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Daddy And My Brothers Gangbanged Me For My Birthday

Melody turned twenty, so her brothers and daddy are going to give her a birthday gangbang.

Melody sat cross-legged, watching television as she folded clothes. There was always a mountain’s worth of clothes. Not surprising, considering that it’s a house with one girl, her two brothers, and her father. She could hear the constant thud of a ball outside the drive. Her brothers were playing basketball outside in the driveway. She glanced at the clock, then put down the T-shirt she...Read On

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You're So Bold

Sometimes you have to liven things up a bit on the Night Shift

The beginnings of another night shift. I pulled the navy blue scrubs denoting me as Ward Sister over my head and attached my name-badge and watch. I was still getting used to the fact I was in charge of the ward. I couldn’t quite believe they’d promoted me. Or, as my friend Molly had exclaimed, “How the fuck did they give you the job?” Staff Nurse Molly Maguire was my oldest friend. We’d...Read On


First Me Then Her: First Time Glory Hole.

Hot oral glory hole.

I am your average middle class American man for the most part. I am fifty-four years old and stand 5ft 9in and 180lbs. I am a little above average endowed right at seven inches and thicker than most. My wife is a thick but not overly large woman. She is forty-eight years old and stands 5ft 2in, 210lbs. She has nice 42ddd breast with big nipples and the kinda plump, round ass that us guys...Read On


Cat Gets Creamed, Part 2

Series: Cat Gets Creamed

Cat’s mouth and cunt both get creamed under her Domme's direction while a line forms, waiting…

Tilly’s kiss was more than just a welcoming peck. It might more properly be called a Deep Snog, complete with stroking tongues, lots of saliva, full-out groping, and twat-tingling intent. She and Cat worked on that kiss, to the point where some of the other orgy-goers stopped to appreciate it and comment. When a small crowd had gathered, and whistles started to rain down, Tilly broke, smiled...Read On


Coming Out: A Strange Fetish Revealed

A mistress reveals my fetish to an audience.

This is a story about a really strange fetish. Most people will not be able to relate to it. Maybe a few will and maybe they will even get aroused by it. There are very few of us who share this fetish. The other day, I was browsing my favorite fetish blog. A came across an ad that caught my attention. It said, "I am a professional dominatrix, named Phoenix and I am interested in...Read On


Drive-In Seduction • Chapter 11 • Consummation

Series: Drive-In Seduction

Sally awakens first and proceeds to take matters into her own hands.

When Sally opened her eyes again, she noticed that the sunbeam that had been streaming in her window was now nowhere to be seen, meaning the sun was now directly overhead, filling the whole room with a red-yellow glow. She was laying on her side, with her back to Lenny, who was still snoring. She reached behind her to caress his firm butt, and he coughed, then rolled over onto his back.  ...Read On


Mother Knows Best

Seventeen-year-old Lori Norwood stepped off the bus that the kindly driver had stopped at the apron of her driveway thus saving her the half a block walk from the bus stop. She fished a key out of a hidden recess in her purse, opened the door, and stepped inside. She was about to call out to announce that she was home when an unknown sound reached her ears. Lori held her greetings as...Read On


Spring Break

Three friends find fun during their Spring Break

Bonnie, Tina, and Denise had been dreaming of Spring Break all winter long, and now it was finally here. They were juniors in college and, as such, all finally able to legally drink. They had planned for over a year and managed to rent a three-bedroom condo online using Bonnie’s older brother Joe’s name and credit card. Joe was twenty-nine and happy to help the girls out. He remembered how...Read On


Bridget (Part 2)

I'd Just Met Her And This....

I'd just started working with Bridget about six months earlier when I'd gone to third shift. She's a bit on the bigger side compared to girls I'd done stuff with, and I knew a bit older. For the last couple of years, I'd been doing stuff with my stepdaughter's friends in the sixteen-eighteen range, and I'd done stuff with a couple others that I knew who liked to flirt, fuck around and have fun....Read On


Did It Really Happen? Part 4

Laura and Sheila became closer in their wantonness

In a matter of weeks, I’d gone from staid English housewife to some kind of insatiable slut. In the hours before David got home from China, I tried to reason with myself. I tried to convince myself that I would turn over a new leaf, I’d be pleased to see him, I’d try to reinvent our sex life, I’d probably try to stay away from meeting with Sheila quite so much.  “All with the best...Read On


How Diana Overcame Her Shyness Ch. 03

Diana begs to be treated like a slave.

