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First Marriage

Series: Owning a SlutWife

Nikki's first husband left her, broken and used.

Despite a failed marriage and separation, Nikki still wore her wedding ring on her finger.  She had not officially divorced and was still a married woman. John had married Nikki, but the union didn't last very long.  The relationship was broken from the start.  The focus of their interactions was quickly limited to sex. John had known that Nikki was a slut, and he didn't trust her in...Read On


Three Hole Slut

I’m sitting on the train in the middle of the afternoon, my sexy makeup hidden behind my sunglasses and cloth face mask. It’s chilly out so a light jacket is zipped up to cover my cleavage that would otherwise be on display with the tight, low cut dress I’m wearing. My legs are smooth and bare from the hem of my dress down to my 4” ankle boots which make my legs look long and lean. I sit...Read On


Closing the Bar

Turns out my older restaurant manager indeed was quite the slut.

As many of us did, back in college, I worked my way through school in the restaurant business. After having experience as a sandwich maker in a fast food joint during high school, I worked as a waiter for a while in college at a sit-down restaurant (nice but not tablecloth-nice) and then felt a sense of maturity in my second junior year when I “moved up" to bartender. Speaking of...Read On


No Strings Attached - The Sentencing - Chapter 21

Series: No Strings Attached

Matthew's court date arrives.

As I drive back home, with Liam beside me in the passenger seat, I feel anxious, realising he has never witnessed my driving before. I've had my driving criticised as being like a boy racer's on several occasions by others, so I act cautiously, more so than when I first got behind a wheel following my car accident. I glance over at him, whilst he rests his head in his hand, but the...Read On


Sexy Sadie

In lockdown with the hottest mother-in-law ever!

We’d only been married two years and I thought we were happy -- planning a future together, talking about having kids, maybe getting a dog, the whole nine yards.  Then I got a text.  My wife had left me for her boss.  And it was over. In the middle of a fucking pandemic she’d walked out on me, deciding she’d rather go into lockdown with her asshole boss instead of me. Angry, hurt, and...Read On


Kris & Juliet – Ch VII - Holiday in Hamilton Pt.1

Ch VII - Juliet

I woke up to the darkness of my sunglasses with the sudden realisation of my uncomfortable position. I'd fallen asleep on the sunbed by the hotel pool, and on the bed next to me was Kris also in disarray, seemingly fast asleep. I peeled my sunglasses off to see it was dusk and took in the emptiness of my surroundings. I sat back, continuing to gaze at the pink skyline, appreciating how...Read On


Mary Felix Seduces An Older Woman With Jimmy's Help

London 1902. Mary has invited an older woman to enjoy an evening on the town...

True to her word, I received a brief note in the post on Tuesday morning from Amelia confirming that she would be arriving at Arundel Court around half-past five the following day and would expect to stay the night. Georgina was thrown into an orgy of anticipation and yet again had to be disabused of the notion that she would be joining in whatever activities I had in mind for my new...Read On


Aunt Lisa - Chapter 2

Series: Aunt Lisa

Steve learns a lot more about his aunt and cousins...

It was sometime around 10:00 p.m. when Lisa woke me, gently shaking my shoulder as she lay beside me still naked. “You hungry sleepy head?” she asked in a soft and gentle voice. “Mmmm…” I murmured and moved down slightly sliding my face from her shoulder onto her right breast taking the nipple straight into my mouth. She smiled and let me suck for a few moments. “You like that, don’t you?”...Read On


Family Therapy: Stephen And Kate's Confessions

As a mother is fed up with her kids fighting, she uses her kids' confessions to end it.

"Shut the fuck up, Steven, so what if I got here your car back an hour late?! I'm sorry!" she yelled, coming towards me. "Mom, I swear, how is he my twin brother? We're almost nothing alike." "I don't know, Kate. Damn, what is it with you two lately?" I whined, turning to her. "You've been bickering like that nonstop for weeks now. You're twenty now, can't you get along? I mean, at least for...Read On


The Point - Chapter 6

Mark and Zach try to get Justin to come to terms with his sexuality.

