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Becoming a Hotwife

Her husband knew she couldn't remain faithful, so they made an arragement....

“The first time I cheated I was in my twenties,” Stela told me.   We were in a quiet cafe in the middle of the afternoon.  It was the first time we’d met in person after connecting on a dating app. “I hadn’t been married long and I wasn’t very experienced when I met my husband.  I was a good Puerto Rican Catholic girl if you can believe it. Sex wasn’t a priority for him.  Even as newlyweds,...Read On


Haven And Inessa Flex Their Friendship

As Skylar walks out, Heidi needs to act fast.

"Heidi, hurry up and go after her," Inessa advised me, leaning to me. "Don't let her get away." "I'm naked, though." "Who cares? The woman you love is getting away," Haven whined, waving her hands at me. I bit down on my bottom lip, but after twenty seconds, they both got up and shoved me towards the door. I felt to be in a sauna, but I had to make a move. "Fuck it, I love you two,"...Read On


Sixty-Nine Reasons to Wake Up in the Morning

I’m a young tiger toying with its prey, allowing its victim to imagine the outcome is still in doubt

Sleep gradually and reluctantly gives way to wakefulness as the morning sun peeps through a tiny gap in the curtains. My first awareness is of you stroking my face as I lay nestled on your shoulder, your fingers tender on my soft skin. Good morning! I swim slowly up to consciousness and my fingers begin to wander, slowly exploring your chest, your stomach. You inhale sharply as I toy with...Read On


Sex After Life Part 4

Roxy and Bailey share eight Brazilian cocks on camera...

It was on that trip to LA, Roxy cheated for the first time.  As they drove up from San Diego to L.A., Bailey started feeling sick.  They pulled over and Bailey began vomiting. Turns out, Bailey had a stupid pregnancy pact with three of her slutty friends from high school and had been taking unprotected loads from random dudes for the last month and a half.  Roxy drove to the nearest...Read On


Riding the Sybian

Experiencing that ripple of sensation that escalates into ecstasy.

He wanted me to try it. At first, I was reluctant, but my curiosity got the best of me. Could it be as good as he said? I thought to myself as I took off my clothes and moved toward the waiting Sybian. Upright on my knees, I looked to him with inquiring eyes.  He gave me an encouraging nod and watched as I took a deep breath and tentatively threw my leg over to straddle the curved...Read On


How Far Would I Go For Love 9

Series: How Far Would I Go For Love

Tying up loose ends...

Jerry woke and saw that his right leg was in a cast along with his left arm. He was hooked to an IV and the standard monitors. His right hand rubbed his chin. Feels like three days of growth. I’m not bound, and it does look like a regular hospital. Jerry drifted back to sleep.   oOo   Hanna had been home for three days and told Julie everything she remembered about what had...Read On

Comp Entry

Twice As Nice

Marina overhears her gay male neighbors in the bedroom and her imagination drives her wild.

Marina lay back on her bed and tossed an extra pillow under her legs with a sigh.  They say that Christmas is the happiest season, but working at customer service in a retail store made it impossible to see the joy in it all; there were too many screaming kids and too many people pretending to care about others while trying to spend as little as possible on gifts.  It had been a long day at...Read On



Social distancing can be enjoyed

It was the first evening that the weather had been warm enough so I opened my curtains and then the sliding window and stepped out onto my balcony. The fresh, Spring air was a tonic and I placed my glass of wine on the balcony table and sat in the rattan chair and revelled in the view of the rooftops of the city. I’d left the lights off in my sitting room to reduce light pollution but also so...Read On


The Entrapment of Ceri - Part 2

Ceri had answered the call, there was no return

Over a week had passed since Ceri had stayed with Sara. She'd kept Sara's panties, unwashed and in her own drawer. She felt odd, every time she went near them, she could feel an urge, a want that she couldn't explain. The aroma, although fading, was unmistakably Sara's. She was being stupid, they were just a dirty pair of knickers belonging to another girl. She decided to keep them a...Read On

Comp Entry

Stretching Susan

It was just supposed to be a gag gift...

