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Cyber-Flashed - Chapter III

Series: Cyber-Flashed

Julia meets Charles' wife, Annette, on the journey home and seeds are sown...

“Is everything okay?” Julia turned and smiled at John. She may have been standing close to him waiting for a taxi to take them into the city centre but she was miles away. Charles had smiled and winked at her as the stepped onto the station platform before disappearing into the crowd. Her mind was elsewhere. “I’m fine,” she told him. “Just a little tired.” “I shouldn’t have brought you...Read On


Simon's Instruction In The Oral Arts

A bi-curious newbie gets a long-awaited taste of oral delights.

After my sexually stale straight marriage ended a few years ago, I flung myself into getting as much sex as I could. I had always known that I was bisexual but had not had the time to explore the gay side of my sexuality. So I had very limited experience of sex with other men. Over the next few years, I became quite experienced in gay lovemaking. I found most of my sex partners through gay...Read On


Payback Can be Fun

Finally, a chance to payback the most romantic night of my life.

Payback can be Fun   I was sitting in my home office, working on the laptop that I use for work when suddenly my personal computer ‘dinged’ indicating that I had a new email. I was not in the middle of anything too involved, so I slid my chair back over to the desk where my personal computer sits and moved the mouse to wake up the screen.   Sure enough, the top listing in my Inbox was...Read On


Penny's Promiscuity - 46 to 47 - Revelations

Hot Wife discovers she is not the only one in the family with secrets

Chapter Forty-Six They say that the older one gets, the faster time seems to pass. They also say that when you have children, time simply flies past so as parents in our fifties, you can imagine how time seemed to rocket by for Pete and me. Before we knew it, January had ended, February was upon us and Leanne was three months old. Still small for her age, she was unquestionably the...Read On


I Think You're Right Ch. 2

A college student learns he can control his girlfriend's mom with hypnotic triggers

Chapter 2   A week later, Shaun lay on Amanda’s bed while she rode his cock. As sexy as his girlfriend looked, his mind was on her mother and the scene that would play out with the doctor later that day. As the possibilities entered his mind, his urgency increased. He rolled Amanda over and began pounding her hard. She buried her face in his shoulder, biting his muscles to muffle...Read On


Social Working Gangbang Gal in Glasgow (Part 1)

Series: Glasgow Social Worker

I take on a little social work by becoming a sexy worker

  I never thought a five day trip to Glasgow with Rachel could end up being so revealing, or rewarding.   Of all things, and I cannot remember how it came about. Rachel had agreed to, shall we say perform, with a group of older guys. It all sounded tame enough, but I was seconded to provide company on the journey down, as well as meet up with my then-girlfriend. We also had another...Read On


Dreamscape 03: The Next Step

Series: Dreamscape

Matt and Robyn take it up one more level

Things are starting to change.  Everyday life for Matt and Robyn is becoming less important.  The real time for them is when they meet at the bench and relive their past.  The beginning of their sexual discovery with each other.  After the lustful start the day they met, things slowed down a good bit.  They were taking their time to get to know and enjoy each other's bodies. It now is...Read On


My Puppet Penny

"Hello, my name is Penny, and I am a submissive." That statement sounds similar to the opening of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, doesn't it? Well, it is actually the opening to a munch meeting. Kinksters like me get together to share our erotic desires, gaining support and understanding from other like-minded people. Today, we have a newbie - Rick. Let me tell you, he is one tall drink...Read On

Comp Entry

Cassandra of the Hetari

A mysterious woman seduces a common man on her journey to protect Mother Earth

I have a destiny. Not of fate or divine cause, yet one I have a duty to fulfill. It has been thus since my birth. It was the destiny of my mother and hers, and hers before, going back countless generations. It has not been forced upon me, yet it is as inescapable as the dawn. I am Cassandra of the Hetari, a Sisterhood of Courtesans who serve the Great Families of the Seven Lands. For...Read On

Comp Entry

Ryan's Story

Every story has a beginning; this one begins in a few more paragraphs. Ryan Nathan Alexander will be riding his blue New Holland tractor in the nude. It's a Boomer tractor designed to be used on hobby farms. Boomer tractors are compact twenty-six-horsepower tractors sold to successful upper-middle-class people who never grow crops. They own enough land that a sixty-inch belly mower is needed...Read On


