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Livia The Bad Employee

A girl is punished at work and considers some payback.

Livia Behrends got greedy, and then she got sloppy and as well as greedy. She was the assistant bookkeeper in the offices of a small restaurant chain. With the cash coming in, she figured she could pilfer a bit of it without it being noticed. Then she moved into straight embezzlement. She was good with computer programs, and the total wasn’t that much, about twenty-five hundred dollars....Read On


The 25 Year Itch Chapter 16: Touch Me In The Morning Part 3

Series: The 25 Year Itch

Paul and Maggie meet up after their nights with different lovers

I was feeling a sense of panic and dread, as well as a pounding headache, when the taxi picked me up from Elaine’s small hotel.  The driver wasn’t talkative, for which I was grateful.  He just started driving towards Michael’s apartment through the dark night.  I kept looking at my phone but there was no reply from Maggie to my confused message of earlier.   I was cross with myself for...Read On

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Undecided- Decision made

Series: Undecided

Once a girl has made her mind up, he has no option.

The decision, once made, was so enjoyable, and so easily executed.  ...Read On


A Carnal Neighborly Arrangement

My mature, retired neighbor has ED and lets me fuck his wife if I suck his and other's cocks.

Fate was in my corner when my wife, Linda, and I relocated to a community on the east coast of Florida, in anticipation of and several years before my retirement. We found a neighborhood between US Route 1 and the intercoastal waterway, only about fifteen minutes or so south of New Smyrna Beach. There’s a long, u-shaped street between the highway and the river, with a community dock jutting...Read On


Best friend made to watch

Dinner party gets out of hand.

So after the masturbating in the toilet at work fiasco, which resulted in you missing your deadline, tearing your skirt, having to go about with no knickers on, and then having to cook dinner for your Best Friend and me, it was really all starting to get a bit much. You just wanted to go to your room and have a quiet cry and a bit of a wank to finish yourself off. Instead, you had to prepare...Read On


Attack Of The Loving Dead

She died under mysterious circumstances—or did she?

“Dude, you gotta see this,” Pat said. “Fresh meat.” I rolled my eyes. There were several ways of coping with being constantly surrounded by death and putrefaction, the perks of working in the morgue-slash-autopsy of the forensics department. Pat just had this way of calling me over for every new delivery, as I called them, with the excitement of a kid on its eighth birthday party piñata. ...Read On


Spontaneous Combustion At The Hair Salon

His lust got the better of him

I had been a regular customer at the same hair salon for a couple of years, and always with the same stylist, Claire. I liked her work and enjoyed her company, and she mine. She was easy going and always greeted me warmly. Sometimes we chatted while she worked; sometimes we didn’t. There were occasional instances of mutual flirting but we had never taken things further. Our relationship...Read On


My College Roommate - Grad School Part 2

Jeremy's beautiful smile lit up the room as we finished the tour of the rental home.  He looked more sexy in his jeans and t-shirt than during the morning meeting. This was my type of man.  His smooth milk chocolate skin, sexy eyes, and body had my full attention.  Jeremy asked if I liked the place and if I had any hesitation.  The project in the basement would be finished in thirty days. ...Read On


Exploring With Our Best Friends' Daughter

The Graves succumb to their friends teenage daughter's suggestive behavior when she stays with them.

My name is Rick Graves, and I am thirty-five years old and have been joyfully hitched to Madison for fifteen years.  Our dearest friends, Molly and Jake Robertson were part of our wedding party. She was a "bridesmaid," him a "groomsman." A week ago, we attended their daughter's high school graduation where she gave the valedictorian speech. After the ceremony, the four of us waited for...Read On


Julie's Revenge

Julie gets revenge for Kevin's cheating with four of his friends

My Name is Julie.  I grew up on the Southern California coast.  I was a typical California girl for the most part.  However, being raised by a single parent and a little on the heavy side, I was self-conscious and shy.  There were some advantages, however, to this situation as there was little distraction from my studies in school.  I did exceptionally well and was accepted into a...Read On