The next day at the weight room, Zach and Mark were talking over how they would lead the team for the rest of the year. They decided that Mark would focus on the guards and Lee, while Zach would focus on the big-men and Ant. They discussed what they needed to work on with the team and, of course, “the bigger picture.” They both decided that Justin was the one who needed their help the...Read On


Auntie Wendy Makes Peter Punish Tina: Part One

Auntie Wendy and Auntie Jessica surprise Peter and Tina

Several months had passed since Peter had been punished by Auntie Wendy and her friends, Sylvia Davies and Natalie Bolton. She had wanted to punish him again soon after he had recovered from the hiding that he had taken from the ladies, but this had to be postponed indefinitely as her husband had stayed at home rather than heading abroad again to play golf, or meet his fancy woman, or...Read On


Miss Callahan, Ch. 13

Emma King knew how to win. Until Miss Callahan arrived.

Time seems to stand still for a minute as we all just stand there awkwardly. My heartbeat is so fast, I can feel it ramming itself against my chest. I know I should be the first to speak but I feel paralyzed between Jackie’s glare and the woman standing behind me. The sight of Jackie’s face moving from angry to crushed causes a wave of guilt to crash into me all at once. This is not how...Read On


The Gavin McClain Stories 3: Erica's Big Day - Chapter 2: Sacred Vows

Can Erica make it through the ceremony with Gavin in secret control?

Erica Greendale's perfect wedding day has been hijacked by her jilted almost-lover Gavin McClain and secretly resentful Maid of Honour Helen. To avoid the public screening of a deeply compromising hen-night video featuring the bride herself, she must follow all of Gavin's instructions, while somehow getting through the ceremony and beyond... It scarcely mattered, Erica thought, who found...Read On


Football Game Night

Dani puts everything on the line for the game and her team.

"Wait, what?" "You heard me, unless you're afraid," she said teasingly. "I would understand that coming from you, not to mention your sorry-ass third-string Broncos." Dani's proposal caught me off-guard. Maybe it shouldn't have, but it did. It will help to have a little background. I made the hardest decision I've ever had to make in February. I was offered a promotion by my company, but...Read On


Meeting Mallory, Part 1

Back when we could travel, I took a little vacation

The sun was not yet baking over the resort as I settled in by the pool. At that point, it was just me and the bartender who was clanking ice into bins as he set up for the day at the swim-up bar. I spread out a towel over a mesh lounge chair and eased back, letting the day begin. I was perhaps half a chapter into my mystery when I heard her flip flops scrape the cement as she...Read On


Hosting Friends Wearing Only an Apron

Not paying attention to the time, Red is caught naked by the arriving dinner guests.

About a year ago we were having some friends over for dinner and a movie night at our house. As usual, Red was naked getting things ready in the house. They were going to arrive in about ten minutes and I jokingly told Red that maybe she should at least put on an apron for when they arrive. She went to the pantry, found an apron, and put it on. We both laughed and continued to get dinner...Read On


The Correction Centre – Corrected

The two girls are caught out and punished again by their house mistresses

The girls got back to the boarding school and went into the dorm building. One of the house mistresses, Mrs Lowe, was in the dining area. “Did you get in?” she asked Emma. Emma replied, “We did, Miss.” Mrs Lowe asked with a smile, “What, and they showed you around?” Emma carried on lying. “Yes, Miss. We got taken around the reception area and the upper floors, and they even showed us...Read On


First Time With My Step-Son

Trevor is sent to live with his father and new step-mom where he discovers their homemade porn stash

  I met my husband, Danny, after my first marriage ended quickly. I got married young, and I realized that it would not last a few short months later. Once my first marriage ended, I put myself out there and started meeting all different people by putting myself out there; that is how I met Danny. Danny was a six-foot-six black man who worked in the financial field. He was also married...Read On


A True Tale From My Travels. Part 2.

The Christmas shopping season brings more new experiences.

I slept like the dead and awoke to the alarm feeling pretty dammed good. I took a long look at the " See You Soon" written in lipstick by Tonya on the bathroom mirror before I stepped into the shower. After a quick shower and the wrestling match with my new blow dryer, I quickly dressed and then headed out the door and only stopped long enough for a coffee to go from a...Read On


Sophia Enjoys Some Unexpected Action

Sophia gets inside Mary Lou's pretty tight hole.

I had to stop by the office, and I was taking Sophia with me to show her around. We made small talk about life back home and her plans. I need to tell you that where I work is not like any place you have worked. The girls are open about their sexual orientation and some are lesbian. If you see any with the tattoo “RoF” which stands for Ring of Friends. I do not mean that you will see...Read On


How Do You Say Kinky In Spanish?