Jenn's First Love Chapter 3

Jenn and Brian's First Intimate Encounter

Thanksgiving 2004   Once the hockey season got in full swing, between practices, twice a day conditioning session, away games and studying, Brian had no time for me. I waited for Brian outside the locker room after practice on Wednesday just to confirm that he was still planning on Thanksgiving with my family. As he approached, I had to restrain myself from throwing my arms around his...Read On

Recommended Read


Series: After Dark

He’d left me alone for the hour. He hadn’t even satisfied himself, just left me tied, splayed and dripping and alone with my thoughts. I hadn’t met the man with the accent before. I was sure of that. What did it matter anyway? I’d know him soon enough. The seconds ticked into minutes. I flexed and stretched best I could to ease the tension. To stop from wondering. It didn’t work. Two men....Read On


Darling Wife Ashley Comes To The UK And I Have Her On A Dating Site

I get her on a dating site to make new friends and she goes all the way on her first date.

My lovely wife, Ashley, had recently moved to this country from Mauritius. Although she was now nearly forty, her body was still slim and cute. She has small nicely formed breasts and a pert little arse, her tummy is tight as a drum.  Ashley had come from a bustling and lively hotel with more social life than perhaps she realized. Although she had some family here, it was a bit of a...Read On

My Sister The Nurse

Everything we grew up believing was wrong for us.

I grew up in a rural suburb of a major city on the east coast.  Ours was a normal family by most accounts.  We lived in a small rambler at the edge of our development.  Our family was friendly with all of our neighbors.  My sister and I were the only children of a loving couple.  We are fraternal twins, but unlike many twins, we weren't very close.  All through our childhood, my sister and...Read On


Completing My Visit To Joann's Club Paradise

Finishing the experience of a lifetime at a cross dressers' resort for someone like me.

It was the second day at Joann’s Club Paradise. We finished our breakfast and decided to lay by the pool since we were all up late the night before. After a few hours, I told Gail I wanted to go to the salon to have my wig and breast forms checked. She told Tom and Vince we needed to fetch some “lady things” and we would return in an hour.   Amanda was at the salon counter when we went in....Read On


Coffee, Tea or Three? - Part 2 of 3

Boy likes girl. And her mom. And her mom.

“I’m pretty sure he’ll be giving me a call.” ---- Bobby phoned Summer on Tuesday night. They chatted for a few minutes before he got around to the purpose of the call. “I’ve been thinking about kissing you for two days,” he said. “I’d like to do some more of that.” “Okay.” “Would you like to have dinner with me Saturday night?” “Yes, that would be nice.” “How about if I pick you up...Read On


In here

Fuck! That's it! Pork me!

Brianna smiled lightly to herself as she set her phone down and casually went back to chopping vegetables for dinner watching her guests outside as she stood at the kitchen island. When she saw the shadow from behind her she took a step back and leaned forward a bit bracing herself on the kitchen island. "You wanting something?" Corban chuckled as he slid Brianna's sundress up her...Read On


After Midnight Chapter 16

Rhona, Candice's mother is let into the secrets, and gives up her own.

There was an awkward moment when Candice looked at Andy, trying unsuccessfully to read his expression. She thought about saying something, but Marsha pulled her away. “I’ll help you get ready,” she said. “What’s going on?” Candice said as soon as they were in the bedroom. “I don’t have a clue girl, but would Andy pull a stunt like that without a good reason?” “Yeah, but what reason?”...Read On


Rental Agreement, Chapter 2

Carl had come through for her in a big way. It was time to thank him properly...

Melanie Chambers sat there in her landlord's basement apartment, nursing the first cup of coffee she'd had in over three months. She had come down to his apartment to give him an answer to a very unusual and quite salacious opportunity he had presented to her.  Melanie was three months late on her rent and he had given her a way to pay it back and help her with her future rent as well… ...Read On


The Office Whore - Part 30

Reina has lunch with her twin sister Sydney, while Chad appears to have a secret with a "hot" blonde

With her wedding less than two months away, Reina Kelly was wondering if it might be time to mend fences with her twin sister, Sydney. Eight years they had been at odds with each other and, recently, Syd had held out an olive branch by way of sending her an email. She wanted to meet for lunch, which seemed harmless enough. Even though she had a nagging feeling that Sydney hadn’t changed a bit...Read On