Diana held out for as long as she could - which turned out to be not very long. Even as she hurried back to her room that night her footsteps unconsciously slowed as her mind returned, over and over, to what had just happened. She would shake it off and pick up the pace again, only to find herself drifting like a sleepwalker once more, her hand having crept under her shirt to touch the...Read On


The Sun I Can't See - CH. 01

Love story about a latex girl who is a bit special.

I decided to come to this small park to relax. It was just in front of the big luxury apartment building where I lived, a big skyscraper. One could say I was quite lucky to have this area just across the street because, in such a big city, there was not a lot of green space anymore. To me, it was vital to be able to go to a place where I could just sit down to smell and hear the remainder...Read On


Sometime Around Midnight

A blind date

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your white dress and sexy underthings lie next to my clothes in a pile by the coffee table. The memory of our first night plays through my mind: the blind date, the quiet conversation, the laughter. Both of us thirst for the inevitable conclusion. Tonight, I drink your intoxicating aura from the flames in your eyes. We lie naked on the couch, me in the back, and...Read On


Paramour Carrousel

I’m having trouble reading you sometimes. First, you lapped me up like a stray dog in heat, but not quite. On nights when we drank together, nothing much else seemed to matter but the moment, until the sun showed us we pushed it too far again and you really needed to clean your coffee table. Too many fingerprints on the glasses. Almost out of cigarettes. Never have I heard so many words...Read On


Veronique’s First Time Sailing. Chap.2

Veronique is happy to get away from Max, but is Aaron going to want to see her after this weekend?

As we sailed out of Tryphena Harbour, I looked back and could see Tony’s van disappearing up the road to his house.  I thought to myself, that Max was probably going to get a bit of a roasting from Valerie while he waited at their place before leaving for his flight. I turned, and asked Ryker when it was decided to fly Max out?  He replied that it was all sorted out after Valerie had spoken...Read On


Loving Lydia (Secret Powers 11)

Series: Secret Powers

I visit Lydia for some great loving

When I wake up in the morning, I go pee, then come back and check my phone. I look at the picture Lydia sent last night and instantly get wet. I rub my pussy a little but then I decide not to cum. I want to make love with Lydia for real and wait to cum with her. I check the weather forecast, and I see that it's going to be very hot today. I select shorts and a tight tank top to wear, with...Read On


Strange Way to Arrange a Spanking

A maid earns a spanking and then turns the tables.

I own a successful training company specializing in courses for large Blue-Chip enterprises. The job excites me, always has, and I get to spend the majority of my time traveling. I also get the benefit of being able to work from home. The workweek is typical, Monday through Friday, nothing out of the ordinary, so I look for ways to spice it up, so to speak. That is where my passion for...Read On


Between the April Showers

After being teased the neighbouring, farmer’s daughter. I had no other choice to relieve myself.

In Britain, we often experience several different season’s weather in a day. One minute there’s glorious spring sunshine — then, before you realise, the heavens have opened and there’s rain or even hail, sleet, and snow. These changes move rapidly on the wind and showers can pass within minutes, leaving the sun to burst through the clouds and we’re back in warm sunshine. A typical...Read On


Sandy Begins To Live Again - Pt 3

Sandy gets her gang bang

The sun was just peeking over the horizon as Sandy took her first sip of coffee, sitting on her back porch. It was 6:00 am. She had left Francine in bed to get some more sleep. Sandy was so energized that she was surprised she’d actually gotten the four hours of sleep that she did. She was thinking about the last day and what an amazing awakening it had been. The morning chill made her...Read On


Unexpected Swap Leads To Lifetime Sharing - Part 1

Series: Unexpected Swap Leads To Lifetime Sharing

Married couple want same room sex with another couple and end up swapping.

My wife and I had been married for two years at the time this took place. She was twenty-three and I was twenty-six. Her DD-cup breasts had always drawn attention and I always got turned on when she wore clothes that showed them off. I remember one time before we were married, Julie was seventeen and I was twenty. We were at a wedding and Julie was wearing a silk dress with no bra and the...Read On


Through The Sliding Door Part 1: Reunion

I imagine how life would have been if I'd met one of my newer friends earlier.

