped firmly shut, she had a butt plug in her ass, and a vibrating dildo in her cunt. The latter two were held in place by a harness that was padlocked...Read On


One Night with Ben

A young, lonely widow reunites with her love.

When I was in high school, my American Lit teacher had us read Moby Dick . It was a daunting task at the time, but I have always been glad I did it. There is a scene near the beginning of the novel in which Ishmael, the narrator, finds himself in bed on an icy cold New England night. He explains to the reader that while the blankets on the bed are necessary to keep him warm, he likes to...Read On


The English Teacher Ch 3

My first time with Mrs. Jennings continued

I lay on top of Mrs. Jennings with my cock still inside her pussy as she clutched my back and asked me not to pull out of her.  Mrs. Jennings was kissing my neck, face, and lips as she told me over and over how good I felt inside her.  My penis got hard again within seconds; I was seventeen after all and my cock recovered quickly after I came.  Her pussy was even wetter than before from...Read On


A Ride To Remember Chap. 2.

Fingers crossed. Will Cindy creep into my bed again?

Tony’s Dad, I don’t remember his name, packed us all in his car, and took us to a pub for dinner.  It was only about a mile and a half away, but a bit far to walk with Ryan.  Typical pub food; steak, salad, and chips, sausages, and chips, fish and chips, etc. Probably not the best for you, too much fat, but bloody tasty. When we got home, we put Ryan in the spare bed in my room again and...Read On


Ashley And The Offer

Ashley Mendes gets another offer from her boss...

As Ashley Mendes again sashayed for what she thought was a mundane day into the paralegal office known as Bagwell and Associates, she said to the secretary in front of her who was on the phone, “Good morning, Kathy,” in her most cordial voice. “Good morning, Ashley,” The older lady said. “Mr. Bagwell wants to see you,” “Yes, ma’am.” “You’re welcome,” The secretary named Kathy said....Read On



Camelia is a widow and so is her neighbor. Both have needs...

Her name was Camelia. It was such an old fashioned Southern name that fit her perfectly. For most of her adult life, she had taught music at a local school but after her husband passed away, she abruptly quit her job and began teaching piano to students in her home. "It's not because of the students," she once told me. "It's the paperwork and the lack of support from the administration....Read On



What happened that night will always be a mystery. Or will it?

It took a while for my eyes to focus on the red dashed lines over the black backdrop. My phone buzzed again, lying next to the clock so that I still couldn’t make it out. As I reached for it, with my eyes blurry it felt like it was further away than normal. Inching over to it, I picked it up. My phone felt a little bigger in my hand. I was still having problems focusing in on anything. My...Read On


Fallen Angel Freedom

Natasha finds her freedom

How often does one get opportunity to rewrite your story and correct mistakes you’ve made in the past? I wondered, as I sashayed ahead of Petra and her husband Gert, carrying their luggage, to show them their bungalow. I was conscious of every naked part of my exposed body, the swaying of my boobs, their hard nipples, my belly and my naked backside. Most of all, I could feel the...Read On


The Polka Dot Blue Dress with Silver Moons

A woman can't find the right present to give her lover, so gives a single perfect moment.

It was your birthday and I didn't have anything to give you. I'd searched every online shopping site I could find and nothing suitable was listed. I decided I'd give you a present like no other you ever had, a single perfect moment. While you were at work I spent the morning making sure I was absolutely at my best. I trimmed my landing strip, shaved my lips, and waxed my legs. I rubbed...Read On

Recommended Read

Lo! Baphomet! III. Sweet Child O' Mine

Series: Lo! Baphomet!

Lost in a labyrinth with Nazis and the demonic Children of Baphomet – Chris is utterly fucked!

For the second time in less than a week, I woke up in a different location to where I had lost consciousness. Far less comfortable than the previous awakening, this time, I lay on bare, uneven rock. At least, it's warm , I thought, and then winced, as the dried come that encrusted my body and had welded me to this floor pulled at my skin when I attempted to get up. I remained still and...Read On


Change of Season

“Pull my nipples, Boss.”

The rain bounced off the storefront window like tiny pebbles. Without sentiment, wave after wave of wind pushed in the fall months. Temperatures were dropping, the tourists were leaving and Diana Foster was looking at a long, off-season alone. During the summer months Diana’s fabric store was a favorite among the well-heeled women from Manhattan and the Boston suburbs. Busy from opening...Read On


A Camping Trip Leads to a Bi Adventure

A true story about the first time that I sucked off a friend. Part 1

This is a true story (mostly), names and some other details have been changed to protect the identities of the people involved. ------ This happened in the late 1980s.  I was twenty-two at the time, my friend Greg was twenty-five, we were both single, but had girlfriends at the time.  One of the things that Greg and I used to do a lot was go fishing. We were into fresh water fishing on many...Read On


Immoral Wife

Series: Owning a SlutWife

I was living in sin with an immoral woman. I shared my bed with a whore. Nikki was married. She wore her husband's wedding ring on her hand. I was fucking another man's wife. Nikki was a thin, sexy redhead with a handful of tits and a cute bubble ass. She turned me on.   I regularly used Nikki's mouth and pussy as the means to make me cum.  She readily submitted herself for my pleasure. ...Read On


My Wife-to-be Received The Cane

Punishment can bring so much pleasure.

Mike knew his wife since they were at school together. She'd been the most striking of girls, and there wasn't a boy in the school who wouldn't have relished calling her their partner. Melissa had been seventeen and he was just a couple of months her junior. They were both been captains of their houses, very popular with their peers and teachers alike. Although he'd never dated Melissa,...Read On


The Frozen Food Aisle

Strangers meet in the frozen food aisle in a supermarket and end up in bed

When Michael Brogan entered the frozen food aisle in his local supermarket the first thing that caught his eye was those buttocks. The buttocks were in tight green trousers and they belonged to a female bending over to reach an item in a compartment and from the angle that Michael was viewing he could see the rounded contours of both cheeks. As the woman straightened up it was clear that she...Read On


Meeting My Aunt's Needs

A visit to my Aunt turns out to be my best sexual experience.

It was in the summer holidays just after I graduated from high school and I went to visit my cousin, as I was bored at home. His mom invited me in and hugged me, remarking on how much I’d grown up since my last visit and how handsome I’d become. She was wearing a towel and told me that she just got out of the shower, as Stephen and his dad were fishing and Kelly was apparently working late....Read On


Mature Married Man Discovers a Hunger for His Friends

My old best friend convinces me to suck his cock on a fishing trip, and I suck other friends too.

My name is Ethan, and my wife, Jenny, and I were lucky to have been born and raised in the Savannah, Georgia area, and then able to find good jobs and raise our family here. We are in our mid-fifties now, and our children are grown and own their own, living in Atlanta. Jenny and I have a lot of good friends from high school who are still in the area, and she sees her old girlfriends socially...Read On

Audio version available

Caught With My Ex

I didn't think you'd mind me fucking my Ex... I was wrong.

Your cock loves it when I tell you stories about my ex.  You also love it when I fuck other men, so I didn't think you'd mind if I fucked my ex before you got home.  I was wrong. ...Read On


Breeding Mommy: Chapter VIII

Series: Breeding Mommy

Fit, busty mommy and her teen son enter a new chapter of their relationship

Click The door to the hotel room unlocked as I swiped the key card through the slot. I opened the door and stepped inside the dark room to find the light switch waiting for me on the side wall. Flicking it up, the lights illuminated a generously sized room with a single king-sized bed and a view over the city. Off to the side was a bright, spacious washroom with white tile floors and a...Read On

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