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BBW Carla gives me a parking lot blowjob

A local FWB gives me a surprise blowjob in a parking lot

This just happened the other day.   Carla is a BBW that I hook up with on occassion.  She's 42, divorced and she has a son.  Carla is an elementary school teacher that lives in my town.  As far as BBW's go, she's got great features.  She has big, tits with sensitive nipples, a belly and big ass,  Her pussy is sometimes shaved, other times it's trimmed, but it is always delicious.  She has a...Read On


Bonnie’s Big Gangbang, Part 1

Bonnie's always dreamed of being the star of a gangbang. Finally, her dream cums true…

Five motorcycles drifted up quietly outside the house on a hot summer’s night. The lead cycle held a woman who was naked except for a dog collar. She was strapped to the rear seat backrest with a cord around her tits, her hands were cuffed behind her, her mouth was clamped firmly shut, she had a butt plug in her ass, and a vibrating dildo in her cunt. The latter two were held in place by...Read On


The Bucket List 2

Series: The Bucket List

How the day after got me into deep shit.

The next day… Unfortunately for me, the older I get, the less of a night owl I become.  Back in my twenty’s, I could stay up all night and still be able to go to work the next day.  That is not the case now.  I’m laying here in my soft bed staring at the ceiling, reflecting on what the hell happened last night.  Did I receive the best finger fuck of my life…from my best friend?  It had to be...Read On


Margaret Returns To Work

Margaret goes to work and there is a surprise from Richard for her.

In the two days since sixty-year-old Margaret Leech had given her employer, thirty-three-year-old Richard Moran, a very hard hairbrush spanking and the two had then had sex, there had been frequent text contact between the two. The texts were very sexually suggestive and were indicative of the wishes of them both to continue their sexual relationship. Margaret went to Richard's house to do...Read On


Caught Cheating in Spanish Class

Two granny aged women are caught cheating and are disciplined by the two teachers

All the grandpa and granny aged men and women were sitting in the classroom waiting for Catalina and Alondra and were chatting quite happily and didn’t notice the two teenage teachers walk in. However, as soon as Catalina called out loud and with a sharp tone of voice, “Buenos noches”, everyone immediately stopped talking. Catalina went to the front of the class and sat at her desk...Read On


Mother-In-Law Gets Her Way Again

Relationship with mother-in-law grows even more wild.

Evelyn looked amazing standing in front of me in her black thigh-high stockings. My cock began to grow as soon as I saw her, and I was glad I’d chosen the light basketball shorts after my shower that morning.  She had two glasses in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other, but the look on her face told me she wasn’t planning on drinking the wine.  She walked up to me and noticed my...Read On


The Masseuse

Denise needed a relaxing massage but gets more

After checking into her hotel in Barbados, Denise went straight to her room. It was just as she expected; clean, spacious and relaxing. She went to the floor to ceiling sliding glass windows that opened out to a large balcony that overlooked the vast blue-green ocean and sandy white beach. Taking a deep breath, she inhaled the fresh air as her stress began to slip away. She liked the image...Read On

The Checker

We hit it off from the beginning and were both quite curious about sex.

I had become a regular at the local big box store near my office lately. It was easy getting in and out in the middle of the day while everyone else was at work. The store was well-stocked, and it was nice to be able to find the things I needed cheaply. I run so many errands for my boss that I was only in the office part-time anyway. It was my first real job after high school, and I would...Read On


A Smile That Can Make Panties Drop 5

'David, where did you hear those words?' David Hinch rolled onto the sodden grass. Beside him, Sammi opened one eye and surreptitiously looked over at him.  'The same place I heard that your tight little tushie broke a toilet seat and that you like to wear white cotton panties.' Sammi gasped, her head snapping over to look at him. 'I knew it! You were eavesdropping on my conversation!' ...Read On


Becoming A Man, Part 7: Beneath the Toga

Jim and I get blue balls, then empty each other's

"If you shake it more than three times it's masturbating, you know." “Can you blame me?” I asked in response, giving my engorged but not-quite-erect dick a few strokes of my hand. "You saw me slow dancing with Monica!"   There we were, Jim and me, standing next to the woods on the edge of campus, stroking our own woods after having just finished up a pee.  We were walking back to the...Read On


The Water Isn't All That's Wet

It only took one line and I was dropping my panties for a stranger in the public pool.