Susan was cleaning up after the party at her place. Her girlfriends from work had decided to throw her a surprise birthday party (how they found out it was her birthday, she still didn't know!) and now that they had gone, she was picking up the napkins and wine glasses and other trappings of her party. It had been a fun time, despite her being a bit sad at becoming "the big thirty-five"...Read On


A Son Comforts His Widowed Mum Ch. 2

Son discovers mum's love of rough sex.

The morning after the night after the funeral, in which my mother and I had slept together, in both senses of the phrase, I woke up naked and alone. I yanked on a pair of jeans and stumbled, bleary-eyed out of the door and found Mum in the flat's tiny kitchen chatting with Hal, my flat-mate. She was perched on a kitchen stool with her attractive nylon-encased legs crossed. She was jiggling...Read On


Karen and the Plug

Karen gets caught with someone else's butt plug

Karen picked up Bobbie’s discarded butt plug.  She didn’t know why Bobbie hadn’t taken it with her, but from the smells still permeating the air in the lavatory, she had a good guess.  Well, that and seeing the disheveled Bobbie slipping out the back way gave her a pretty good clue.  She took it to one of the sinks and was washing it when the door opened and Morgan walked in. Morgan was...Read On


Caught Ch 1

Brian gets caught writing erotica at work

It was after hours and the lights from one end of the office to the other were dimmed.   Stuart watched with unrestrained glee as Yvette slowly walked toward him through the dimness, each step a study in eroticism.   Yvette worked in the accounting department at his office. She was in her forties, but looked much younger. Her face had the typical moon-like qualities of most Asian...Read On


The Milf and The Wolf - Mutual Seduction

As the day slipped into night and the moon was on the rise I sat quietly on a stool at the quaint little bar downtown. I was in town for a business meeting, but I wanted time to relax after a long hard day. I looked at my ring then down to my hot wife anklet, wondering what the night would bring. I was free for the night as my sexually incapable husband was back home hundreds of miles away....Read On


Lonely Twenties: Going remote

How two coworkers enjoy remote work

“Yeah give it a nice wiggle, thank you. Oh yeah baby!” said Lisa, groaning and standing up as the wet middle finger made its way into her anus. The beauty was naked along with her lover, now standing over him. Lisa was on the trip with Arvan and a couple other coworkers for a project but the virus had shut down all travel. The group was stranded in a smaller town without much to do and to...Read On


Tim and Abbie 10: Another Saturday

Series: Tim and Abbie

Tim and Abbie find a fun way to spend Saturday evening at home

Tim wakes up early, realizing he is still holding Abbie on his chest.  He rubs Abbie’s back and works his way down to massage her ass cheeks.  He realizes with the two spankings of Abbie’s bottom, he is getting very attracted to doing that when needed.  The feel of Abbie’s ass cheeks, its softness, and yes, even how it glows when spanking it.  Tim feels the heat emanating from her bum after...Read On


I Like to Dip Mine in Milf

Oh, the MILF. I had never heard the word before, but know it all too well now. I was just a broke college boy, looking for some extra cash. My dad suggested lawn care. He further suggested I look for work on one of the wealthiest streets in our city - Cherry Blossom Lane. His theory was the rich don't like to mow their own grass. Turns out Pops was right, but some of the residents needed...Read On


The Aftermath of Wife's Awakening

Does the wife want to continue the private game?

Mike wakes up at his regular time the next day and thinks, TGIF. After this week, he can use a long weekend to relax. Entering the bedroom after his shower, he looks at his sleeping wife. It’s hard to imagine it was just yesterday she and Chuck were in bed together as he was getting ready for work. In spite of his being as quiet as he can, Lynn stirs. She stretches her body exposing...Read On


My Secret Addiction: Chapter 4

Series: My Secret Addiction

It's a new day and their marriage will never be the same again.

I was alone walking through the empty school showers until I came upon them. Two young girls moaning into the tiled wall while their black lovers had their way with them. I froze and just stared. Their moans and yelps were echoing through the large room as the two young men pounded into their bodies. One of the girls turned to look right at me, her piercing blue eyes caught mine, it was Leah. ...Read On


Was It A Dream?

Succubus disguised as an escort

I nervously paced back and forth in my home waiting for the escort that I had called for while constantly checking my breath to see if it smelled good as well as my body. I felt like taking another shower but was worried that the escort would arrive while I was in the shower. As I continued to pace, I wondered what she would look like, hoping that she was as attractive as her profile picture....Read On


Journey Of A Tgirl - Act Four

Babygurl Sam meets Max.