University Sex Slave (Part 3)

Series: University Sex Slave

The big fat messy and chilling climax to my dirty weekend

Here was another of many things that occurred over the weekend I had never considered. To be tortured by fellow females. I was sure of one thing. If I agreed the guys would be rock hard by the end. Seeing the girl give that small half-smile gave me the confidence to play along with her. “If your man enough to try, I’m woman enough to take it!” I boasted. “Do what you will.” I had no idea...Read On


The Initiate

Her introduction to erotic bondage

It wasn’t our first date, but it was still her first “scene.” We had gone through a basic checklist over dinner and established the standard traffic light safeword system. I’d been a perfect gentleman and she’d been a perfect lady. In the car on the way to my place, she got the first taste of what was to come – I ordered her to hike up her dress and give me her panties, which I smelled...Read On

Recommended Read

What My Flowers Said - Ch. 8

Series: What My Flowers Said

A D/s romance set in Montreal

Chapter 8 Everyone was hurrying home before the storm hit. The train, always busy this time of day, was bursting at the seams now with people all bundled up in wool or vinyl, either swiping along the screens of their phones, or else gazing blankly into the abyssal blackness of the tunnel. I tried hard to avoid any eye contact. In a sea of commuters in grey wool and starched white cotton,...Read On


My Visit To Rio Carnival

I managed to dance completely naked with the samba school in full view of thousands of people.

I was just eighteen then, still at school. I had taken a drop that year. So I was visiting my aunt in Canada. Since it was my first trip to North America, I also wanted to visit the USA and some countries in South America. After visiting the USA, Jamaica and Mexico, when I arrived back in Canada, it was the first week of February. I still had a few months before school and some money remaining....Read On


A Promise to Not Love You

On this plush afternoon on the boat, we are ready for sex, but you have a story to tell....

“Do you know what I dreamt of last night?” you ask, easing yourself down upon my lap, facing me. It is so easy to simply stare at you, breathe in your familiar beauty. You squeeze in closer to my chest such that my bare cock reacts immediately, sending a jolt of pleasure through my body as it brushes against your warm, soft underbelly. You have always been wretched this way. “Another sex...Read On


New Neighbor - Chapter Three

Carl steps up his domination over me...

I wasn't comfortable with my new neighbor, Carl. He was leading me down a path I was having a hard time admitting I wanted to trek. The series of firsts, from casually chatting with a nude neighbor, all too soon developed into my accepting his cock into my mouth whenever he demanded it. I questioned my sexuality as much as my masculinity.   I never thought that I'd ever be left on my knees...Read On


Her Roomie

We'll try to be quiet...

Valerie and I had just gotten back from a night on the town and were kinda drunk from clubbing. We had started having sex with each other two weeks after we met. So, we were at our one-month point, and the sex was off the chart. We were doing it anywhere and everywhere we could, but never in front of anyone, until now. Anyways, we made our way into Val's bedroom. She was wearing a...Read On



Virgin wife cheated and kicked out, returns a slut and rekindles marriage.

Freshly out of the military and 21 I knew I had to get a good job and was looking in earnest. My finances were OK but not finite so I was in conservation mode and because I was my social life was all but non-existent. Luckily there was a cheap movie theater within walking distance. I went to a couple of times a week and after I would go to an all-night diner, sit at the counter nursing my...Read On


BJ Therapy

A BJ a day keeps the doctor away.

Jessie Newman sat at the kitchen table staring at a picture of her sixteen-year-old son Jake hanging from the kitchen wall. "I'm really worried about Jake," she said suddenly, an expression of sadness on her pretty face. "Why, what's wrong with him?" I replied, not turning my eyes from the newspaper. "He seems okay to me." "He's been so miserable of late. He's not been sleeping enough,...Read On


Chapter 30, Funeral’s Resurrection of Succubus And Last Gasps

Series: Balinese Puppet Shadows

After menopause the wife panics on thinking of herself as no longer being a woman.

My time with the Captain built more self-esteem than confessing to an angel for forgiveness. I told Gabriel there was nothing wrong with him. Now I told myself there was nothing wrong with me. The truth was different. It was a memorial that caused another. W ho am I ? The funeral was for an acquaintance, a minor ghost from the past. She attended Notre Dame with me but never rode in my...Read On

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