“Was that vanilla or white chocolate?” “Hmm?” I snapped out of my daze. “Oh, yeah. White chocolate. Sorry, Enrique, I’ve got a lot on my mind.” “It’s okay, Rissa,” he gave me his usual charming smile. “A large white chocolate Grinder, okay. And, uh, should I help you out again tonight?” “Oh, you’re a sweetheart, Enrique, but I’m just not feeling up to it. Sorry to disappoint you.” I shook...Read On


WWT: The Library

A girl finds herself trapped in the spider's lair.

There was something happening to the world. She could not place her intuition, just that each day seemed more isolated. Sure, Nicole told herself that this sort of thing happened. Her friends had boyfriends, careers, lives away from her. But still, she could not shake the realization that it had been months since she’d really seen anyone… Or done anything… Okay, so it happens to a lot...Read On


At the Farm - Part two

Lisa is starting to suspect something is going on between her master and Sara.

Sara scooped up some more water and poured it over the new maid's head. Her curly, sunny yellow hair straightened when it got wet, and lay tightly over her shoulders and bare breasts. The new girl - Lisa - had put her arms tightly around her breasts as she sank into the bathtub, and had not yet let go. "So how long have you worked for Mr. Karlsson?" Sara recognized Lisa's words as an...Read On


Second Try - Got it

Series: The Electrician

Our second attempt at catching it on tape...

Lisa had already apologized for not turning the camera on, but she continued to apologize several more times throughout the day while I was at work.  I told her it was OK every time she apologized.  Then she texted, “ I guess we could just do it again, and I’ll make sure to turn on the camera this time.” I thought to myself how weird this was.  She didn’t seem eager, but she didn’t...Read On


Till It Happens Twice

An old friend of my ex's comes back into my life

It was Neema’s skin that really attracted me to her. I had met her years before and she seemed nice enough, but as she was a colleague of my ex-wife, I hadn’t lingered over any thoughts about her. Then one day, I helped her as she struggled to get out of our very small car and I felt her upper arms. She was Guyanese, with fabulously dark skin that had a sort of sheen to it and felt like...Read On


A Moment (Or Two) Of Weakness

A trip worth so much more

As the whiskey poured into her glass, Skylar looked at her husband wondering what he was thinking. Liam was always the strong silent type and at times, Skylar felt like she had to really pry to get anywhere with him. She was starting to feel a little tipsy when he asked, “Do you have any new fantasies for us in the bedroom?” Unsure if it was the whiskey or finally him asking a question...Read On


Tim and Abbie 50: At the Pub for the Match

Series: Tim and Abbie

Meeting Tim's mates for the first time

Friday arrives, and Abbie drives herself to work, telling Tim she will see him at home afterward.  She is a bundle of nerves today and keeps admonishing herself to relax and not worry.  She is experiencing the same worries as she did over the party at Microga.  Abbie tells herself to look at how well that worked out, worrying for nothing. Abbie herself has self-esteem issues almost equal...Read On


College slut first threesome

Told him to invite his friend

It was a Friday night in the early 2000s. College nightlife was lively. A group of coed friends decided to hang out. Clubbing, dancing, drinking, eating. In the midst of it was Steven flirting with me. Now he had a girlfriend, who was younger and looked up to me. She was nowhere to be found that night. That he constantly made his way by my side throughout the night. We shared many sexy gazes...Read On


Caroline and Steve Episode 2

One hot sunny day, Steve and Caroline experienced something very special

It was a hot and sultry afternoon in August. Me and Caroline were on our settee, sweltering in the heat. That day, a friend of Caroline had come over to see us. She and Caroline had been sunbathing out in the garden for a couple of hours, but the sun was too strong that day so they had decided to come indoors hoping to cool off. Karen, Caroline’s friend, was an attractive and shapely woman...Read On


The Journal Of A Young Escort Ch. 3

The party continues and its aftermath...

After agreeing to have sex with both Jon and Mark and watching Jon remove his clothes; I turned my attention back to Mark.  His cock was deep inside my pussy and I started to move my hips and grind into him and enjoyed his moans of pleasure.  I liked sex a great deal and having already given Jon a blow job, allowing him to cum over my breasts. I gave Mark a blow job less than an hour later,...Read On

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