I was on a solo backpacking trip, I'd spent a few days in this small town and booked the overnight bus for that evening on to the next place. I wanted to spend the day by the pool, it was the rainy season, but the sun was out today and I planned to make the most of it. The cheap backpacker hostel I was staying in didn't have a pool, so I went to the fanciest hotel in town and managed to...Read On


Office Texting 8 - The shower

The fun moves to the shower

I never turned back to see if you were following. Whether you threw your clothes on and ran or followed me to the bathroom, either way I was going to need a shower. As I turn the water on to heat up though I happily feel your hands sliding over my skin and wrapping around me. Your strength pulls me back against you as you cup my breasts and slide your hand between my legs. I can feel one...Read On

Recommended Read

Brandy in the Afternoon

University life exposed.

In my thesis for my degree in social studies, I had argued that many of our social ‘rules’ regarding extra-marital sex, adultery, and incest had been formed by a heterosexual male-dominated ruling class. In the cases of both pre-marital sex and adultery, it was outlawed by that class, represented by religious leaders, in order to protect a husband's ‘property.’ On the one hand, protecting...Read On


Monty's Motel

Monty offers Mike the opportunity of a lifetime to manage his harem with all of the related benefits

Growing up is a bitch.  In high school I was the quarterback on our football team.  I was popular and had a steady line of girls.  My parents bought me a new car in my senior year and life was good.  My grades, however, reflected my lack of attention to school work.  My father warned me that if I didn’t go to college, I would have to pay rent after high school graduation.  This would require...Read On


Grace Miller

Brad is on his way to New York, he has an unexpected pit stop in Wisconsin, and he meets Grace

Brad woke up in his bed. He checked his phone and saw that it was Saturday, approximately ten in the morning. He had made it his mission the past week to find out more information about Rachel’s friend, Elena. He had sex with Rachel every other day, finding out a little more about Elena with each encounter. Finally feeling confident that he had a substantial lead to find and seduce...Read On


Enticed Pt. 3 - A Picture's Worth

Erotic photos and a first blowjob make for a memorable birthday.

I knew Blaise’s birthday was coming up in a couple weeks. I wanted to do something special for him, especially after the expensive lens he got me for Christmas. But, I couldn't afford much. It had to be special, specifically tailored to him, and yet, uniquely me all at once. When the idea came to me, it hit me like a thump on the head. Nude pictures. Glamour shots. Whatever you want to call...Read On


Dipping My Toes in the Lesbian Pool Kelsey's Story Part 2

Kelsey begins dating

My date with Danielle Before I went out with Dani, I thought about this whole thing I was getting into. I felt like Goldilocks and the three babes, trying to discover which one was best. What if neither of them was a match for me? I guess dating is like that. I'd never been in the dating pool, so I shouldn't get my hopes up. What if I didn't like girls after kissing a couple? Maybe I...Read On


The Fun House

Julie is bored and goes on an adventure.

He was really looking me over with that quizzical look when a man wonders how you would be in bed. He had to be in his early twenties, and me forty-two with three kids and a stable husband. I did work very hard at keeping the right diet and working out. I had lost every bit of weight I gained during my three pregnancies. I was flattered; he found me attractive to stare at me from top to bottom....Read On


Katie's Consequences

Katie surrenders herself to Cliff, offering her willing submission. Will there be a way out?

“Anything? That’s very generous of you Katie,” he added with a tone of sarcasm. “Do you mean it? Without limits?” “Yes,” I answered. Cold chills shivered through my body. What choice did I have? How do I get myself into these situations? I had no one to blame but myself. It all started the night before with my friend Ashley’s three words: “I dare you.” She said them as we were dancing...Read On


Chronicles of Succubus High, Chapter 1: Window Dressing

Ordinary math teacher enjoys field hockey practice at the request of a mysteriously alluring student

1:25. 4th period. Tom sat behind his desk in the corner as he waited for his next group of students to start filing in for their first class after lunch. They were never very focused this time of day, and on more than one occasion he'd caught a student nodding off during class. At least this group was his senior class. The freshmen he taught during the other four periods were a lot more...Read On


The Commission

Asian wife helps her husband win a an important client.