An Encounter On The Pier

A mature woman on holiday meets a local youth and they fuck

Shirley Thrower was a sixty-year-old woman currently on holiday at a seaside resort and at the moment she was playing the fruit machines on the local pier. She was married in as much as she lived in the same house as her husband Colin but that was about it. She was on holiday with a female friend, Gladys Jessop, and they had twin beds in a pleasant but ordinary hotel room. On this day...Read On


Another Love (Part 9)

Jade calls her parents to arrange a visit

I opened the front door after our morning walk and let the Jade go through it before me. As soon as the door shut, we started to strip off. Very quickly we were both naked, with Jade putting a set of strappy heels on she had taken to keeping by the door so she could take them off before going out and put them back on immediately we returned. I remained barefooted, glad that over the years...Read On


Keeping A Rein On Mom, Chapter 1

A son, tired of his mother's drinking and whoring around, lays down the law...

It was three o'clock in the morning on a Saturday night and time once again to go out searching the streets and back alleys for Mom.  Mom had a drinking problem and had been battling the bottle for a little over two years now. And being her only son, it was my job to take care of her and make sure she was safe. Mom's problem with alcohol started right after the divorce. Dad was away from...Read On


The Fashion Show

A revealing fashion show...

“No, Darling, you must show your tits,” came the cry from a very effeminate Pierre, the designer of a new range of clothes for the European summer collection. I rearranged my ‘tits’ in the soft multi-colored synthetic dress so that the audience could see my bobbing breasts as I walk down the ramp in the European Fashion Show in Paris, France. This year Pierre’s designs were very sexy and...Read On


Disciplinary Action

Misbehaviour will not be tolerated.

9:27 am, on the button, the office door creaked open. All the quiet figures inside turned towards the sound of groaning hinges, punctuated by the clipping of expensive heels on the tile floor. Everybody knew who it was; everybody knew she was late. They all just wanted to look. Waltzing through the door without a care – and very aware of the eyes fixed upon her – she casually flicked her...Read On


The Initial Test

Series: The Secret World of Miss Julie

Julie tests AJ to see if he is an acceptable candidate.

“Hi, Julie.” Julie turned around to see her coworker AJ standing right behind her. She playfully slapped his shoulder. “AJ! Are you trying to scare me?” Julie giggled and added with a wink, “Or just get me excited?” It was early afternoon and the store was not full of customers. Julie was working on restocking the three-door cooler near the customer service desk. AJ looked around to make...Read On


Hawk - Chapter 12

Elizabeth and Tommy take a shopping trip before they host their first football party.

O n Saturday morning, Elizabeth was still excited about the party they would be hosting the next day. She had a local guy install ‘surround sound’ speakers so they could ‘feel’ the game as well as see it. As they were sitting at the breakfast table, she told Tommy that she had ordered a popcorn machine that would be delivered before noon. “What kind of popcorn machine?” “It looks like...Read On


The Contract

After making a stupid choice, I enter into a contract with my brother.

I tried to keep one eye closed to limit my double vision as I drove on the side streets toward home.  I was returning from my boyfriend’s house, or should I say ex-boyfriend’s house.  Doug and I had a big fight because I wouldn’t go all the way with him. We’d spent most of the evening drinking and watching television.  We made out, and I even gave him a head job, but he insisted on...Read On


My Summer Vacation 2020 Part 1

Journal entry July 2020

July was finally here and campsites allowed to open. Because I can work from anywhere these days, I planned this vacation in May. I still wasn't certain it would happen but I kept buying new stuff and at least that got me away from the house for a bit. On the first day of July, my husband and I drove to Cape Cod and a campsite in Truro, just south of Provincetown, Massachusetts. (For those...Read On


Being Asked to Breed a White, Married Woman Chapter 6

Antonio and Sally continue their week in North Carolina

When we got back to our room, Mike said goodnight, and Sally and I went to our bedroom to practice on our breeding technique. I gave her two more deposits of babymakers and she came at least three times before we decided to go to sleep. We were both so drained we didn’t even clean up. The next morning, I was up early to get showered and dressed to meet Josh at a restaurant close to his...Read On


Hot Wife Hotel - Olivia Takes it All in the End (Part Ten)

Olivia enjoys incredible anal sex and more!