I had been corresponding with Max for over eight months now and he was coming to my city to meet with me.   When the day finally arrived, the butterflies were making me nauseous. I told Beverly, my best friend's mother, about the meeting and she insisted on driving me, meeting Max, and checking the situation out for my safety. Beverly helped me pick out a dress and it took me forever...Read On

Recommended Read

Fuck, Marry, Kill

You give me the gift of a larger world.

He met her in a bar in New York City the night before the Lockdown hit. Outside the bar the downtown streets brayed with energy. Those who walked out there did so as a self-selecting crowd, willing to break curfew, risk arrest, get drunk, get laid, catch the God-damned Monkey Flu and die, all in one, fell, apocalyptic swoop. It was the night before a pandemic closed down a towering giant of...Read On


The Older Sister (Ch. 01)

Sibling tie-up games become sexual

“Keys. Ten minutes?” Jake called, poking his head into his sister’s room. Elena nodded briefly, barely looking up from her phone. She waited until Jake had left before smiling from behind a wall of blonde hair, pleased that she was already dressed provocatively in her hip hugging pencil skirt. She touched the soft grey pattern material that enclosed her fit body and pictured how she might...Read On

Comp Entry

The Shopping Trip

Two girlfriends go shopping and get much more than they bargained for.

Laura was sound asleep when I woke on Saturday morning. I got up, made us both a coffee, and brought it back to bed. She stirred as I pulled back the bedroom curtains, letting in the sunlight. “Morning babe. I made you a coffee.” “Thank you. What time is it?” She asked, blinking the sleep from her eyes and propping herself up on her pillow. “It’s seven o’clock. It’s a nice day outside.” ...Read On


Sex After Life Part 3

I meet Roxy and her younger sister...

Roxy was completely confused.  She couldn’t believe I showed up out of nowhere, paid her fifteen thousand dollars to essentially let me live in her home and ignore her, and then doesn’t even speak to me for the better part of two months. I never had visitors over because I worked downtown and her home was in the ritzy suburb of La Jolla. Without traffic it was a 40 minute commute, so I...Read On


Parking Lot Surprise

A choice had to be made, "the lady or the lawsuit!"

It wasn't a great day. I was taking a local business to Small Claims Court over a few hundred dollars that I felt they owed me. I was pretty sure I'd win, but I had to personally serve a summons on the owner of the business that day, and it was just a few minutes before closing. The business was located in one of those conglomerations of buildings that begins as a single business or strip...Read On


My Friend Caught Me Having My First Orgasm PART 2

The sequal of the nonfictional story of my roommate walking in on me masturbating.

“Mind if I show you what I mean?” The words hit me like a train, and I’m not sure if I’m hearing them correctly—but the look on Bianca’s face tells me I did. I smile with shaky lips. “You’re cute when you get flustered,” she says. Without thinking, I lean forward and kiss her. She makes a noise and pulls away, wide-eyed. I turn my head away. “I—I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to—” “It’s all...Read On


Payment For Services Rendered. Chapter 2: The Marionette

Christian enters the den...

The soft sounds of classical music stirred Christian from a deep sleep. He lay there, wherever there was, and tried to open his eyes. It was like they were glued shut but he relaxed and thought of the most beautiful dream he had last night.  He couldn’t remember much of it, his head was hazy and he tried to open his eyes again. He decided to leave them shut and listen to the music while...Read On

Comp Entry

To Feel Desired

April’s marriage was a complete failure.  She had married young because that’s what girls did in west Texas. Carl was a few years older and well-respected in their community and church. He was industrious and devout.  Her parents liked him. He was never a romantic, but he’d treated her with respect when they were dating. That ended not long after the wedding. She told me everything sitting...Read On

Comp Entry

Waiting For You

What is it about the sunshine on your skin that makes your nipples tingle and your pussy dampen?

Picture this, it is a beautiful summer day, the sun is shining and the air carries a heated, excited feeling with it. I am sat on the outside balcony with a cold, crisp glass of sauvignon blanc in my hand, my dark hair falling around my shoulders as I push the straps of my sundress down to avoid lines, or at least, that's what I try to tell myself. My mind has been wondering all...Read On

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