I’m a thirty-one-year-old Filipino female married to a fifty-six-year-old American man named Michael (Mike). Mike is a good man who treats me well and is financially secure. He is a financial Business Manager with his own business. He also has done very well in the stock market. We live just north of Dallas and have a nice home there on the lake. Our house is huge, and we have a small...Read On


Friend's Wife

Love a Good Slut

A few years ago I was at a conference at one of the Biloxi Missisiippi Casinos.  The first evening, while sitting at the bar having a drink, I noticed the wife of a friend sitting at the end of the bar, very close to a guy who was not her husband.  Carla and her husband Mike are not really good friends, but more friends of friends, aquaintences who live in the same community. The guy and...Read On


Better Than a Coffee Break

Two coworkers adjust to working from home

"Ai!" said Rosa, sweating in her apartment and borderline bored. Rosa worked for a large company and due to the pandemic, had been told she needed to work from home for the remainder of the year. To make the time more convenient for herself, Rosa moved from New York City to near a beach in Florida. Despite being fifty years old, Rosa was in phenomenal shape. The woman had shredded abs, a...Read On


First Blow Job of 2020

Giving my "regular" suck buddy his first blowjob of the year

Last Thursday I got a text message from my buddy Marc. He said he was horny and wanted to know if he could drop by for a bit. I was horny as well and was hoping that he would reach out so I could give him head. I was working out of my home office, so I replied that he could come by. While I was waiting for him, I found some really hot tranny blowjob compilation videos and got them cued up....Read On


Our Journey

Husband and wife begin their cuckolding journey

I returned home from work a little after 5.00 pm after a long and tedious day. The only thing that kept me going was the knowledge that I was 'on a promise' with my wife. We hadn't been having as much sex as we would have liked over the past month. It was all the usual mid-life stuff; too tired, too busy with the kids, too much work. It had got to the point where I had to bring it up with...Read On


Exchanging Desires

He knew that her ass would be exposed to the other girls behind her

 Summer pulled him from a daze that autumn and winter had dropped him in. Aimlessly stuck in the small apartment in New York, trying to bring his creative side out while working as a bartender at night. The snow that had covered the city was the worse and fell on him like a blanket suffocating his creativeness under warm comfort. Work was great. Beautiful people every night. A bartender at...Read On


The After Party

A man allows his fiancé to fantasize about another man while he fucks her.

Scott had been messaging his fiancé, Darcie, all night. He knew she was drunk, and possibly a little high. He didn’t mind, she always was more willing to let loose when she had taken the edge off a little bit. Scott knew deep down inside that Darcie desired more, he knew that she occasionally dreamed of fucking other men and women, but she was too nervous to pursue those fantasies herself....Read On


Over Margaret's Knee

A thirty-three-year-old man get's his longed for spanking from an unexpected source

Richard Moran was a thirty-three-year-old single man in quite a well-paid job and he lived alone in a property in an expensive part of the small town. He had a number of female acquaintances, some of whom shared his bed from time to time, but did not have a steady girlfriend. Richard had a long-held interest in spanking, or rather in being spanked, but other than a bit of play spanking he...Read On


A Grand Birthday

The knock came as I took my first sip from my third glass. Sighing, I stood and walked to the door; the sight through the peephole evoked a different sigh. “Massage,” she said when I opened the door. “I didn’t order a massage,” I said. “A special gift from the hotel, sir, for the birthday boy.” “That’s…a surprise.” “All part of our new charm offensive.” Staring into her brown eyes,...Read On


A Black Lace Love Affair - Part Two

Let the games begin.

Once Farren had greeted all the guests, she went to her room and put on a clean pair of panties and the bloomers that Chad wanted. She was just smoothing out the skirt when Chad buzzed her. She let out a little squeal and then rubbed her neck with the palm of her hand, soothing the sting. She paused long enough to look in the mirror and admire the white collar Chad had gifted her with before...Read On

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