Olivia opened her laptop and checked for any last-minute messages or additions to her schedules for tomorrow. It had been a busy couple of months, and she had needed to add a few hours on Fridays recently to fit everyone in. It was fun, but exhausting. Not to mention, because Steve couldn’t take time off on Fridays, it wasn’t as fun for her. So, she decided to stick to just Mondays...Read On


The Plundering Pussy Pirates


My hands are tied above my head with my pantaloons pulled down and gathered around the tops of my leather buckled boots. On deck, my rounded arse is on display for the gawking crew. The whir of the propellers cuts the silence. Waiting is the most intense part. My delicate cheeks flinch, trying to anticipate when the first strike will be felt. The flogger is a devilish instrument with each of...Read On


Our First Time Together

Scott and I hook up on a park bench and then his bedroom for the first time.

We first met in a class at college. One day we randomly sat next to each other in a lecture. Scott was incredibly handsome. Thin and muscular, with a charming face, preppy style, and amazing cologne. Just my type. I knew I had to have him. I made sure to sit beside him again at our next class. We became pretty good friends actually. We would carpool to class, get drinks afterwards,...Read On

Recommended Read

When You Got To Go

When you get the urge, you have to do something about it.

To any onlooker, I presented the perfect instructor's image being attentive to my students and interacting with the group of ten aspiring scuba instructors. After ten days of class and pool work, today would consist of them demonstrating they could actually conduct a class in an ocean environment. As the Course Director, should they meet the standards of performance, which I deemed met...Read On


Way to Go

His lady's threat to leave worries Paul

Ella Fitzgerald was singing, ’Every time we say goodbye . ’ From the door, Carrie put down the case and looked at him. “Why that one?” Paul shrugged, “Alexa’s choice. But so true.” His eyes roamed longingly over her clinging blue dress, fabulous breasts, thighs V-ed. “You’ll quickly forget me.” “Forget our searching, exploring mouths. Yours so warm and welcoming. Smoothness of...Read On


My College Roommate - Grad School Part 1

I was looking forward to attending graduate school in Denver, CO.  The three year program I was accepted into would be competitive and hopefully rewarding.  A combination of a Masters in Tax and Law.  Classes would begin in September, however I wanted to move to Denver early and enjoy the summer there.  I found a short term weekly rental that allowed me to explore the city and look for a...Read On


Catering For A Stag Do - Chapter 12

Series: Catering For A Stag Do

Who is at the door? One of Trish's secret fantasies comes true.

Trish slid off the bed, pulled on the long toweling robe that came with the bungalow, and stepped out to the lounge.  She was pretty sure she knew who would be outside the door, and, knew that if she had let Dave answer it, he would have sent him away.  She should probably do the same, but she had had a threesome fantasy for many years and had been horny thinking about it since her talk...Read On


The call girl

A night with my favourite john

Marriott, Forest Hill , I’ve been here before. Walking past the front desk feels almost like foreplay; I love the guessing eyes of the receptionists on me. My black and nude, lace-trimmed Gucci dress is revealing enough, and my make up is loud but both without being obvious. The guy behind the desk seems to know straight away; women only go up to a room alone, dressed like this for...Read On


A Helping Hand Was Needed

I lost my sight when I was eighteen years old, and lived the life of a hermit.

From a very young age, it was obvious that there was a serious problem with my vision. The eye specialist made it quite clear that I would almost certainly be blind within a few years. I had high hopes of a career in journalism, but that idea was never going to happen. I lived at home until I was twenty-five years old, then, at my request, I was allocated a small flat which...Read On


A Small Step

A shy, awkward young girl meets a guy who sparks her desire.

It was the autumn of 2012. My first semester of college, my first time truly on my own. I was freshly eighteen and thoroughly enjoying my newfound independence. It was a Friday afternoon, just a few weeks into the semester. Classes had wrapped up and I quickly returned to my room, eager for my run. Fortunately for me, I had scored a single and had all the privacy I could want. Tossing my bag...Read On

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