Melissa has led a sheltered life. Now she wants to make amends.

“Hi,’ said the woman in the big black Elton John sunglasses. It was Melissa, a Colombian friend. I had taught her two sons English. She and her husband Gilberto were fellow ex-pats and we met up from time to time at ex-pat events. Melissa ran a small spa in a hotel in Paramaribo, Suriname, and every time we met she would invite me for a free treatment from a menu that ranged from manicures...Read On


The Unexpected Houseguest, Chapter 3

Master gets himself a new girl to play with and their family grows by one!

The next two weeks went by and as I had promised, I made some phone calls and talked to some of the people I knew in the D/s life and one day I called Nikki into the living room with me. "Nikki, I have been busy the last few days working on your situation," I started "And I would like to take you to see Master Rick, a close personal friend of mine and a good and decent Master. "He has...Read On


Ask Me If I'm Ready Part 4 - Nora Helps Darby

How Can A Daughter Mend Her Dad's Broken Heart?

PRESENT DAY   *****   Jake sat there, stunned at what Nate and Nora had told them. He had no idea that they had been a couple for all this time. He asked Nora, “So you didn’t plan on this?  You just wanted to tease him?” “Yes, but trying to make him want me, ended up making me want him even more. And while we were, well, having sex,” (shy Nora was back) “well, we fell in love.” “And...Read On


The Back Of Paradise

A student is surprised when a classmate asks him for a date.

Most of us of a certain age remember the 1989 teen romantic comedy, Say Anything . It’s actually an adult fantasy about how they wished teen life had been for them. Yet it struck a nerve with me when I saw it because of the early scenes with high school senior Lloyd Dobbler. At the opening of the film, he is utterly infatuated with his classmate Diane Court. Of course, it’s...Read On


Office Texting 6 - Role Reversal

He turns the tables and returns the favor to the birthday girl

I moan and tug on your hair as you lick slowly up my slit again and again. It feels so good, and right before I start getting used to this pattern you twist your head and change it up. I can feel my hips gyrating, rocking back and forth as you taste me. This is what I needed for my birthday... feeling wanted, sexy, and of course feeling all this pleasure. “Oh, Brian. Yes, baby, just like...Read On


Pleasure In Punishment, Lessons Learned Part 5

She becomes bolder with her brattiness

We park in front of a small diner and are ushered to a table for two.  As I sit across from her with the light filtering in the window, I see a sight I wish I could put into words.  The beauty, the glow, the cheerfulness and playfulness that I witness are enough to energize me more than drinking a pot of coffee at one sitting could do.   She spears a piece of fruit with her fork and holds...Read On


Divine Transformation

A plain Jane from a religious family was brought up thinking sex is naughty. That changes quickly.

To understand this transformation, I need to give some background information.  My name is Sarah; I was one of two daughters of a minister.  During my life, I was always very conservative and sheltered.  I never wore makeup, and my dress, which would hide my 38D breasts, was still old-fashioned compared to the other girls in my school.  At seventeen, I did have my first date; well, many...Read On

Recommended Read

Looking Glass

The rain fell in heavy beads from a concrete-colored sky. Melancholy, he trudged along, the rain piercing him with thousands of wet, tiny needles. All around him the world was an explosion of color. The grass had never looked greener, the flowers had never been so vibrant, yet inside he felt monochrome. Much like the sky above him, he felt gloomy and gray. He marched on in the rain, trying...Read On


The Boyfriend Cock Competition

Our competitive girlfriends want to know who has the biggest, best performing cock

It was in the early nineties when my now wife Tina and I were in college together. These were the pre-smartphone days. Tina lived together with her two best friends in a dorm room, I had my own apartment. I went over to her room often because Tina's girlfriends, Chloe and Susan were hot and I liked the sexual tension in their room. Of course, both, Chloe and Susan had boyfriends. One day when...Read On



A man's first experience in a strip club.

It cost me twenty-five dollars to get in. The woman working the front had a hoodie over a bikini which made for a confusing yet alluring introduction to the building. I had never been to a strip club before and had no idea what to expect. I had a vape pen in my pocket I was hitting so hard I could have caught an assault charge. That is to say that I was stoned and walking into very dangerous...Read On

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